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Brit-Am Now no. 1741.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
26 August 2011, 26 Av 5771.

1. Miri Remarks on Shemittah Years.
2. Ted Johnson:  Self-Esteem is Different from Ego!
3. There Are No Real Karaites Today!


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1. Miri Remarks on Shemittah Years.
Dear Mr. Davidiy,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I guess I could have looked it up on Wikipedia!
You made some very serious points, like arab/bedouwii take over. I have a friend with isolated property who has not slept at night for many, many years from keeping watch!
He dares not sleep! Still they continually kill his guard dogs, animals, destroy trees and vines, set destructive fires, and recently put him in the hospital from a beating!
Yes, it's very tough to be vigilant over the Land!
I still say that open rebellion from not keeping the Shmittah years as they ARE known is very frightening to me! I would hope and pray that the rabbis would at least speak up about this issue and make an appeal to everyone!

2. Ted Johnson:  Self-Esteem is Different from Ego!
Subject: Drunkards of Epharim
Dear Britam,
I really enjoy your website, and it is so full of information that I find uplifting and spiritually of great interest.
I do have a issue/question please with the paragraph below from your site:
# THE CROWN OF PRIDE, THE DRUNKARDS OF EPHRAIM #: Physiologically alcohol reduces inhibitions and can enhance self-esteem. It enables pride to take over. In practice someone who is drunk often demeans himself and is treated with contempt by others. Nevertheless drunkenness and pride are linked and an overduly proud person can act as if he were drunk and vice-versa.
I believe that your paragraph below is a little off. The word self-esteem should be "ego" instead. Alcohol enhances "ego". In order to be a properly functioning human being with boundaries and mores an individual needs self-esteem, or "healthy" self-esteem. People with low self-esteem, or unhealthy self-esteem are easy prey for manipulators and abusers. A person with a healthy self-esteem understands his own values and does not let other people sway him away from them
However, "ego" is unhealthy. Especially people with inflated egos. A better sentence  would be:
"Physiologically alcohol reduces inhibitions and can inflate egos."
I have been trying to correct this distinction for people who confuse self-esteem with ego. Self-esteem is necessary for a healthy life, an ego is not needed and serves no useful purpose.
Anyway....just my two-cents worth.
Thank you for reading!!
Ted Johnson

3. There Are No Real Karaites Today!
As far as we are concerned a person can call themselves what they like as long as it does not infringe on us.
If someone calls himself Napolean Bonaparte they can do so. We personally however do not have to accept this.
The original Karaites were a Jewish sect. Their descendants still exist in Israel but do not follow their religion.
Only a person born to a Karaite family could ever be considered a Karaite in recent times.
Recently, about three (or 4?) Americans originally from Jewish Orthodox families declared themselves Karaites and somehow got partial control of Karaite properties in the Old City of Jerusalem worth several million dollars.
These Karaites receive support from a few Christians and Ephraimites. That is what keeps them going. Out of the 3 or 4 of their Jewish members only one is really active. In effect, they comprise a one-man enterprise dedicated to attacking the Jewish religion. Jewish haters of their fellow Jews do exist. The Gentile supporters of the Karaites may be attracted by the anti-Jewish aspects of their doctrine.
At first we thought that these Gentiles are simply mistaken and have been mislead. Then we found on the website of one of them anti-Jewish propaganda written by an American Nazi.
The Karaites in Europe were often friends of anti-Semites and are accused of helping the Nazis. Many Jews are aware of this. Non-Jewish visitors to Israel who mention to Jews their sympathy for the Karaites should be aware of the nagative associations they may arouse. A Karaite personality named Nehemiah Gordon is against Brit-Am. In my opinion none of them know the Bible very well.
We would not bother with them but every now and again others push their presence in our faces.
For that reason we are hereby setting the record straight.
There is nothing wrong with coming from a family that was originally Orthodox Jewish.
If you are in  such a situation but do not understand or do not want to believe in the Jewish Oral Law you have a problem.
Others may or may not sympathize with you.
But that does not make you other than what you are.

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