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Brit-Am Now no. 1746.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
5 September 2011, 6 Elul 5771.

1. Selected Comments On Brit-Am YouTube Clips.
(1)  "This brother has spent years studying this topic".
(2) Bad Comment from Bad Person.
(3) No Scripture?
(4) Christian Appreciation.
(5) Tribe of Dan
(6) Blessings.
2. The Brit-Am Web Site Appearance.
(a) Recommendations Requested.
(b) The Present Site Complimented (for a change!).
3. Comet Elenin???
(a) Mark A. Robinson
(b) Thomas Malloy
4. Query About Job and Keeping the Law.
5. Mark A. Robinson:  Have Mercy on NG. Take a sip of the milk of human kindness!


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1. Selected Comments On Brit-Am YouTube Clips.

(1)  "This brother has spent years studying this topic".
housechurches has made a comment on Joseph in the End Times:   

          People mock what they don't understand or what they DON'T want to understand. This brother has spent years studying this topic. So when folks come on and slam his teachings just shows how ignorant they are. The bible is a document of history and was never refuted by anyone while its was documented. This was because the people of the day KNEW it was true period. To God be the glory     

(2) Bad Comment from Bad Person.
oveid has made a comment on Khazars Not Turkish!.avi:   

          Ashkenazi jews were mass converted to talmudism im the 10 th century in the Khazar empire. they are the lesser brethren of the sephardic jews and neither of them are israelites, not by blood and not in practice. The true israelites are the adamic race (white europeans) true jews were cast out when they mixed with esau and became edomites.
judaism = torah / jews = talmud
israelite = blood of abraham + covenant ( Irrelevent after Christ )     

(3) No Scripture?
dedrichardeman has made a comment on Britain as Ephraim   Introduction Part A.:   

          nice thoughts but, nooo scripture.     

(4) Christian Appreciation.
Jerimiah10 has posted a comment on your profile:
          I dont know if you understand, but the new testament KJV agrees with everything you are saying. Im a christian in the USA, and my family has been aware of this for some time. God bless you and may your message reach all Isreal. May Israel receive the news with gladness. I ask that you arrange play list with more detailed videos. I think support will be great. Thank you for a true work.     

(5)  Tribe of Dan
runetang has made a comment on Ten Tribes of Israel Exiled in Ships.avi:   

          The Tribe of Dan conquered Lamech and renamed it to Dan, just south of the Phoenician border. They were known sea-farers, as they are referenced to 'staying in their ships' at least a couple of occasions in the Bible. I think that the reason they are not of the 12 tribes that are sealed in Revelation, the 144,000, of which Joseph gets a double portion via his sons and Dan doesn't get sealed at all. Some say this is an omen of rejection. I say Dan were the least adherent to traditions, & expanded     

(6) Blessings
3Sonsinone has posted a comment on your profile:

          May [the ALMIGHTY] bless you. I believe the almighty sees your work , and your reward will be very good . thank you for  this platform that the whole world may see this .

2. The Brit-Am Web Site Appearance.

(a) Recommendations Requested.
In the past quite a few have recommended that we change our web site appearance.
We are now considering opening up another site parallel to the present one.
We are asking for recommended sites whose appearance Brit-Am may learn from.
Please send us your recommendations.
If in the end we prefer an appearance other than that which recommended please do not be offended.

(b) The Present Site Complimented (for a change!).

Another site may be opened in addition to the present ones.
The appearance of the present site will remain more or less as it is though some improvement will be made.
It is worth quoting a comment we received from an Israeli professional in the field of web site design.

# Your site does not look professional. It does however look like the work of a researcher. Someone looking for information who comes to your site will probably feel he has come to the right place.
Nowadays there are those who pay good money to acquire the feeling of authenticity your site naturally has. #

3. Comet Elenin???
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1745
#1 Jennie Schmidt: Real Stones from Heaven Now Coming! The Rapture Postponed!

(a) Mark A. Robinson
From: "Mark A. Robinson"

Yair, I assume that Jennie Schnidt is referring to comet Elenin when she
says real stones are coming.

(b) Thomas Malloy
Dear Yair;
Jennie Schmidt expressed an interest in the object called Elenin...
.... expecting something significant to happen in the first week of August. The ninth of August is Tish B'Av, the ninth day of the month of Av, it has been the date when a succession of unpleasant things have happened, or started (see below). The other dates he mentioned are September 26, and mid October. Rosh HaShana, the Civil New Year on the sacred calendar, is a Festival associated with the blowing of trumpets, this year it will be September 28, and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) begins on October 13. We (Hebrew Roots eschatologists) are expecting the beginning of the end of the present evil age, to coincide with the Fall Festivals, so I found this analysis quite exciting.
..... The events which happened on Tish B'Av include the following: the evil report by the spies sent into Canaan by Moses, the destruction of the first Temple by the Babylonians, the breaching of the wall around Jerusalem by the Romans stopping the daily sacrifice at the second Temple, the expulsion of the Jews from England in 1090 and from Spain in 1492, the opening salvos of WW I, the first operation of the crematorium by the Nazis, the expulsion of the last Jew from Gaza, the downgrading of America's credit by the Chinese.

4. Query About Job and Keeping the Law.
Marjorie wrote:
Re Job 1:9-20 Job Meets With Disaster.

Shalom Yair,
If Job was a "righteous man", this says to me he lived by Father's commandments.  My question, "Is it possible he had separated himself unto the Lord and having come in contact with death, shaved his head according to Num 6:18?"


Brit-Am Reply:
Numbers 6:
18 Then the Nazirite shall shave his consecrated head at the door of the tabernacle of meeting, and shall take the hair from his consecrated head and put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of the peace offering.

Numbers 6:18 refers to the Nazirite when he finishes the term if his vow. The Nazirites had special laws applying to Nazirites only.
You may be making the assumption that all peoples of the world should keep the Law.  This is not so. Only Israelites were commanded to keep the commandments.
Other peoples were not so commanded but nevertheless were expected to live righteously.
Non-Israelites may also keep most of the commandments on a voluntary basis if they so wish.
The understanding accepted by us in our commentary to the Book of Job is that Job was a righteous Gentile and not of Israelite stock. Other opinions also exist.

5. Mark A. Robinson:  Have Mercy on NG. Take a sip of the milk of human kindness!
Yair... you should be ashamed of the vitriol you spew on
Nehemia Gordon. Do you really think Our Father finds such behavior pleasing?
Will Judah speak similarly to descendents of the tribes when they try to return. Will you demand they all convert to Orthodox beliefs and follow the morning shoe-tying rituals and washing of the hands that isn't really washing of the hands? Will you impose takanot [rulings] and ma'asim [actions] on them over and above the Torah? Gee whiz, Yair...take a sip of the milk of human kindness, and share the bottle while you're at it. I like to think of you as my friend, so I am telling you straight the hate for the Edomites and the Ishmaelites that are coming for your blood. Nehemia is not. Mark

Brit-Am Reply:
You may have a point. I may have expected too much from Brit-Am subscribers.
One lady protested our treatment of BG and NG and unsubscribed.
On the other hand up until now, apart from exceptions, most of our subscribers have more than stayed the pace.
Who knows?
Interest in NG is their own business. It may be better that they go to NG than elsewhere.  NG and his Karaite fantasies do at least maintain  interest in Biblical matters.
If Joes want to go running around listening to NG there may well be no harm in their doing so.
They who search for the truth with a good heart and open mind should eventually find what they are searching for.
People who want to believe (as you reported in the past that NG claims) that the Jews killed the Christian Messiah for not washing his hands before eating are welcome to do so.
NJF-20. New Joseph Forum
# 2. Letter no.2. Why Yair Davidiy Should Not Be Offended by Letter no.1
by Mark A. Robinson

Proverbs 14:
15 The simple believes every word, But the prudent considers well his steps.

Concerning your remark about the hand ablutions:
When I wake up in the morning I pour water three times over each hand. When I touch something polluting I wash with soap and water and then once again pour water over the hands.
It takes only a few seconds once one is used to it. I find it both hygienic and psychologically liberating. 
This is not a Torah commandment. It is a direction by the Rabbis for Jews. It should not necessarily interest anyone else.
On the other hand the Torah commands us when wishing to purify ourselves from impurity to immerse our bodies in living water.
Have you ever tried to keep the Bible as it is written according to your own understanding?
I have.
It is not easy.
One does however receive insights and psychological understandings.
The Rabbinical laws and recommendations are natural outcomes of what is written in the Bible.
They are the only ones who understood what is going on in the text.  They lived the Bible.
They were also given the authority to make decisions on these matters (Deuteronomy 17).
We are not out to convert anyone to Orthodox beliefs. On the contrary.
We try to stick to the Three Rs of Brit-Am: Research, Recognition, Reconciliation.
Nehemiah is not a friend of ours. Followers of Nehemiah spread falsehoods concerning the Jewish religion and Jewish people.
Rabbi Avraham Feld told us that he met two Ephraimites staying in Israel. He suggested they contact Yair Davidiy.
They replied that due to their new-found Karaite orientation they are no longer attuned to Brit-Am.
Brit-Am is irrevocably linked (I pray) to the Torah and consistent with Rabbinical teaching.
This is what Brit-Am is.
The incident described by Rabbi Feld may have other explanations. Not everyone is worth meeting up with so perhaps we were better of?
NG interferes with the task of Recognition and Reconciliation. He is not the only one however.
He needs to repent and rectify his wrongdoing.

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