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Brit-Am Now no. 1756.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
26 September 2011, 27 Elul 5771.
1. Encouragement to Brit-Am to Continue.
2. Reply to Jewish Israel and Rabbi Sholom Gold
Complaints Against Jewish Israel.
3. Brit-Am Odds and Ends.
(a) Rosh HaShana Half-Break.
(b) Brit-Am is moderated.


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1. Encouragement to Brit-Am to Continue.
Re: Brit-Am Renewed Appeal
Recent Anecdotes

From: b. miller
Please dont let these negative people influence you or your work, you've done and are doing an incredible service to mankind, please continue, we appreciate you, Thank you

2. Reply to Jewish Israel and Rabbi Sholom Gold
Complaints Against Jewish Israel
The following letter is being forwards to the movement Jewish Israel.
Re Hebraic Roots and Rabbis Gone Wild

(a) Brit-Am Was (Apparently in Good Faith but Mistakenly) Misrepresented by Jewish Israel.
Our name was linked to a statement by Dr. Robert Mock:

# the Tribe of Ephraim has now been identified as the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons on the Isle of Britannia that eventually by her Davidian rulers became the British Empire." --- Dr. Robert Mock of #

Brit-Am Reply:
Brit-Am identifies the Lost Ten Tribes as being found amongst several west European peoples not only the British.
Brit-Am also does not place much emphasis on the Davidic ancestry of British monarchs. We acknowledge the probability but do not attach much importance to it. This may be seen by articles on our web-site and our answers to queries on the matter.

(b) Jewish Israel presented Brit-Am as:
# an organization which "avoids the discussion of religious differences" between Jew and Gentile members of the "Lost Ten Tribes" and envisions Jewish and Gentile reunification and co-inheritance of the land of Israel. #

Brit-Am Reply:
This is misleading.
Our message is to members of the Ten Tribes NOT Gentiles in general.
As we have shown in past letters and in links to our articles that we sent you we do not advocate immediate "co-inheritance of the land of Israel".
On the contrary.
There will be a co-inheritance of the land of Israel in the Time of the Messiah.
When  the Ten Tribes return they will initially go to the areas around the core region of Israel as we know it.
They will go at first to Lebanon, Gilead, and Bashan, i.e. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan (Zechariah 10:10 Micah 7:14).
On our web-site we have a search engine for the site.
Gilead gave 278 replies. Most of them deal with the issue at hand. In other words our site has references to this issue in more than 100 places!
This is what we teach.
You misrepresented us in this matter and gave an impression about us that was contrary to the truth.
Our emphasis is on researching and confirming identification of descendants of Israelite Tribes.
We encourage support of the State of Israel, identification with the Jewish People, and we speak strongly against missionizing Jews.

(c) You Published:
A Statement from Rabbi Sholom Gold

# In lieu of our findings, Jewish Israel's rabbinic director, Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, has issued the following statement regarding involvement with the Hebraic Roots movement:

"For a Jew, any Jew, to encourage devout Christians to explore the so-called Hebraic roots of Christianity or to advance any movement associating Christians with the lost 10 tribes is nothing short of playing with fire. It shouldn't be done in the name of interfaith reconciliation, as an attempt to second-guess biblical prophecy, or as a means to encourage tourism, commerce and/ or settlement in Eretz Yisrael. It is the height of irresponsibility and deception for a Torah observant scholar or rabbi to engage in such endeavors. One wonders if such spiritual leaders have lost their grounding and are perhaps suffering from a type of messianic complex."

Brit-Am Reply:

Brit-Am is not involved with exploring the Hebraic roots of Christianity.  We leave it alone and have nothing to with it.  We also have nothing against it.
It may in fact be one of the means Divine Providence is using to draw descendants of the Ten Tribes closer.
The Hebraic Roots movement in some form or other is behind the present evangelical support for the State of Israel.
So far this, to  our mind, has proven to be positive and needed.
It may also have negative side-effects that should be recognized and dealt with.

As for  "associating Christians with the lost 10 tribes" we do not associate Christians per se as members of the Ten Tribes.
We identify people who are not Jewish and many of whom happen to be Christians as descended from Israelite Tribes.
Either we are right or we are wrong on this matter of identification.
Our proofs are derived from the Tanaach, from the Sages, and from historical sources.
First deal with the question of identification as to whether we are right or wrong.
After that other matters may be considered.

If you think it is wrong to research where the Lost Ten Tribes are lest they be found to practise the wrong religion please say so.
Please do nit impute to us beliefs and attitudes we do not have.

3. Brit-Am Odds and Ends.
(a) Rosh HaShana Half-Break.
After Rosh HaShana beginning on this Wednesday Evening there may be no Brit-Am postings going out or at least much fewer than usual until after Yom Kippur.
We will be working on other matters.
(b) Brit-Am is moderated.
We reserve the right not to publish anything we wish not to.
We do not necessarily have to explain ourselves on these matters.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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