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Brit-Am Now no. 1815.
25 January 2012, 1 Shevet 5772

1. Addition to article, What is the Brit-Am Mandate?
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg Requests Personal Testimonies of Israelite Awareness.
3. Winston Churchill: "Never give in."


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1. Addition to article, What is the Brit-Am Mandate?
In our article,
What is the Brit-Am Mandate?
After the sentences:
#At all events it is not within our Mandate.
Those who say otherwise may be guilty of giving a false impression.#

We have added:
[In the article the text of this addition is in navy coloring as distinct from the black coloring of the rest.]

Such action is liable to have negative results both concerning Judah and Joseph. At this stage it is mistaken.
If a person believes they should go ahead along that path then that is their business and their responsibility.
We would not advise it.
This would not, to our minds,  be considered as acting according to the Mandate.

For us Mandate means a command, an obligation in light of Torah Knowledge and General Truth.
First let us establish the truth of Israelite Ancestry in principle.
That is what we are aiming to do.
Brit-Am has a Mandate in light of its findings and other factors that come together with those of us who think along the same lines.
Those who think Brit-Am is a one-man show should realize that we would not be able to function even for a single day without the support and encouragement of numerous others over the past decades.
Our costs are the equivalent of any similar enterprise in the USA or UK. They are high. That is why we have to frequently worry about raising funds.
No-one person backs us but rather a lot of individuals who give us something and taking it all together we usually (but not always) get by with it.
Just look at our web-site. A lot of the material is from Yair but you will also find scores of articles by others, and hundreds (even thousands) of comments and observations in the News-Letter features.
Brit-Am Now is now in its 1,814 posting and on an average one could say that there are at least the same number of personal opinions from others.
And that is only part of it!
For every person who does say something there are others who were thinking to do so.

The Brit-Am Mandate obliges Brit-Am to do what it can with what it has.
Whether or not others have a similar obligation we cannot say.
If the other groups have a message compatible with that of Brit-Am it may be so.
Otherwise we would doubt it.
We understand our own task to emanate from the Torah.
We do not identify it with the Torah because we are human and fallible.
We try to measure our veracity against Torah requirements.
What others do is up to them.

The Lost Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples. They evidently comprise a significant proportion of the population.
They deserve to know about it. So do the Jews. In Biblical Terms the Jews and the Ten Tribes are brothers and should be aware of it.

2. Charlotte Mecklenburg Requests Personal Testimonies of Israelite Awareness.
From: Charlotte Mecklenburg <>

Thank you again Yair, for the work you are doing. At present I have started writing a publication for an audience that you do not have. I want in the write up to have short stories from those who believe they are of Joseph/Ephraim even though it cannot be proved about any individual. There are those both in the Christian realm and in the Judah realm that are becoming aware of this Joseph phenomenon although they do not have a name for it and have spoken to me about this. I hope to get some testimony from those people as well as to what their thoughts are about it.
Anything I gain from your web-site or communications will be mentioned. However, I would like any of your readers that would like to contribute a short testimony of how they became aware of their relationship to the house of Israel to send it to me at Along with their short account let me know if they want their name given or withheld in anything I write up.

Charlotte Mecklenburg

3. Winston Churchill: "Never give in."

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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