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Brit-Am Now no. 1848.
23 March 2012, 29 Adar 5772
1. Brit-Am Appeals Again!!!
2. Judith: Brit-Am is a Blessing!
3. New Article.
We are the People. Tribal Hints to Goodness (Addition for Zebulon).
4. David McLeod: The Dilemma of Modern Man.
5. Appreciated Poem.
(a) Meredith Carpenter.
(b) Brian Weston.
6. Question about Simeon and Scotland.
7. Poem: The Family of Abraham (Revised).


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1. Brit-Am Appeals Again!!!
First of all the good news from our point of view.

Brit-Am is growing. The web-site is attracting more people, the YouTube clips are being viewed, etc. We are making an impression.
We are more important than we realize but much less than we think we should be.
Copies of The Tribes are being prepared for mailing.
We have distributed and sold a few already around the Jerusalem area and reactions have been very positive, so far.
Also our research has opened up new fields of discovery pertinent to Brit-Am goals.
Your esteemed Director of Brit-Am is in good health (thank God) apart from periodic attacks of gout whenever we try to get away with not taking the medication.
We have been prescribed a medicine called Colchicine which stops the attacks and even seems to help the body push the problem back though not altogether way.
According to Wikipedia
Colchicine is derived from a plant that the ancient Egyptians as early as 1500 BCE (sic) used for rheumatism which is related to gout.
It was recommended for the treatment of gout by Alexander of Tralles (c. 525 ? c.605 CE), a Greek physician of Lydia. Benjamin Franklin had
Colchicum plants brought to America. So, we are in eminent company.

Anyway, Brit-Am is in need of money yet again.
There are signs however that if we get over the present hurdles we may be turning the corner.
We need your help for this because it seems that is what there is.

First of all let us be clear on a few matters.

Brit-Am PROVES where the Ten Tribes are. And (God willing) more proof is on the way. We have evidence that cannot be silenced or dismissed.
We also have means of presenting it effectively.
We recently read the saying that graveyards are full of people who thought they were irreplaceable. This is true.
Nevertheless we have done much and still have much to offer.
Help us to keep going and to carry on through.

We believe that our work has Biblical Sanction and that all who help us will be blessed.

Offerings and Book Orders may be made by PayPal or by Snail-Mail in the USA and overseas:

God be with you
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, Jerusalem, Israel.

2. Judith: Brit-Am is a Blessing!

"Shalom Yair,
You are such a blessing to many. I've been getting your e-letters for several years.
We have your books in our Kol Hameshiach Messianic Congregation library and for sale in our Judaica.

3. New Article.
We are the People. Tribal Hints to Goodness (Addition for Zebulon).
Note Below:
The following  has been added to the article:
Zebulon who is both domesticated and enterprising, tamed and daring (Genesis 30:19).

We are the People:
Abraham who thinks big and acts with largeness of spirit.
Isaac who laughs at adversity.
Jacob who does what it takes and Israel who Overcomes.
Reuben who sees the outcome (Genesis 29:31).
Simeon who makes himself heard through prayer and effort (Genesis 29:31).
Levi who attaches himself to God through good deeds and good companions and goodness (Genesis 29:34).
Judah who acknowledges the Truth and is grateful for what he has and aware of what he should be (Genesis 29:35).
Dan who gives an account, and measurement, and seeks to become bigger and better  (Genesis 30:7).
Naphtali who does not surrender but keeps up the struggle (Genesis 30:8).
Gad who expands on what exists and works that there may be more of it (Genesis 30:11).
Asher who is happy and smiling and makes others feel good just to see him (Genesis 30:13).
Issachar who works for his own pay and pays others what is theirs (Genesis 30:17).
Joseph who adds to whatever he does and increases on it (Genesis 30:24).
Benjamin who moves to the right side and does the right thing (Genesis 35:16).

These are the Tribes of Israel.

4. David McLeod: The Dilemma of Modern Man.
Re: Proverbs 9: 2-18 Good Torah Knowledge and Common Sense
The dilemma of modern man. Cut off from the source.

5. Appreciated Poem.
Re: Poem: The Family of Abraham.

(a) Meredith Carpenter.
Really enjoyed this!

(b) Brian Weston.
Thank you Yair for this beautiful poem. You are a beautiful person to send it along. ...The timing of you sending this poem of The Family of Abraham is simply amazing. ...
Wow! Shalom,

6. Question about Simeon and Scotland.
Colin  wrote:
Dear Yair,

Thank you for responding to my enquiries. My interest in the lost 10 Tribes
was provoked 20 years ago by a publication by Herbert Armstrong from the
USA. I am Australian. Armstrong maintained that Ephriam was extended the
promises to Joseph (to eventually become a Commonwealth) and that Manasseh
was to become a great single nation (the USA). Naturally as an Australian, I
have emotive links to the British, and for respect and regard, I have
emotive links to the Americans. I further suspect that my mother was a Jew.

Armstrong also speculated that Reuben was the father of the French, Judah
(obviously the Jews), Dan, (Denmark and Ireland), Gad, (Sweden) Zebulun
(Holland) and Issachar the father of the Swiss. Because I am of Scottish
ancestry, I have allowed myself to be persuaded that they are the
descendants of Simeon. Could you oblige by either confirming or offering
contrary evidence to what I feel I already know?

I am sending this on Friday afternoon, so with your Sabbath coming on by the
time you receive it, you may not have time to give it justice. Nevertheless
be assured of my regard for you and support your admiration of the Torah.

Brit-Am Reply:

Colin Shalom,
You should read our work "The Tribes".
Our identifications overall are the same as those you listed above.
If I remember correctly about half our identifications are the same as those of Mr Armstrong and the other half different.
Our location of the Ten Tribes however in specific places is the same, i.e. we identify the same locations as those where the Ten tribes are to be found.
We show however that in each place where one particular Tribe was dominant there were also to be found minorities from other Tribes.
We also point out that NOT ALL the inhabitants of such places may automatically assume they descend from Israel. Non-Israelites were also there.
A degree of uncertainty exists and this is how Divine Providence Wants it!
Scotland we believe became dominant by Manasseh. Scotland also included elements from the Tribes of Ephraim, Asher, Benjamin, Judah, and others.
Simeon (like Levi) was scattered amongst the other Tribes but we found enclaves from Simeon in Northern Italy, Eastern England, Brittany in France, and Eire.
Simeon may also have been present in Scotland.

7. Poem: The Family of Abraham (Revised).
Abraham Passes Over:
Hebrews, numerous and great.
On Oceans they will rover.
Rebecca was the soul mate,
Of Isaac who will laugh.
As a sacrifice offered up
God intervened on his Behalf.
With the righteous will we sup.
Jacob his appearance changes
Through struggle he prevails
His name to Israel Exchanges,
Overcomes adverse travails.
Reuben the outcome foresees.
Simeon makes himself heard.
Levi, to God will appease.
Judah gives the right word.
Dan will judge and weigh.
Naphtali wrestles in fight.
Gad with a troop holds sway.
Asher smiles in delight.
Issachar will make his way,
For service receive his pay.
Zebulon dwells on sea-shores,
Guarded by dykes from flood
Lying at the Ocean doors
Sharing ties of blood.
Joseph to all good adds much,
Benjamin does the right thing
Welcome is his prayer and touch.
All this, Tribes of Israel bring.
We shall all rejoice and sing.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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