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Brit-Am Now no. 1842.
12 March 2012, 18 Adar 5772
1. Brit-Am Replies to Critic from Europe.
2. Yair Replies to Authun on Linguistics and DNA.
3. More Challenges from Authun: re The Mutual Enemies of Israel and the West.


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1. Brit-Am Replies to Critic from Europe.
A said:
British Israelism is clearly a view of anthropology based on racist theory ...Why don't you just come out and admit it, you're BNP [British National Party].

Brit-Am Replied:
Just for the record:
WE should distinguish between Jewish Beliefs and British Israelism. Even within British Israelism there exists different attitudes.

(a) British Israelism
British Israelism is a school of thought with many adherents and differences of opinion.
At the beginning it was pro-Jewish and important pro-Jewish pro-Zionist Gentiles were influenced by it.
Later it became infected with anti-Semitism and its  ideas were adopted by others who were even worse.
Even so it was never a homogeneous body and not all of its adherents are anti-Jewish.
In the USA exist numerous groups who believe in doctrines similar to those of BI and the numerically larger sections are on the whole pro-Jewish.
There is a minority who are not.

(b) Jewish Beliefs
Apart from British Israel there exist Jewish Beliefs identifying who the Ten Tribes are.  These beliefs in some cases date back to the Time of the Second Temple at least.
They indicate that the Ten Tribes are amongst West European peoples.
Aed and the Lost Tribes in Britain
The Lost Ten Tribes in Celtic and Arabic Lore

More Brit-Am Rabbinical Sources

2. Yair Replies to Authun on Linguistics and DNA
A said:
Common sense too ought to alert you to the fact that you cannot start a claim based on a supposed semitic substrate in a celtic language which by definition requires replacement of the semitic language by an indo european language, and then paradoxically argue that the new speakers who are of predominantly R1b paternal lineages are themselves semitic. It begs the question, why don't they speak a semitic language then? You obviously haven't thought it through and I strongly suggest that ignorance alone is not the reason but rather unpleasant prejudicial tendencies which you defend by lies and acrimony.

I would like to point out to other list members that the dangers of the misuse of these types of research have long been recognized and have been neatly summarized by Guido Barbujani in Genes, People and Languages, Am J Hum Gen 2000:

"An ad hoc mining of the historical record can lead to a spurious association of any finding in human population genetics with any historical episode that could potentially explain it".

Yair Replies:
It seems widely accepted that Irish and Welsh have parallels to Semitic tongues both in build and vocabulary.
This supposes an original group of Semitic speakers. That the original language was displaced does not mean that the people also disappeared. Irish almost disappeared from Ireland and was largely replaced by English. The same happened to Welsh in Wales. Nevertheless the Irish and Welsh peoples remained.
Concerning R1b quite frankly we do not know BUT it is agreed that its probable place of origin was in Western Asia i.e. the Middle East.
Archaeological evidence does not show any R1b in Western Europe before 1000 BCE. Even much later it is still relatively rare until eventually becoming the predominant strain.
This suggests that it came from the general area of Israel i.e. there was a population movement in the direction we are speaking of.
It does not mean that R1b is Israelite. It might be something else or some other explanation may be forthcoming.
It does however mean that the population movements that, from other sources, we believe took place, from a DNA viewpoint are feasible and to some degree the best possible proffered solution.

3. More Challenges from Authun: re The Mutual Enemies of Israel and the West.
Authun said:
> >The Britam site is, in my opinion, deeply distasteful and I don't
> >agree that you should be able to promotoe it here when the site is
> >clearly anti race theories. The Britam site supports views such as:

"Today both the Jews and the West are faced with common enemies and
the same threat to their existence"

Brit-Am Replied:
 That is right. The Prime Ministers of the UK, Australia, and Canada all say the same thing. So do numerous others. Even Obama is not
that far off in some of his statements.
Authun said:
So Yair Davidiy, who precisely is a threat to your existence? The Palestinians, Irish Catholics, Communism, Muslims in general?
Brit-Am Replies:
Shalom Authun. You just do not want to let me alone, do you? I think in your heart, you are actually enjoying this. Tickled pink are ye not?
Today the threat to the West and to the Jewish People comes from the entire Muslim World especially as directed from its two heads in Saudia and Iran.
Regarding the west:
China is both a blessing and a curse but is basically hostile. So is Russia.
Concerning Israel:
The Palestinians in themselves would not be a threat and would be prepared to leave in peace. The problem is that (in addition to the Muslim world) elements in Europe, especially Germany, are edging them on. So is Japan.
Ultimately the threat to Israel is the same as that to the West.
As always the worse threats, concerning both the West and Israel, are the internal ones.
The internal threats to Israel are paid large sums of money by European Governments, alongside European NGOs and American ones. This is not conspiracy theory but open fact and the pertinent allocations are listed in Governmental allocations. Germany is probably the worst but Sweden, Norway, Finland (to some degree and perhaps this has ceased), as well as the UK and other nations (through the EU) also participate. They pay money to agencies to work against settlements in Judea and Sarmaria and to weaken the Jewish Religion amongst Jews through subsidized anti-religious demonstrations
and activities and money for such things as the Gay Rights movements.
What is the matter? Do you not have enough homos in Europe that you need to encourage them in Israel as well?
By weakening Israel these countries are actually harming themselves and should repent.
The enemies of Israel are the enemies of civilization and of human decency.

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All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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