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Brit-Am Now no. 1764.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
21 October 2011, 23 Tishrei 5772.
1. Bill Rasmussen: Appreciation of Brit-Am and Need to Plant the Seed in Others.
2. Jeremy Burningham: Anti-Semitism and anti-Wall Street Protests
3. Ron Fraser: German Ruling Party (BND) responsible for Shalit Debacle!


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1. Bill Rasmussen: Appreciation of Brit-Am and Need to Plant the Seed in Others.
re Brit-Am Now no. 1763.
#2. Alistair Williams (UK): Religious Observations

Subject: Shalom from Bill Rasmussen in Minnesota!

Shalom and Greetings to you Yair! Chag Sameach [Good Feastday!} as well. May you and your family have a blessed Sukkot.
I enjoyed reading Brit Am #1763, especially the comments by Allistar Williams of the UK. He brings up some very good points regarding the teaching, mentoring and shepherding of Israelites. I would like to say however, that I believe we are a very long way from getting to that point. At the moment, Israelite identification is still in its infancy. We have barely begun to scratch the surface. There are millions upon millions of people who may be Israelites, but who are unaware of their identity. They first have to understand who they are and their place in Bible prophecy. Then, there are the Rabbinical leaders as well as average Jewish people who have to embrace the idea that there indeed are other tribes of Israel who were lost to history, but who are alive and need to be found, identified and repatriated back to Israel.
This brings us to the mission of Brit Am, which Yair is carrying out. Yair needs to continue to get the word out to the above mentioned groups. We, who are a part of Brit Am, need to fund Yair so that he can disseminate Brit Am teachings through books, publications, speaking engagements and the Internet. There is so much work to be done before we can even fathom the idea of shepherding these lost tribes.
I do agree with Allistar regarding the fact that the majority of the Israelites extant in the world today are probably Christians or those with Christian leaning ideas. These Christians who are inexplicably drawn to Torah, a love for Israel and the Jewish people, a love for Jewish holidays and customs are most likely biological descendants of Jacob's sons who formed the Northern Kingdom. Yet, the vast majority of them are still tainted with false teachings about Torah as well as Gentile/Pagan practices. These practices need to be expunged before they will be wholly embraced by the Jewish community at large.
The one thing I disagree with Allistar on is that Yair is only giving "milk" to those of us who participate in Brit Am. Quite the opposite. Having read many of Yair's books and publications, I can attest to the fact that they are "meaty". They are heavy in research and information and quite frankly, can be very overwhelming when one is trying to learn all the history, archaeology and anecdotal information about the tribes of Israel. Also, Yair has done much weighty writing in his analyzing of the Psalms and Proverbs as well as other books of the Tanach. I would say that Yair has fulfilled Mitzvot Hamurot rather than Mitzvot Kalot, or heavy vs. light.
One final thing: Allistar is referencing the quote by Jesus that said the weightier matters of the Law are Mishpat [justice], Chesed [mercy] and Emunah [faith] that is mentioned in Mattiyahu [Matthew] 23:23. I feel this is beyond the scope of the mission of Brit Am. We cannot expect Yair to teach on justice mercy and faith when the mission of Brit Am is to identify and repatriate the tribes of the Northern Kingdom. Those things should be left to a Rabbi or Pastor, whatever the case may be. Yair is I believe, a Shaliach or sent one, much like an evangelist. He is not the spirtiual leader of a congregation to which we belong.
So, to sum things up, all of us who receive Yair's teachings need to do our part. We need to give offerings, study the materials and share what we know with others whom we believe may be Israelites. I have done this countless times. I meet people all the time who are Christians, but who love Israel to the point of defending her if necessary. I encourage these people to pray about the possibility of being a true biological descendant of Jacob. Plant the seed and let [Divine Providence] nurture it.

2. Jeremy Burningham: Anti-Semitism and anti-Wall Street Protests

The insidious accusation and Anti-Semitism is encrouching into the Occupy Wall Street movement!
 Look here for proof.

This is what I feared from the start of an economic collapse I saw coming about 3 years ago. Among all people's there are good and bad no one or any race is immune from sin. We must stamp out Anti-Semitism so good people do not get harmed in this Anti-Semitic backlash that is coming. However in the same breath it is up to people to rein in corruption and bring the people to justice that have plundered Nations. The American people are rightfully angry and they need to bring in both Jew and gentile that have acted poorly to face justice. You cannot just blame a Jewish element of Banking and not understand that there was a manipulation of Congress. Is everyone in Congress Jewish! White Anglo, Black and Hispanic Senators and Congressmen have worked in tandem to commit these financial crimes. it has been a collaboration of greed and all races posses this appetite! Let justice fall on the individual for his/her actions and let not a whole race get painted with the same brush because the sin of a few! May God show mercy on us in this turbulent time!

3. Ron Fraser: German Ruling Party (BND) responsible for Shalit Debacle!
RE: Brit-Am Request to Sign Petition
Yair, we will do more than petition. We will publicize this rotten deal by the BND in an article on our website.
It truly beggars belief that the BND, staffed during its early post-war beginnings with many a Jew-hating ex-Nazi party member, would be allowed to broker such a deal and, what's more, be praised in Germany for it!
This is a sinister deal indeed.
Ron Fraser

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