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Brit-Am Now no. 1795.
20 December 2011, 24 Kislev 5772
1. Question About the Commanded Extermination of the Canaanites.
2. New Article. Canaanite Genocide. Moral Problems with the Bible
(Parts One and Two).
3. Input from our Readership Requested.


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1. Question About the Commanded Extermination of the Canaanites.
C wrote:
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1791.
#1. Question About Women Singing.
  Dear Mr. Davidy,
Thanks for your reply. I appreciated it, but I do have one more question that doesn't pertain to that article, but it's just something
that I'm wondering about. Two years ago I started college and one of my professors said that there are verses in the Bible 
where God told the ancient Israelites to murder and commit genocide on whole people and even kill the children. I told Mom about this
 and she told me that Mr. Armstrong said that there are somethings we just don't understand, but that God did love those people and
someday they will be brought back to life. Mom said for me not to worry about that, but I still don't like it or understand why those people
had to die. It just seems like lately, well, since starting attending university, I sometimes wonder if the Bible is really God's word like we've been taught.
I mean I do believe in God and everything, at least I always thought I did for sure, for sure. Now, things seem much more complicated.
Okay, if you have time and can respond, please do. If not, then I understand. My question is, if God is so loving, which I do believe he is, I just can't
understand at all, not at all! how soldiers in the army could be ordered to kill all the people including the children.

Brit-Am Reply:
I cannot give you a whole answer at present.
I myself do not know and am not qualified to say.
We may however discuss some of the sources and perhaps derive a little more understanding.

We are therefore preparing an article that we shall deliver in instalments.
Parts One and Two of this article are already available see the next item.
We would also like INPUT from our readers on this issue, see item  no.3 below.

2. New Article.
Canaanite Genocide.
Moral Problems with the Bible
(Parts One and Two)


Part One.
The Moral Dilemma
Israelite Cities that Committed Idolatry Were Also to be Terminated!
Suffering as a Result of Disobedience.
Descendants of Canaanites and Present-Day Enemies of Israel
The Case of Amalek and King Saul of Benjamin.
Canaanites and Race.

Part Two.
Background: Who Were the Canaanites?
Who Was Canaan?
Canaanite Racial Types
The Different Twelve, Ten, and Seven-Member Groupings of Canaan.

3. Input from our Readership Requested.

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Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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