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Brit-Am Now no. 1786.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
4 December 2011, 8 Kislev 5772.
1. Victor M. Lashewitz:  I Enjoyed The Remarks You Made About the Tribe of Dan.
2. Abigail (Pat) : Appreciates Brit-Am Site!
3. Dafydd: Regarding Dan and snakes.


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1. Victor M. Lashewitz:  I Enjoyed The Remarks You Made About the Tribe of Dan.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1785.
#1. Questions about the Tribe of Dan and other matters.

Thank you for the post concerning the tribe of Dan. From my understanding were they not also considered to be judges over either the nation of modern Israel or of the present day Gentiles'
As always I appreciate your research, effort, and work.
Shalom and Selah,
Victor M. Lashewitz

2. Abigail (Pat) : Appreciates Brit-Am Site!
Yair, I had a difficult time finding the topic, DONATIONS, this time. As you know, I have been a devoted contributor for years, but for some reason, had to search repeatedly today for that portion of your webpage. Just thought you should know that others may be having this difficulty as well. On the other hand, the site is even more wonderful than ever before, with so many fabulous articles available. As always, I so appreciate your most noble work for the Regathering of the Tribes.

Abigail (Pat)

3. Dafydd: Regarding Dan and snakes
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1785.
#1. Questions about the Tribe of Dan and other matters.

Yair, Shalom,
There is another story involving Dan and snakes which you may find interesting. I believe that descendants of Dan were the principal Hebrew Tribe amongst the Carthaginians, the 'Phoenician' (Hebrew & Canaanite) colonists in the Mediterranean and Iberia, with whom we associate the great Danite General Hannibal. I understand that Dan was associated with both Southern Israel where Samson had his problems with the Philistines in Gaza (some things never change), and another large settlement of Dan in Northern Israel. The southern Danites escaped Assyrian capture by fleeing to their North African and Mediterranean colonies, while the northern Danites went into the Assyrian exile. The southern Danites eventually left Africa and Iberia and were the Tuatha D'Danann of Irish legend, while the northern Danites eventually settled in Denmark and the east coast of England (and as Vikings in England, Scotland, and Ireland).
After Carthage fell to the Romans, Hannibal fled to the Euxine (Black) Sea, where he joined with other segments of Dan, either those who were associated with the early Athenian civilization, or those from the northern Israel portion of Dan who went into the Assyrian exile, and continued fighting the Romans from there.
Hannibal's ingenuity came into play again in the naval battles these Danites fought against the Roman navy. Hannibal found that the Roman ships, with their crew of galley slaves, could easily overtake his Black Sea navy on becalmed water. He then developed the 'snake bombs' which were used with great effect against the Romans. If Hannibal's ships were about to be overtaken by a Roman ship on becalmed water because the Romans had their galley slaves manning the oars, Hannibal's ships would throw 'snake bombs' onto the deck of the Roman ship, which caused such panic that Hannibal's ships could either attack it or flee from it unhindered.
The 'snake bombs' were simply clay pots filled with live snakes. When the clay pot hit the deck of the Roman ship, the pot would shatter and live snakes would rain down on the galley slaves below. Understandably, the slaves would panic and leave their oars, so the Roman ship would flounder and become an easy target for an attack.
One afterthought regarding Dan. You posted an article in a recent issue of Brit-Am Now regarding a group of DNA researchers who were puzzled as they could find no trace of Viking DNA amongst the Irish. I would suggest that one reason for this apparent absence would be that the Danish Viking's DNA would not be significantly different from the 'back-ground' DNA of their fellow tribesmen of the Tuatha De Danann, who in turn would comprise a significant portion of the general Irish population.
Also, if you would permit me to continue, your article regarding anti-Semitism (which I call Judenphobia) amongst the Irish
 is, unfortunately, quite true. There are however some exceptions as the following links demonstrate. The three YouTube links below are from Pat Condell, an Irishman now living in London, who holds very strong opinions on a range of issues, which he doesn't filter through the accepted PC filters:

'Let's Blame the Jews' ' Pat Condell -'v=diWa8b5s_QE

'The Great Palestinian Lie' ' Pat Condell -'v=rSx9aw99NLc

'Useful Idiots for Palestine' ' Pat Condell -'v=1YDa8Owhp40

My very best wishes,

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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