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Brit-Am Now no. 1778.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
15 November 2011, 18 Cheshvan 5772.
1. Pleased with Brit-Am Bible Teaching.
2. Question about Finnish and North Israelite Name for God.
3. The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps.
4. New Israeli Biblical Theme Stamps (2010). A Brit-Am Special.
5. New Lost Triber from Romania?


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1. Pleased with Brit-Am Bible Teaching.
 Re: Job 3:9-26 Job Longs for Death. Dark Before Dawn.

I thank you for these lessons, you are a good teacher. It feels like my father, of blessed memory, is talking to me today.

2. Question about Finnish and North Israelite Name for God.
Cristian Sildan" wrote:
Brit-Am Now no. 1776.
#3. Finland: New Evidence Identifying the Finnish with Israelites!

The Finnish name for God was  Yummella, or Yuma, or Ymar.
[Brit-Am Comment: The authors apparently were not aware of it , but it would seem that the Northern Israelites (from the Ten Tribes) before their exile pronounced the name of God as something like YMA or YaMa!]
Peace Yair,
Now that one is really interesting!
Where is it said so?
The Hindus also have a god of the death named Yama, and here in Romania we say of people who have passed through something terrible "Yama has passed by them" although no one knows who Yama is.
All the best,

Brit-Am Reply:
I have to trace the source. I picked it up from an academic work concerning Israelite captives in Assyria.
It is still in my notes or articles on the subject. I consider it credible for linguistic and anthropological reasons.
The Northern Israelites had an "Indo-European" aspect linguistically. "V" or "W" could be switched by "M".
The prohibition against using the name of the Almighty was already in practice. Even though the Ten Tribes practised idolatry in some matters they were still paradoxically loyal to the equivalent of what later became Talmudic Tradition.
This helps explain quite a bit.

Velikovsky suggested that the assumedly Canaanite inhabitants of Ugarit were in fact Israelites who practised paganism.
There may be something in this.
The Canaaanites had a god named Yam who in some pantheons may have been equated with the God of Israel.
Yam (god)
# Yam, from the Canaanite word Yam, (Hebrew ) meaning "Sea", also written "Yaw", is one name of the Ugaritic god of Rivers and Sea. #

#"Yw" in the Baal Cycle
At least one writer has pointed out, regarding the occurrence of "Yw" in the Baal Cycle, that one possible vocalization is "Yaw", and thus may possibly have etymological ties to [THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY] of the Hebrew Old Testament.[2] In this case the struggle between Yam/Yaw and Baal, prefigures that mentioned between the priests of Baal and the priests of Yahweh, led by Elijah, at Mount Carmel in 1 Kings 8[3].

# In the Nordic legends the sacrificed god is Ymr, from whose parts are born the earth and the sea, the forests and the sky. #

3. The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps
A Useful Source.

4. New Israeli Biblical Theme Stamps (2010). A Brit-Am Special.
Some Recent Israeli Bible Stamps
(2010 Issue)
Parting of the Red Sea.
Jonah and the Whale.
Adam and Eve,
Samson and the Lion.
Noah and the Ark.

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5. New Lost Triber from Romania?

Dear Mr. Yair Davidy,

My name is Cornel and I live in Romania.
I have read some of your researches regarding the tribes of Israel and I found nothing about my home country Romania.
I feel I am from the tribes of Israel but I have no knowledge of my ancestry being Jewish or from Israel.
But don't you think you have missed Romania or a part of it from the tribes of Israel?

I am waiting for your answer.

Many thanks,

Brit-Am Reply:

Your letter reached us on the same day as that from a veteran correspondent of ours, also from Romania, and also thinking along your lines.
Most of the Tribes on their way westward passed though the area now known as Romania.
Romania was also home for the Daci and Getae whom we identify as part of the Ten Tribes.
The Goths also sojourned there for quite a while. And there were others.
In addition to all that, a large number of Jews dwelt there for centuries.
Nevertheless we think that most inhabitants are not descendants of Israel though it is obvious that some could well be.
Concerning peoples in the aggregate we use what we refer to as
Ephraimite Criteria.

In other words concerning Romania on the whole we do not think they are Israelites BUT you do not have to agree with us on this matter.
Most of our subscribers and supporters have reservations and issues of their own in which they hold different opinions from us.
Even if you do agree with us on the whole you may well consider yourself (and your family) as exceptional.

Even if you are not descended from Israelites in the Last Days many non-Israelite strangers who identify with Israel will be accepted as Israelites.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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