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Brit-Am Now no. 1845.
15 March 2012, 21 Adar 5772
1. Cristian Sildan:  The Boar-Thing is not that Far-Fetched!
2. Richard Johnson: Thank you for fighting for us!
3. Thanks from New Zealand.


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1. Cristian Sildan:  The Boar-Thing is not that Far-Fetched!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1844
#4. Academic Prejudice Against Brit-Am: A Recent Unfortunate Encounter on Germanic--L.
Brit-Am said:
# This to our mind was a legitimate question and so too was it acceptable in the eyes of the Moderator.
Anyway it was rejected by several of the academics on the list.
They said that the word root "Iber" associated with the Celts derives from a Celtic word meaning yew tree, or a word meaning boar (pig), or it was a hydronym (proper name of a body of water).
It should be noted that yew trees in England in the Middle Ages were important because their wood made good bows for archery. It is assumed by extrapolation that in ancient times the Celts may also have valued yew trees for this reason. #
Peace Yair,
You know, the boar-thing about the Celts isn't that farfetched, and it is very close of our preoccupations as well.
For the Hindus, Vishnu took the form of a white boar when he saved Phritvi - the earth from the great waters of the Flood.
The Greeks have the Atalanta the Amazon kill the white boar of Calydon (Caledonia).
The Nordics have the word-play boar-bear.
Nothing is random here.
It's all about symbols.
The Noachid tradition is symbolized by the White Boar, in fact.
The peoples of the boar are the peoples of Noachid phylosophy.
Hope it helps.

Brit-Am Reply:
We saw that three alternatives were proposed for the IBER names amongst peoples of Celtic Culture: A water-way; yew-tree; pig-boar.
Concerning the yew tree thing this is far-fetched. The Celts at that time (or any time before Medieval Times) do not seem to have placed such an emphasis on archery. Yew Trees only became important at the time of the longbow which originated in Wales hundreds of years later.  Also yew trees were not so plentiful anywhere. They were certainly not found in most areas where we find the IBERI names. These names are spread in such a way that we must ascribe their primary origin to one source.  It was also definitely an ethnic name. We find later in Spain and the Balearic Isles (in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain) peoples named Iberi or Iberes but we think in these cases that they received those names from other peoples who had been in the area before them.
The boar does occupy a prominent place in Irish Mythology.  The curing of bacon was an important industry and pig meat was enjoyed everywhere (except for Scotland) throughout the Celtic World. Celtic Mythology and culture did share much with Indo-European traditions in general.
Nevertheless there are NO sources linking the name Iberi with the pig.
There are indications that the people named as IBERI were named after the Hebrews and descend from Hebrews.

Anyway, we are looking at the sources and may write yet another article on this subject.

2. Richard Johnson: Thank you for fighting for us!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1844
#4. Academic Prejudice Against Brit-Am: A Recent Unfortunate Encounter on Germanic--L.


I think it is ridiculous to believe that the Celts named themselves after a "tree" or a "pig". Thank you for fighting for us and may our God bless you.

Richard Johnson Jr

3. Thanks from New Zealand.
Thanks Yair for hours of great reading and learning... regards Pete.

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