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Brit-Am Now no. 1850: Ten Tribes Studies.
26 March 2012, 3 Nissan 5772
1. Judah was also known as Israel!!!!
2. Letter from Australia.
3. A Personal Case of Jewish and Israelite Ancestry.


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1. Judah was also known as Israel!!!!
Recently a Brit-Am supporter sent us a link to article claiming that Judah had no right to the name Israel. The article was not merely discussing a point of Biblical Comprehension but rather seemed to be pushing an anti-Jewish agenda.
Here is our reply:

I do not understand why you sent this article to me.
It is anti-Jewish.
It is also wrong.

The article says:
# Jacob, whose name was changed to "Israel", GAVE HIS NAME to Joseph's two sons, EPHRAIM AND MANASSEH. In Gen 48:16, we read:
"BLESS the lads and let MY NAME BE NAMED ON THEM ...AND... the name of my fathers Abraham and ISAAC; and let them GROW AND MULTIPLY in the midst of the earth."  #
# These two sons of Joseph were given the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to the name "ISRAEL", and from this point and on, ONLY THEY could use it. In turn, they gave the right to the other northern tribes, and this northern kingdom thus became known as the House of Israel. In most instances of scripture, this name is referring to them, and ONLY THEM, for ONLY TO THEM was it given!  #

# This was why Judah had NO RIGHT TO THE NAME "ISRAEL."  #

We reply:
This is ALL wrong!!!!!

The Bible in some cases refers to Judah as Israel
Brit-Am Research Sources.
#1. Chuck Missler is Wrong!!! The Terms Israel and Judah. Nehemiah and All Israel.

This is what Missler says:
# After the Babylonian captivity, the terms "Jew" and "Israelite" are used interchangeably. Ezra calls the returning remnant "Jews" 8 times and "Israel" 40 times. (Ezra also speaks of "all Israel": Ezra 2:70; 3:11; 8:35; 10:25, et al.) Nehemiah uses the term "Jew" 11 times and "Israel" 22 times. Nehemiah too speaks of "all Israel" being back in the land (Nehemiah 12:47). The remnant who returned from Babylon is represented as "the nation" (Malachi 1:1, et al.). #

Missler was WRONG on the major issue. Concerning the use of the name Israel however he is correct.
The Book of Ezekiel also here and there uses the term Israel where according to the context the Jews (and not the Ten Tribes) are being referred to.
[Ezekiel 36:20] and the BAC [Brit-Am Commentary].
# Frequently in Ezekiel the term "Israel" appears to apply more to "Judah" (i.e. the Jews) than to the Lost Israelites. Ezekiel is exceptional in this. #

Anyway the tone of the claim saying that Judah should not be called Israel appeared to be anti-Jewish.
At this stage in our progress and studies we should not tolerate ANY anti-Jewish sentiments or ignorant statements.

There are, or should be, more important matters to concern us.

As far as we are concerned ANYONE who gives voice to an anti-Jewish statement is an enemy not only of Judah but to all Israel.
We are in a race against time. There are important matters involving Israelite ancestry to promote.
Judah and the Ten Tribes need to be drawn closer.
Nut cases and infiltrators with anti-Jewish agendas must be pinpointed and spat out.
We are sick and tired of having to face anti-Jewish prejudice in the ranks of those who should be on our side!!!

Recently a group of Ephraimites, including an erstwhile supporter of Brit-Am held a conference in Jerusalem. They invited a good number of speakers but went out of their way not to include our revered selves. We understand that personal and ideological considerations were involved. That is fair enough. It was their right to do as they liked.
On the  other hand as far as promoting belief in the identity of the Tribes of Israel and reunion of Joseph with Judah then this was NOT being done.
Just the opposite.
Brit-Am needs the support of its supporters because we are in the front line.
Like it or not we are the ones carrying the brunt of the struggle for this truth.
The information that Brit-Am promotes is amongst the most important things our generation needs to know!!!

2. Letter from Australia.
Dear Yair,
.. A question raises itself in my mind. You say the fourth edition has 576 pages. Is it a paperback, or published in hardcover?
Either way, it amazes me that you can post such a volume anywhere in the world for $35 US. Not that I'm complaining. I am still looking forward to devouring the information you offer.

On another subject, I have been receiving e-mails headed "make an offering to britam". At first I thought this was a request for financial help, but after reading them it appears you have a legion of supporters out there who feed you articles of information supporting what you have written. (Almost like a blog). Assuming you are getting feedback from such people, this indicates how wide reaching and popular your theories and speculations are. ..C.

Brit-Am Reply:
The book is soft covered. It costs us ca. $13 to send it by Airmail to Australia. This is still worth our while.
If we could afford it we would do more, but for the moment have to conduct ourselves as much like a business as possible.
We ask for offerings frequently because we work at this full time and it costs money.
This is an important work and it relies ONLY on our supporters to whom we need to appeal quite frequently.
On the other hand,
Brit-Am is more important and has a wider effect than even we are aware of!!!
You mentioned our  "theories and speculations". You intended to compliment us and in a way so you did.
Thank you.
On the other hand the knowledge and information we  have and that we endeavor to impart to others goes beyond mere  theories and speculations. Much of it consists of hard incontrovertible fact. It is Biblical Truth!
Here and there in our researches we do indulge in speculation and guess work. All research needs to do this at same stage or other.
This however does not detract from the certain truths we do have.

3. A Personal Case of Jewish and Israelite Ancestry.
Dear Mr. Davidiy,

I have read the information on your Brit-Am website with a great deal of interest. I personally made the journey of reconnection with Judaism after several generations of assimilation on both my father's and mother's side. Initially, I had only rumors in our family of Jewish ancestry (e.g., my father, of blessed memory, made a casual remark to me when I was around 13 years old that he thought we were Jewish, the first time I had heard about it).

I studied Jewish texts intensely in the following years and ended up making gerut ke-halacha [Conversion to Judaism according to Jewish Law] when I was 24. Subsequent genealogical study has shown that both my parents were Jewish, from the Spanish Portuguese community (on their maternal sides).

What is more applicable to my interest in Brit-Am is the fact that on my father's paternal line, we are "originally" from Devonshire, our ancestor, John Guscott, having come to the US in about 1860. The Guscott name was originally de Godescote and is mention in the Domesday Book. It has occurred to me that the meaning of Godescote is "House of G-d", or Beitel, the principle city in the territory of Shevet Ephraim.

With warm regards,

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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