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Brit-Am Now no. 1831.
19 February 2012, 26 Shevet 5772
1. Selected Comments to Brit-Am YouTube Video Clips.
(a) Awesome Info!
(b) Brit-Am is Telling the Truth!
(c) Brit-Am is Something Different!
(d) The Name Yank from the Dutch Jan and Kees!
(e) Brit-Am Representation of Dan is Preferable! Thank you for this!
(f)  Very Interesting presentation...
2. Mark Robinson: The Palestinians are Edomites!
3. Alexander Zephyr: Are the Ten Tribes Really Still in Exile?


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1. Selected Comments to Brit-Am YouTube Video Clips.

(a) Awesome Info!
phxvalleygirl has made a comment on Ephraim in the West:   

          awesome info! shalom yair!

(b) Brit-Am is Telling the Truth!
midnighthood has made a comment on Brit-Am Introduction.avi:

Hello Salom, Mr. Davidly, Your telling the truth and it's good to see, at least you have integrity. I am  glad that you made these videos, because God(the ALMIGHTY) has awoken me. I was reading the Old Testament (Torah), and mainly the major, and minor prophets, about how God kept giving them (Israelites)  second chances, and how they kept messing.  I was saying to myself, wow god gave them all these chances, and they still, hardened there necks, and hearts. Not knowing that I was a Israelite

(c) Brit-Am is Something Different!
1pen2books has sent you a message:   
My name is Fernando and I've just joined your incredibly interesting and  fascinating web page above mentioned.
...I came across your web page by accident when looking for something different and I was deeply surprised about all what I could and can find there.

(d) The Name Yank from the Dutch Jan and Kees!
VanDenBrandeDannyXXX has sent you a message:   

Hello sir

I dont know where u got the information about the meaning of yank from, but u are wrong on this point, beside that u are right on 99% of your other points this doesnt really matter but i want to explain u how the word yank or Yankees has developed.

So here i go,
we all know the Dutch founded new Amsterdam (New York) and that the Dutch had loads of men that where named Jan/Yan and Kees
which are still 2 common names that are used a lot in the Netherlands. The British came with this name for the Dutch
and named them Yankees the short version is Yanks and Yank for a single American these days "first they only named the large group of Dutch people in New York by this name later all of New York and now its a known term for Americans", it might be a coincidence that in Hebrew this means Jacob.


dendan from holland     

(e) Brit-Am Representation of Dan is Preferable!
UFOSIG has made a comment on Dan and Judgement.avi:   

          I like this far more than the portrayals of the Tribe as Dan as Reptilian shapeshifters. I have never shapeshifted into anything, lol. Thank you for this,

(f)  Very Interesting presentation...

GaelicKnight has made a comment on Dan and Judgement.avi:

Very Interesting presentation...

2. Mark Robinson: The Palestinians are Edomites!
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1830
The Palestinians Must by Humanely Transferred Elsewhere!

Yair, I find myself in total agreement with your derivation of the various names applied to the lost tribes as they moved through time and geography. I don't, however, agree that the Palestinians should be humanely transferred anywhere. The Almighty has plans of His own for them as indicated in Zephaniah 2, Amos 1, and most especially Ezekiel 36. Also, it is my own personal opinion that the Palestinians are descendants of the Hyksos, whom Immanuel Velikovsky postulated to be descendants of the Esau. They certainly seem to think and behave like Edomites. Personally, I don't by the idea that the Romans and their descendants were/are Edomites (although I recognize that Herod was an Edomite). The "Palestinians" of today behave like Edomites, and like Esau, they seem to like 400:1 odds and great & continual lies. And they certainly still care nothing for the birthright. They just want the prestige and power they think goes with it. Mark Robinson

3. Alex Zephyr: Are the Ten Tribes Really Still in Exile?
Alexander Zephyr wrote:
Hello Yair,
Why do we at Brit-Am call the Lost Ten Tribes 'in exile'?
Are they really 'in exile'?
Can we compare the real exile of the Jewish People throughout the two millenniums when they truly were subjugated and ruled by alien countries and empires, whereas the Israelites shortly after the dispersion organized themselves in independent states and empires and ruled the other people and nations?
Also the Israelites were uprooted from their homeland in the similar manner as the Jews, they are not  subjected to domination and rule by foreign powers. They have established their political-ethnic centers, were they feel 'at home'; they completely lost their Israelite identity and in their national consciousness there are no feelings of uprootedness or alienation, or 'being as in prison', which  are necessary conditions for being in 'galut' as characterizes by the Jews.

Brit-Am Reply:
This is a good question. We should go into it and look at the sources.
Until we get around to doing that however a few remarks might help:
The Bible describes the Ten Tribes as in Exile.
They are not aware of their ancestry.
They do not identify as Hebrews.
The European Israelite nations in many ways are spiritually subject to the general European Consensus as to how they should think and act.
In North America the situation may be a little better or a bit worse depending on the perspective.
New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa are just as bad if not worse in some ways.
They are only free to a limited degree.
They feel themselves obliged to act and think in certain ways that contradict their Israelite Ancestry.
I repeat the lack of knowledge concerning their ancestry and ancestral obligations is itself a form of Exile.
The Land of the Hebrews is that of Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.
As long as Israelites have not returned to it and settled in it they are in Exile.
It may be that in the future all the Israelites will return to this area as you yourself so ably argued in the past.
All the Israelites Will Come Back!
Completeness of Resettlement in the End Times?
by Alexander Zephyr

The alternative proposal i.e. that many Israelites will indeed return to the Land but others will stay where they are does not have a strong case (as you showed) at the simple literal level of Scripture BUT there are Rabbinical Sources that seem to support it.
According to these sources representative contingents in large numbers will return to the Land of Great Israel AFTER WHICH the sanctity of the Land of Israel will be given to other regions including parts of Western Europe and Britain.
Concerning this type of speculation the Rambam (Maimonides) has already said that no-one will really know until the events themselves take place.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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