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Brit-Am Now no. 1809.
15 January 2012, 20 Tevet 5772

 1. Joseph to blame for lack of recognition at least as much as Judah!
2. New Article. The Wife of Noah and Canaan by Alexander Zephyr.
3. Query on the Levites, Helveti, and Switzerland.


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1. Joseph to blame for lack of recognition at least as much as Judah!
We sometimes sell or give our publications to Jews who are interested.
They may not be bursting with enthusiasm but many are quite interested and prepared to invest time and energy in reading about it.
One of the impediments to our beliefs being wholeheartedly accepted by Judah is that they whom we identify as Joseph do not themselves on the whole believe in it , are even antagonistic towards it, in general do not live lives worthy of it, and are often anti-Jewish.
Those few Israelite Gentiles, such as the Ephraimites, who do believe in it often themselves take the attitude that they are different from the others and almost a people apart from the rest of Joseph.
This is not a complaint or challenge but rather just a statement of fact worth remembering.

2. New Article.
The Wife of Noah and Canaan.
by Alexander Zephyr
Part Two in the Series:
Post-Flood Rehabilitation.

3. Query on the Levites, Helveti, and Switzerland.
James W. Stark
I have read and continue to research your documents and e-publishings with great interest. Mr. Davidiy and I have even exchanged e-mails once or twice. I do however have a serious question. There are many tribes represented in the land of Switzerland according to your claims. I ask, what about the ancient name of the Swiss; Helvetii?  We know that on occasion He in Hebrew represents the word "the." By removing the syllables from the remaining letters, since I have been told that there are no syllables in Hebrew, just indicators of a long or short sound, we are left with LV[i]T; i.e. Levite or The Levite Confederacy; i .e. The Helveti Confederacy.

Doesn't this linguistic approach make as much sense or maybe even more sense than do some of your explanations of names derived from such and such? It seems so obvious. Please explain where I am wrong.

Thank you for your reply. I am a strong supporter of Israel believing they are G-d's chosen people. They will eventually fulfill the promise of G-d to Abraham and occupy the entire Promised Land.

James W. Stark
421 Leeson Avenue
Cadillac, MIchigan, USA 49601

Brit-Am Reply:
The Helveti were a tribe who in ancient timers occupied most of  the area of what is now Switzerland.
They were divided into four groups one of which was the Tigurini whom we identify as a group from Issachar.
The Tigurini together with the Cimbri and Ambri (who came from the north)  fought the Romans in ca. 111 BCE.
After several initial several successes the Cimbri and Ambri were defeated whereas the Tigurini seem to have withdrawn from the fray before the defeat.
Julius Caesar hints at the Helveti in general having inflicted defeats on the Romans several times in the past.
In the time of Caesar the Helveti attempted to move into Gaul apparently due to Germanic pressure on them in their own land.
Julius Caesar defeated them and drove them back in ca. 58 BCE. Out of an initial population of ca. 263, 000 only about a third survived this event.
Later Switzerland became a Roman Province and the Helveti were still there and were quite numerous.
Eventually Switzerland was conquered by the Burgundians and the Alemanni. The Burgundian section became the French -speaking part of the country whereas that of the Alemani now speaks German.
Helvetia is the official name of Switzerland. Stamps from Switzerland bear the name Helvetia and not Switzerland.

In Hebrew the prefix "ha-" is the equivalent of the demonstrative word "the" in English.
Thus we have the family of the Arieli (from Gad) that in Hebrew become Ha-Areli, i.e. THE Areli.
So too in Scandinavia their descendants could be known as Eruli or Haruli.
You  therefore suggest that the Helveti are really "Ha-Levi[ti]"?
This is the kind of suggestion that is worth keeping in mind in case other supportive evidence turns up.
In our book "The Tribes" we have a chapter on Levi. We do find a group from Levi in Northern Italy which borders on Switzerland.
There may be some kind of connection.
It is not enough in itself.
Wikipedia Helveti) tells us concerning the earliest known form of the name Helveti
The inscription in Etruscan letters reads "eluveitie".
This in Hebrew could just as well be understood to mean ELIAB since the same letter is used for both "b" and "v".
Eliab was the name of several people in the Bible including a Prince from the Tribe of Zebulon (Numbers 1:9) and a grandson of Reuben through Palu (Numbers 26:8).
Anyway, on the whole we identify Switzerland with Issachar.
You said about your suggestion:

# Doesn't this linguistic approach make as much sense or maybe even more sense than do some of your explanations of names derived from such and such? #

Even if such was the case it is not enough.

We need several names of the Tribe or of Tribal Clans in the area;
Some kind of tradition or legend would help.
We also need a correspondence  between Tribal characteristics and national character.
This incudes an approximate geographical alignment of the Tribe in question parallel to that which prevailed in Biblical times.

Brit-Am Tribal Identifications

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