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Brit-Am Now no. 1846.
18 March 2012, 24 Adar 5772
1. James W. Stark: Comments and Queries .
2. Max Rambow: Amazing Resemblance Between Phoenician Ships and those of the Vikings!
3. New Article.
Were the Ancient Hebrews the Same
as the Habiru?


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1. James W. Stark: Comments and Queries.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1845
#4. Academic Prejudice Against Brit-Am: A Recent Unfortunate Encounter on Germanic--L.

Sir Davidiy: I do not have a reply other than we know that hate does not have a salve. One cannot fully understand his or her position until s/he fully understands the position of the other. It appears in some of these forums that Brit-Am is disliked or despised, not for their positions, but since they contradict the ignorant position of others.or violates their agendas.

I do have a serious question. I know how often in your research that names are a key to family, locations, migrations, exiles, and places of current or past occupation. With this in mind, might I ask you, even if it is in a private e-mail, does the current president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai have any Benjamin (Kish) connections with the similar name of the Khazar Empire?

I respect your research and have used the information provided through Brit Am to "teach" or "instruct" others to be wise.

I also sent you a question two or three weeks ago about the dependability of the of the 12 Testaments of the Tribal Patriarchs. I anticipated an answer but perhaps it did not get to you. I support Israel whether or not I am of that DNA. I suspect, however, based upon the oral history stories of my great grandfather from Prussia, that we are somehow connected th the Tribe of Gad.

Israel is a promise still coming to fruition. Do not give up ore be discouraged. Keep and eye on Issachar and Zebulon in Finland, Holland and Estonia. Something is brewing there and this is good for Israel.

James W. Stark

Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you for your letter.
Concerning Karzai I doubt that he (or any other Afghan for that matter) has any relation to the Tribe of Benyamin BUT I could be wrong.
 The 12 Testaments of the Tribal Patriarchs. We used this work in the past and found it useful. BUT I never went into the book to any depth and know little about it.
Based on what the authorities say it is said to be an originally Jewish work that was later edited and added to by Christian sources.
It is not known when the original text was written. estimates range from ca. 100s BCE to 100s CE. The Christian additions range from ca. 100s to 200s CE.

2. Max Rambow: Amazing Resemblance Between Phoenician Ships and those of the Vikings!
Re: The Israelite Sea Captives.
Part One: Over the Ocean Blue!

It's kind of amazing how the ship pictures [of Phoenician Ships, in the article] resemble those of the later Vikings, illustrating a possible connection.

3. New Article.
Were the Ancient Hebrews the Same as the Habiru?
We interpret the word Hebrew in the Bible as pertaining ONLY to Israelites. There are scholars who claim that originally this word was applied in the Middle East to a social class of outcasts and/or sundry groups at the fringes of society. It is suggested that somehow these elements coalesced into groups that acquired ethnic characteristics. This gave rise to the Hebrews from whom emerged the Israelites...
This interpretation to our mind derives from a linguistic misunderstanding. Two different word-roots, "IBRI" and ChBR, have been confused....
Habiru and Hebrew are not the same word.
Habiru only sounds like Hebrew when both words are transliterated into English. Habiru is spelt and should be sounded more like Chabiru.

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