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Brit-Am Now no. 1853: Ten Tribes Studies.
29 March 2012, 6 Nissan 5772
1. Letter from Spain, connected to Basques and Lost Jews.
2. Foreign Admixtures. Each Individual Needs to Strengthen Their Own Hebrew Soul!
3. Pesach: Israelites Are Called to the Flag!!!


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1. Letter from Spain, connected to Basques and Lost Jews.
Brit-Am Preliminary Note:
By rights the e-mail below should have been posted in the next posting of BAMAD which is the Brit-Am forum for discussing DNA and Anthropology.
Nevertheless, since we had e-mails concerning the Basques we thought to post it here. Read the letter below and then see further in the Brit-Am answer.

From: Fernando L.C.
Subject: Ten Tribes Studies .

Dear Rabbi Yair,

First of all, congratulations for your wonderful work.
I am writing to you from Spain. I'd like to ask you something that interests me a lot: The Jews in Septimania and the Jews in the Spanish March. I have read lots and lots of articles about that issue and the more I read about it the more fascinates me.

Interesting is what I have learned also about the British Jews who fled from England due to the persecutions during the XIV century [1300s CE].
According to the information I've got from a Spanish history teacher, Jews fled from England but instead of crossing directly from Normandy to Italy or Marseilles, they crossed the sea until western France and from there they walked along the Pyrenees and the Spanish March till Catalonia. From there they are supposed to have sailed to Italy, North-Africa, and Turkey.
The reason for having chosen that trajectory was the protection and support of the Spanish Jewish Communities in North Spain during their journey, avoiding the by the time extremely anti-Semitic Central Europe.
Many of those Jews settled on the way: in the Basque Land, Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia, and remained there for ever.
DNA analysis could confirm this trajectory. SRY 2627 (M-167) or haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b5a people have many Sephardic and Askenazi matches in their DNA. They are an admixture of Europeans and Jews /intermarriage and conversions).
The trajectory of that rare European haplogroup coincide with that Jewish journey and settlements: England, western France, along the Pyrenees till Catalonia and the Mediterranean harbors.
What do you think about that ?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention

Yours, sincerely

Fernando L.

Brit-Am Answers:

(a) Concerning Spain in general see our article:

(b) Concerning haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b5a see the Wikipedia article:

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b5a (Y-DNA)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 2000 Rosser et al., in a study which tested 3616 men in various populations[2] also tested for that same marker, naming the haplogroup Hg22, and again it was found mainly among Basques (19%), in lower frequencies among French (5%), Bavarians (3%), Spanish (2%), Southern Portuguese (2%), and in single occurrences among Romanians, Slovenians, Dutch, Belgians and English.

In 2001 Bosch described this marker as H103, found in 5 Basques and 5 Catalans.[3] However a study in 2005 of Spanish Basques found lower levels of this haplogroup than those recorded in Basques by the earlier studies - only four samples out of the 168 tested.[4]

In 2008 a study by Adams and colleagues covered the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. It found the highest levels of this haplogroup in Catalonia.[5] In same year a study by L?ez-Parra and colleagues concentrated on the populations of the Spanish Pyrenees. They discovered a high levels of this haplogroup in the central and eastern Pyrenees. The highest level so far discovered (48%) was found in the Val d'Aran, Catalonia.[6]

(c) Concerning DNA in general we still need to be careful. Not enough is known for sure.
Similarities to Ashkenazi Jews can be deceptive since even though Jews are a small percentage of the population a lot of them take DNA tests.
Whereas amongst the Gentile population a middle-class well-to-do family may buy the father a set of golf-cups for his birthday, Jews are more likely to purchase a DNA test on his behalf.
Also many of the researchers are Jewish so naturally they will take an interest in Jewish matters.
Since more Jews get tests, more Jewish results are to be found in the data bases. This means that there is more chance of one finding a match with Ashkenazic DNA than the proportional
representation of Jews in the general population would statistically allow for.

See Also:
"Brit-Am Now"-238
#5. DNA: Eastern Jews Amongst Western Europeans? (Very Interesting)

PS. Your message began,
"Dear Rabbi Yair"
I am not a Rabbi.
Nevertheless, I am the head of Brit-Am and that is a lot.

2. Foreign Admixtures. Each Individual Needs to Strengthen Their Own Hebrew Soul!
When the Children of Israel came out of  Egypt a mixed multitude of foreigners accompanied them (Exodus 12:37-38).
Later all the Israelite Tribes intermixed with Canaanites (Judges ch.1).
Rabbinical Commentators points out that already in Scripture it was often these foreign elements that gave in to despair at times of duress
and/or lead the rest of the people into idolatry and sin.
A Hassidic Rabbi once said that we should consider elements from the Mixed Multitude to be in each one of us.
We need to recognize this and work to channel the other-wise negative forces in positive directions.
If each one of us does this in their own private person then the inner SOUL of the Israelite People will be strengthened.
This will be reflected externally in the Israelite Community as a whole.

3. Pesach: Israelites Are Called to the Flag!!!
On Friday Night, April 6, 2012, begins the Feast of Passover (Pesach). Brit-Am will probably be on half-holiday
until April 15, 2012. We will be receiving correspondence and registering orders BUT we probably will not be sending out
any public messages or articles.

Those of us who are conscious of their probable (or certain) Israelite Ancestry should realize that in a sense they are chosen.
Why is that they have merited this awareness whereas others have not.
There is A Divine Purpose for this.
Each one who has been so blessed should do what they can to increase and spread awareness of Israelite Ancestry amongst descendants of Israelites.
This includes helping Brit-Am financially and other ways.
We should all wish to become more Scripturally Conscious and do what we can to make the world better.
Charity begins at home. This means improving ourselves, helping our families, friends, and surroundings.
It also means helping Brit-Am which in the ideological sense should be considered home to all of ours.

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