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Brit-Am Now no. 1752.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
18 September 2011, 19 Elul 5771.

1. Brit-Am and Friendship.
2. Robert Brenner: Bronze Age Atlantis by 
Walt Baucum Recommended.
3. Brit-Am Renewed Appeal.
4. Stephen McLeod: Pleased With BAC on Proverbs.
5. Charles Stalsworth: Pleased With BAC on Job 1:2.
6. Ronald Gillespie: BAC on Proverbs a Blessing!
7. Cherie increases her Contribution and is not offended by Brit-Am Requests


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1. Brit-Am and Friendship
Recently the following impressions may have been imparted:
Brit-Am argues with this person and that organization.
Brit-Am exchanges insults with such and such an individual.
When nothing is happening Brit-Am even makes times out of its overcrowded schedule to send gratuitous
barbs in the direction of someone else.
This in some ways is an accurate description.
It does not however give the whole picture.
Brit-Am is NOT really like that.
[ In Israel there is a humorous saying:  "I am not irritable: People just keep irritating me!"]
Brit-Am is also friendly.
The Grace of the Almighty is with Brit-Am.
People who identify with Brit-Am and support Brit-Am feel part of something worthwhile.
The Divine Presence is with us.
We mean that a feeling of inspired spiritual love and fellowship is often experienced by Brit-Am members in their relationships with Brit-Am and with each other.
This is of value and needs to be appreciated

2. Robert Brenner:
Bronze Age Atlantis by Walt Baucum Recommended.

Subject: Book Testimonial - Bronze Age Atlantis

Yair, thanks for telling us about Walt Baucum's book, Bronze Age Atlantis in your recent Brit-Am posting. I purchased it and am well into reading this excellent historical document on the sea peoples. I was especially interested in his comments about the Phoenicians since I mention them in my historical genealogy presentations on Sailing to America and Castle Garden 1855-1890. I was pleasantly surprised to read that the Phoenicians obtained copper from Isle Royale in Lake Superior (by Michigan?s upper peninsula). He has done a superb job in his research and writing. I thank you for telling us about this treasure. And so inexpensive, too!
Robert Brenner
San Diego, California

Brit-Am Comment:
Our readers are reminded that due to his sickness

Walt Baucum is interested in  distributing as many copies of his work as soon as possible.
He is   giving them away to whoever requests.
Walt does however require $5 for each book to cover postage and handling.

This is a good and valuable work that we recommend.
We urge our readers to take advantage of this offer.
Bronze Age Atlantis by Walt Baucum.

Available for only $5 to cover local US postage rate!
Bronze Age Atlantis
by Walter Baucum.

Bronze Age Atlantis

3. Brit-Am Renewed Appeal

Recent Anecdotes:

A person who was disgruntled with some of our recent statements said that our main message seems to be a constant appeal for funds.

A neighbor who is subscribed to the list asked (in jest?), with all the tithes and offerings he supposed we must be receiving, are we close to becoming rich?

First of all we ask for money because we need it to function and we do function.
We ask less often than we need.
Organizations much better established than our own do the same.
Those individuals and organizations in the public eye who do not request funds must have funding from other sources.
No-one lives on nothing.
No-one backs us excerpt yourselves. And that you usually do not do.

If we were becoming rich it would be a good thing and would help Brit-Am function well.
At present however very very few people have been giving anything and those who give are doing so modestly.
If more would do the same we would be in better shape. Everything helps and is appreciated.
The situation now is in some respects worse than it ever was. We have been getting by due to an exceptional circumstance.
We need money to continue.
Brit-Am holds that it is doing something that needs doing and that they who help us will be blessed.
Please try and do more for Brit-Am.

On a personal note, Yair is working as much as possible on preparing a new edition of The Tribes for publication.
This means that some other matters have been receiving less attention than we would have liked to give them.
Even so information is going out and research is going ahead.

Brit-Am emphasizes Biblical Proof in the light of corroboration from secular sources.
The Bible can stand on its own but secular evidence helps us understand and internalize the Biblical message.
The emphasis in Brit-Am is on Physical Descent!
You are physical descendants. This means reality.
It also involves getting together as much evidence as possible, presenting it appropriately, and spreading the message.
To our mind other considerations should be secondary.

Brit-Am is the only body with the Brit-Am Message.
The Brit-Am Message is a true and just one.

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4. Stephen McLeod: Pleased With BAC on Proverbs.
Re: Proverbs 1:1-9 Respect Yourself and your Parents.
To: Yair Davidiy <>

Shalom, Yair!

Thank you so much for the series on Proverbs.
 I am confident that it will be very beneficial to me and to your other correspondents.

Yasher koach!

Stephen G, McLeod, Ed.D.

5. Charles Stalsworth: Pleased With BAC on Job 1:2.
Re: Job 2:1-3 Satan and Incitement.

Yair, Shalom Shalom The Email on Job 2:1 was Great! Loove To you and yours - Charlie

6. Ronald Gillespie: BAC on Proverbs a Blessing!
Re: Proverbs 1:20-21 The Daily Buzz
What a blessing these are.

7. Cherie increases her Contribution and is not offended by Brit-Am Requests

I canceled the $10 payment and increased it to $25. As the Lord blesses me, I will keep increasing. I appreciate you and the work you do. I know that this is not much, but I am going to sow it and believe for a harvest and then keep sowing more. Isaac sowed in a time of famine and reaped a hundred I know that I can also even in bad times.

Pray that all your subscribers will continue in faith and that we can continue to bless you.



p.s. I do not mind that you ask for contributions. We are all part of this work and identify with it. It is on our hearts that it should prosper. I am never offended that you ask. I apologize that I have not been in the position to give or give more. Thanks for all your work and for forgiving us for taking from you and not giving back what we should.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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