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Brit-Am Now no. 1770.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
28 October 2011, 30 Tishrei 5772.
1. TG is Still Unconvinced!
2. New Article. The Names of Ireland and the Ten Tribes.
3. Reflections on the new article and Ireland in general.
(a) Degree of Recent Attention.
(b) Importance of the Findings.


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1. TG is Still Unconvinced!
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1769.
#4. Send us Feed-Back, let us Know if something is wrong! Criticize, Compliment.

Yair, you are never going to accept criticism

I have followed your pronouncements for a long time, and you have over the years found an excuse to reject any criticism regardless of where its coming from

But, you are wrong, if only because you contradict HaZa"L [i.e. the Sages]  in how individuals are identified with their tribes

You want a nice simple solution, but its a complex World that HaShem gave us, and simple solutions only work in the movies

kol tuv [All the best]


2. New Article.
The Names of Ireland and the Ten Tribes.
The Lost Israelite Connection.
1. Two of the Names: Ends of the Earth and the Most Noble Section of them.
2. Eriu.
3. Isles of the Blessed.
4. Scotia.
5. Ogygia -Scheria- Seir - Edom.
6. Inis Fail. Isle of Destiny.

Two of the Names: Ends of the Earth and the Most Noble Section of them.
One of the names was Inis Ealga signifying the noble or excellent island.
Another name was Crioch Fuinidh signifying the Final or remote country or more literally the Limit of the World.

Isaiah linked the Ten Tribes with the end(s) of the world and with the most noble parts of it.
e.g "But thou Israel, my servant Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend...Whom I have taken from the ENDS OF THE EARTH and called thee from the most noble parts hereof" (Isaiah 41:8-9).
The Hebrew word "Atzil" is related to the Nordic "Aedil" meaning noble. So too, in Exodus 24:11 the plural of atzil is translated as nobles, "the nobles of the children of Israel".

Best Places on Earth and Geographical Extremities.

3. Reflections on the new article and Ireland in general.
Re #2. New Article.
The Names of Ireland and the Ten Tribes.

(a) Degree of Recent Attention.
Some people may feel that of lately we have concentrated too much on Ireland. This is not deliberate. It just came out that way.
There is also a lot to find in Ireland and we have barely scratched the surface. A lot of material is available and it is in English.
Nevertheless, parallel to the Irish findings we have done some work in other areas that should become apparent later.
Sometimes one particular region gets a lot of attention and after that another one.
The Irish in effect form a continuum linking to all the Celtic Peoples as well as the Germanic-Language ones and those of Scandinavia.
What applies to the Irish concerning Israelite origins will be found as equally applicable to other groups.

(b) Importance of the Findings.
The article,
The Names of Ireland and the Ten Tribes.
may not look like it is saying much that is new but in effect it is quite important.
The fact that the Ancient Irish gave Ireland two names that exactly fit the description of Isaiah concerning the lost Ten Tribes should be considered quite significant.
The other name associations are also important.
This is only one of the hundreds of Brit-Am findings that altogether add very mu7ch to the whole corpus of proof identifying the ten Tribes with Western Peoples.
Sometimes in Research one has to labor greatly for only a thin sliver of information, if that. At other times one stumbles across it almost immediately.
There are even occasions where it stares one in the face for ages before being noticed.
At all events it takes a lot of work along with much Divine Providence.
This is one of the things Brit-Am does.
It is worth while. It is of value.
It needs sustained interest, support, and funding.
Please help Brit-Am to keep going and to go forward.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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