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Brit-Am Now no. 1779.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
17 November 2011, 20 Cheshvan 5772.
1. New Brit-Am Message That Now Appears at the Top of Brit-Am Web-Site.
2. Brit-Am Half-Apologizes and Explains Itself.
3. Question on Physical Descent Versus Simple Faith.
4. Question Regarding Germany, the  Ten Tribes, and Other Matters.
5. Brit-Am Messages Have Priority!


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1. New Brit-Am Message That Now Appears at the Top of Brit-Am Web-Site.
Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
For Information concerning the Ten Tribes and their present-day location amongst Western Peoples.
Too many people hear the outlines of our findings and then jump to conclusions.
We are not trying to make people Jewish. Nor are we saying that anyone who is not Jewish, should consider themselves to be so.

The Ten Tribes are not Jews. The Ten Tribes together with the Jews comprise the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
We say that very many amongst Western Peoples descend from the Ten Tribes, i.e. they are Israelites who lost their identity.
At the individual level the probability is not absolute. We cannot be absolutely certain. Even if one was sure it still would not change much!
Being descended from the Ten Tribes does not mean that the person is Jewish or obligated by Jewish Law.
It also does not grant any rights or privileges. In the End Times, in the Messianic Era or the Times leading up to it, things may be different. In the meantime those who are possibly descended from Israel should learn the subject, heighten their Biblical Awareness, support the State of Israel, and draw closer to the Jews.

Our message is primarily in the aggregate: Certain nations have a high proportion of inhabitants descended from Tribes of Israel who, on the whole, lack knowledge of their ancestry.
These nations have received blessings and capabilities. They also have obligations. This is what we all need to be more aware of.
This is the message of Brit-Am.

2. Brit-Am Half-Apologizes and Explains Itself.
From: David McLeod
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1777
1. Some Past Messages from "Brit-Am Now" that are Still Pertinent!
[6. Brit-Am Represents Joseph (Only Brit-Am is Acceptable to Judah!).
[7. Brit-Am works on behalf of both Judah and Joseph

The Lord will unite Judah and Joseph. The United Kingdom of Israel belongs to the Lord, not to his creation.

Brit-Am Reply:
You are right.
Our message probably sounded a little arrogant, even offensive.
We did not mean that we are about to accomplish anything truly outstanding but who knows?
We may yet merit to have begun something?
The ALMIGHTY does not lack tools to do what is needed.
On the other hand, things usually work out with what is at hand.
Anyway we all need to do what we can, as well as we can, and trust in Divine Providence.

3. Question on Physical Descent Versus Simple Faith.
John wrote:
Shalom, Yair Davidiy!

I agree and appreciate your writings on Israelites and Yehudah of the diaspora. I have a friend who considers himself as descended only from pagans and has a BA in Chabad Orthodoxy and is faithful to that persuasion! I told him that whereas those of us with descent from Israel or Yehudah that can prove it within the diaspora, for the most part, have centuries of diaspora contamination of various sorts but we deal with the kindness and AHAVA  [love] of HaShem!

Is it true that Moshe wrote regarding us going to the ends of the earth...?  If so, wouldn't that result not only in reestablishing contact with fellow Israelites and Jews but also in receiving other descendants of Ha Adam of Eden, who for the most part, would simply become part of Israel or of Yehudah? Of course Moshe gave a list of those who may not enter the temple or several generations. Somebody said that DAVID could not build the temple due to RUTH being from MOAB but his son was the first one of her descendants qualified so Solomon built David's Temple! Anyway I am open for correction.

Thanks for your writings in keeping my thinking in order.


Brit-Am Reply:
It is true that one of the tasks of Judah was to bring in converts.
There is also a big, fat, old, but nevertheless well-written and very interesting book by someone called Newman about Jewish influence on Christian Reform Movements.
Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements Book by Louis I. Newman; 1925.
Anyway this is a matter for Discussions about the Jews and Jewish History.
The Midrash emphasizes that the Temple was built more by virtue of David than by anybody else.
On the one hand many great Sages were converts or descendants of converts.
On the other hand there is tradition that persecutions of the Jews came in order to weed those converts who were insincere.
It could be that the main point is spreading the message of the Bible to as many people as possible.
Despite this the Bible also speaks of the Israelite nation.
In the Bible Physical descent is important. It does play a part. It may not be everything and it may not be all that important but it is a factor.
The fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy emphasizes the primary role that the physical descendants of Israel will fulfill.

Brit-Am is concerned with the physical descendants of Israel and tracing their migrations, their effects on history, and their future role as indicated in Scripture.
How important this is or should be may be debated but the fact that it does have importance cannot be denied.
It is a beginning.

4. Question Regarding Germany, the  Ten Tribes, and Other Matters.
Dear, Brit-Am
Its been awhile since I've written you. I asked you years ago if ...were Jewish names because Rabbi Tovia Singer said some were.  Just wanted your opinion.
 They came from Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, etc. Some relatives were Mennonites, moved to southern Russia under Catherine the Great, lived near the Dneiper River,  then moved to Kansas.
Now that the background story is covered, my question is,
What makes you so sure Germany is not the House of Israel ?
 I mean there were tons of German Jews, right?
So if you are correct, then wont Germany rise again to battle the Jewish people? Wouldnt they then be the lead nation,  Babyon-Gog type?
I am a Christian. Is not there an antimoshiach in judaism? I thought there was ?
So please help me sir: I believe you are very smart.
What is Germanys destiny ? My great uncle bombed the oil fields and military places during ww2 ... that is my last name but my family says ...were from Prussia ?
Good day sir.  I only wish you the best, and the State of Israel, all Jews and Christians well.

Brit-Am Reply:
Many of the Lost Tribes sojourned in Germany but later moved out.
We hold that those immigrants from Germany to the USA were Israelites while they who remained behind in Germany were not.
A similar case could be made for other parts of Europe.
The emigrants were different. We are not the only ones who say this. Physical and sociological studies have proven it.
There may be some Israelites who still remained in Germany but most evidently did not.
There were not that many Jews in Germany though many of those who were assimilated.
It could be that Germany will rise again and once more challenge the Israelite Nations.
Jewish Tradition does speak of some kind of anti-moshiach in the End Times but we would rather not get involved in such questions.
Since you are already in the USA then you are now within a basically Israelite nation.
You should do as well as you can from where you are in both the spiritual and material sense.
May God be with you,

5. D. :Brit-Am Messages Have Priority!
From: D.
Re: Proverbs 4:10-18 Get Away from Evil While You Can!

Good morning, Yair

Finaly back online. Using an iphone that has an hotspot in it. Dial up Internet broke my back financially.
But spent the last 3 months or so reading Taanak.
I have 230 emails to go through, but am drawn to yours.

How true this email you sent is. It speaks to me directly. And the need to be with others of like belief......and a woman/wife...
The ALMIGHTY will provide...

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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