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Brit-Am Now no. 1849: Special Dafydd Posting.
25 March 2012, 2 Nissan 5772
"Dafydd " from Sinim (Australia):
Assorted comments to some recent Brit-Am postings
(a) Naphtali in the Orkneys.
(b) Naphtali and Nordic Parliaments.
(c) Naphtali - both first and last!
(d) The Australians NOT Lawrence and the Arabs Captured Damascus!
(e) Yew Trees and Boars.
(f) Chuck is now in New Zealand!
(g) Buddha and Israel.
(h) Milk and honey and Lactose Tolerance.
(i) ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand) and Jewish Graves Desecrated in Libya!


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Yair, Shalom,
I have a few comments relating to some recent Brit-Am postings '

(a. ) Naphtali in the Orkneys.
Lloyd Corsie wrote (Brit-Am Now 1843) that he suspected that he may be from Dan, given his family's origins in the Orkney Islands. I think that the Norwegian Vikings, rather than the Danish Vikings, were more closely associated with the Orkney Islands, so Naphtali rather than Dan may be a closer match.

(b. ) Naphtali and Nordic Parliaments.
Yair, you speculated some time ago that the 'goodly words' associated with Naphtali in Genesis 49:21 'Naphtali is a hind let loose: he giveth goodly words.' may be associated with the role of Speaker in parliamentary democracy, an assembly where people or their representatives gather to freely discuss issues of concern. You cited the Iceland Parliament, established by the Norwegian Vikings, as proof.
You may be prescient here Yair. The Tynwald (Isle of Man Parliament), the oldest parliament in the British Isles, was established by Norwegian Vikings, as was the Logting Parliament in the Faroe Islands. The Logting actually predates both the Iceland and Isle of Man Parliaments.

Your quote from Rabbi Fishel Mael's 'Shivtei Yisrael' regarding the characteristics of the Tribe of Naphtali

was interesting. His claim that 'Naphtali is always counted last of the Tribes' is puzzling, did he expand on that statement in his book' Naphtali was the first of the Tribal Patriarchs to tell Jacob (Israel) that Joseph was alive, he ran ahead of his brothers to bring the good news to his father, hence the deer symbol.

(c. ) Naphtali - both first and last!
Naphtali was however the last tribe to leave Western Asia and migrate to Europe and Scandinavia; they remained in Armenia for a few hundred years (as the Nephtalite Huns) before migrating, so Rabbi Mael is correct in this case as Naphtali was the 'last of the tribes' to migrate. This was quite fortuitous, or divinely ordained, that they were the last to leave as they controlled Armenia and the passes through the Caucasus Mountains, and so they were able to offer safe passage to their kinfolk fleeing the Sassanian revolt, which ended the (Hebrew) Parthian Arsacid rule over Western Asia.
Steven Collins had an interesting blog article on this topic some time ago; unfortunately I can't find the link now.
So, if Naphtali is the first to arrive, and the last to leave, he may be like that dinner guest who is always the first to arrive, and always the last to leave when you invite your friends around for dinner.
One final comment regarding Naphtali; Norse legends state that the Scylfings (Swedish/Norwegian royal house), and the Scyldings (Danish royal house) were brothers, both the sons of Odin. Given that Naphtali and Dan were full brothers, both the sons of Israel and Bilhah, I wonder if Odin may be a reference to Jacob (Israel)' If Israel was referred to as 'my lord', or 'my master', Odin could be a corruption of Adoni (not to be confused with Adonai which means 'The Lord').

(d. ) The Australians NOT Lawrence and the Arabs Captured Damascus!
In your article on T.E. Lawrence and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom,
you mentioned that Lawrence took Damascus in 1918. This is incorrect, the Ottomans surrendered to the Australians (10th Light Horse Regiment from Western Australia). They were a part of a much larger British, Anzac and Indian Army grouping, so they didn't take Damascus by themselves, but the Ottomans surrendered to them, not to Lawrence's Arab Irregular Army.
Lawrence admitted that the 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom' was a combination of both history and fiction, and his account of the surrender at Damascus was fiction. He was confronted by General Sir Harry Chauvel, the Australian commander of the ANZAC mid-eastern forces during the Versailles Treaty meetings, and was commanded by his superior officers to apologised to him for his false claims.

(e. ) Yew Trees and Boars.
The recent kerfuffle regarding Iber, yew trees, boars and your German detractor were interesting.
Given that Iberia in the Caucasus predates Iberia in Spain, and was one of the places where the Israelites were exiled to (as was Iberia in Spain), I think we can safely discount the yew tree and swine stories.
I commend your detractor though for speaking out against what he mistakenly thought was your anti-Semite position, full marks to him. This incident isn't without humour though, it isn't every day that an Orthodox Jew, an IDF veteran and a noted Bible scholar living in Israel is accused of anti-Semitism.

(f. ) Chuck is now in New Zealand!
Regarding Steve Mathe's upcoming refutation of Chuck Missler's belief that Israel is Judah, (, I look forward to reading it. I doubt that he will change Chuck's mind however as he fully subscribes to the Darby / Scofield Dispensational eschatology, which doesn't stand if we recognise that Israel and Judah remain as two separate houses till Messiah ben David comes.
Too many Pastors have taught this Dispensational nonsense for so long, and they can't renounce it without losing their flock who wish to have their ears tickled. I have heard Chuck admit that he is puzzled though with the reference in Ezekiel 38:11 to the unwalled villages of Israel, given that the State of Israel does have a security wall, and the population is on a permanent war footing. So, perhaps, there may be hope for a change of mind.
Chuck has left the USA and now resides in New Zealand. He lives at Lake Taupo which is the last place on earth where I would live if Stan Deyo's and Larry Taylor's vision of that place comes to fruition ' see
There has been speculation aired from time to time at Brit-Am as to whether Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) was a Hebrew (see Cam Rea's short essay at

(g. ) Buddha and Israel.
I recently found an essay written by a researcher named Isabel Hill Elder which confirms Cam Rea's position, but adds a more interesting dimension to the story. She claims that the 'original Buddha' was Levite named Buzi (pronounced Buddi), who was the Prophet Ezekiel's father. She claims that Buzi, with five disciples, went to Media after learning of the Israelite's rebellion against Assyria to teach them the Law, broken down to the basic eight principles, i.e., Right Thought; Right Speech; Right Behaviour; Right Doctrine; Right Purity; Right Humility; Right Purpose; Right Concentration.
If she is correct, then Siddhartha Gautama with his five disciples was a revivalist of the original Sakya Buddi, Buzi. It is an interesting article and well worth reading, see -

(h. ) Milk and honey and Lactose Tolerance.
Another perennial item which is raised from time to time at Brit-Am is the discussion of the land of milk and honey promised to the Israelites (Exodus 33.3). What is particularly interesting about this promise is that the majority of the world's adult population is lactose intolerant, so a land overflowing with milk is the last thing that they would desire.
Lactose tolerant nations would therefore be an indication of an Israelite presence within those nations, and the Wikipedia lactose-intolerance map shows that the English speaking world (USA, Canada, UK, NZ and Australia), together with northern and western Europe, have the most lactose tolerant populations. I would suggest that this adds support to your position that most of the House if Israel are located in those nations.
See -

(i.) ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand) and Jewish Graves Desecrated in Libya!
Unrelated to Brit-Am, Yair, have you seen the desecration of British and ANZAC war graves at a military cemetery in Libya on Israeli TV' If not, a YouTube segment can be seen here -

You will notice that a Jewish soldier's grave is specifically targeted (one is marked with the Magen David instead of the Christian cross). There was a Jewish contingent who fought alongside the British, ANZACs, Indian & Free French forces at Tobruk. The Jewish contingent took the highest per-capita number of casualties in the Tobruk campaign, they lost 300 dead and wounded (75%) of the 400 who fought there. An account of the Jewish 'Rats of Tobruk', as the Germans referred to them, can be found at

My very best wishes to you,
Dafydd in Sinim

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