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Brit-Am Now no. 1823.
8 February 2012, 15 Shevet 5772
1. New Article:
NZ Testimony: Saved by Brit-Am
A Near-Victim of Conspiracy Theories and Media Bias Against the  Jews Testifies to  the Positive Effect Brit-Am Has Had On Him.
2. James W. Stark:  Remarks on the Term "Jew".
3. Zeev Barkan: New On-Line Illustrated Book About the Star of David.


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1. New Article:
NZ Testimony: Saved by Brit-Am!
A Near-Victim of Conspiracy Theories and Media Bias Against the  Jews Testifies to  the Positive Effect Brit-Am Has Had On Him.

I just wanted to thank you for enlightening me on a most important subject, which potentially could be a life and death situation for many people much like the evolution versus creation argument. It was not that long ago that I was on the slippery path to hating the State of Israel due to the amount of negative media associated with such a small number of people and their [perceived] international control of trade and finances, primarily based out of New York and the city of London.
I even had zero respect for Rabbis and thought they were a waste of space and at the very best stupid.
Oh how wrong I was about to be proved!
Just the other day a friend of mine said he could not wait to see the destruction of Israel.
This is quite a common attitude in New Zealand towards Israel. ..
You have helped me to realise that vexation will continue between Judah and Ephraim until the Messiah...
There is no point in wasting ones time on something that only the Messiah can fix.
I cannot thank you enough for putting me back on the straight and narrow!
The value of your efforts cannot be measured and are of vital importance in turning the hearts of many misguided and potential enemies.
I am not sure if you have had such an email before.
I hope you can appreciate that your works have many incidental outcomes some of which are spiritually life saving!

It does not bother me at all [to have my letter posted]. Just do not pass it on to the Mossad!
I do not want to be on a hit list if I come to Israel!

There is a growing hatred towards Israel itself. This is very prevalent amongst Western Peoples.
...I now expend my energies promoting your website.

2. James W. Stark:  Remarks on the Term "Jew".
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1820
#1. Andy Hoy: Use of the term Jews for the Ten Tribes is Offensive!

Sir, Davidiy: Again allow me to extend my deepest appreciation and respect for the work that Brit-Am (most likely you personally) is doing for the sake of G-d's chosen. We are confronted with very disturbing news coming out of Iran. I pray daily for Israel. They will NOT be pushed into the Great Sea or"eliminated" as Iran's supreme leader put it just last Thursday; February 2, 2012.

I noted in the newsletter discussion the question of who is a Jew? "Where does the term 'Jew' come from... correctly stated "from where does the term Jew come." Your answer is, as usual, very good. You wrote:

Descendants of former inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah or those who became attached to them are considered Jews.
Mordecai (the uncle of Esther) from the Tribe of Benjamin is referred to as a Jew (Esther 2:5 3:4).

May I suggest something that could be helpful in this understanding? There are those who are descended from the Tribe of Judah and there are those who come from the country of Judah.

In the Book of Esther, a captive people from the Kingdom of Judah then living in Babylon, Mordecai was a Benjamite. He had lived within territory of the Tribe/Kingdom of Judah before the Babylonian exile.

Yes Mordecai was called a Jew, but the intent of this use of the term refers to him as one of the captives from Judah, the Kingdom. One could correctly read Esther 2:5 as, "Now in Shushan the palace there was a certain 'captive, a Benjamite' from the Kingdom of Judah' whose name was Mordecai."

All Jews are Israeli but not all Israeli are Jews; all Israeli are Hebrew, but not all Hebrew are Israeli. None of this means one is of the religion of Judaism. Judaism is the religion just as would be the practice of Christianity, Hinduism, Shintoism...

We send a wrong signal by continuing to accept a name by default. All Baptists are Christian, but not all Christian are Baptist. Does this help?

By the way Mr. Davidiy. Are there not two different but almost similar sounding Hebrew words that distinguish between a descendant of the Tribe of Judah and one who lives or lived in the Kingdom territory of Judah?

James W. Stark

3. Zeev Barkan: New On-Line Illustrated Book About the Star of David.
From: zeev barkan <>
Subject: My book- Six Pointed Star Pictorial History- is now online

Shalom Yair,
My book- Six Pointed Star Pictorial History- is now online.
In English and in Hebrew

You and your readers are invited to visit:
Zeev Barkan

See especially:

7th century BCE - First Jewish Star
Picture from
Torrey, Charles C., Semitic Epigraphical Notes, American Oriental Society (JAOS) 1903, pp 205
First Jewish Star of David from Sidon 7th century BCE
The star here seems broken so that it's hard to decide if it is a hexagram. The letters are the name of Yehoshua Ben Asayahu, which is definitely a Jewish [or Israelite] name.

Coin Sidon

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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