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Brit-Am Now no. 1732.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
11 August 2011, 11 Av 5771.

1. Arnold Barker: Brit-Am is in the Right. Jews Should not be Missionized.
2. David Barlow: Brit-Am is in the Wrong. Misquotes the Sources?
3. Interesting Article. OUR SCYTHIAN ANCESTORS by W. Edmund Filmer B.A.
4. Israelites Came from the East to the West in Masses as Captives.
Will Historians Eventually Recognize this Fact?  Forced migration- Extract.
5. Dafydd: London Riiots, a Payment for Support of Palestinians, and Norway.
6. Duane Hiebert:  Contemplations.
7. Ibos of Nigeria (Biafra) Claim to be Israelites?


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1. Arnold Barker: Brit-Am is in the Right. Jews Should not be Missionized.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1731
#2. Question on Natural Recognition of a God.
Dear Sir:

I write to tell you that I agree completely with your most recent article. I agree that Christians are not to try to convert those of the tribe of Judah to the Christian faith. Scripture tells us that He came to his own and His own did not receive Him.
[The Christian Messiah] Himself said He did not come to the Jewish people but rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. I agree with you I think those Christians that try to convert those of Judaism to the Christian faith are in error.
I also believe that there is something that Judah is to do in the end times, that only they can accomplish. There is always a reason why The Most High does the things He does, and instructing the early Christians to go to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel is His purpose.
While I do not try to convert any Jewish person, I still sense a really kindred spirit between us.
I tell you I am a friend of Israel and her people. Difficult times are head for the nation of Israel. Iran, Russia, and others primarily the Arab descendants of Ishmael will come against her in mass in the not too distant future. I believe that the Most High God will Himself intervene on Israel's behalf and will annihilate Her enemies in a supernatural way so that all will know who He is.
God Bless the nation and people of Israel, and God bless the USA.

Arnold Barker

2. David Barlow: Brit-Am is in the Wrong. Misquotes the Sources?
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1731
#2. Question on Natural Recognition of a God.
I'm really sorry, but the following quote in this posting is so our of context - As one man said, "To take a text out of context makes it a pretext!"

"Christians who try to convert Jews to their own religion are in danger of committing a grievous offence.
The Bible warns them NOT to do that [Deuteronomy 13:6]!"

It was warning the ancient Israelites to avoid false Gods!! Also, a Christian is obliged to tell the truth to all, that's why we have found ourselves in so much trouble over the generations. I'm not referring to "Christian" religion, but the real thing.

Here is the portion in question from the Amplified Bible. -

"Deu 13:6 If your brother, the son of your mother, or your son or daughter, or the wife of your bosom, or your friend who is as your own life entices you secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods--gods you have not known, you nor your fathers, Deu 13:7 Of the gods of the peoples who are round about you, near you or far away from you, from one end of the earth to the other-- Deu 13:8 You shall not give consent to him or listen to him; nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him or conceal him.
Deu 13:9 But you shall surely kill him; your hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hands of all the people."

Most sincerely,

David Barlow N.Z.

Brit-Am Reply:
Every different religious group claims it is the real thing.
You might feel yourself obliged to tell what you believe to be the truth to all.
If however you study the Bible you should realize that inducing Jews to abandon their religion or to adulterate believe in One God is problematic.
There are many other nations in the world. Why not start with them first?

3. Interesting Article.
By W. Edmund Filmer B.A.


WITHIN half a century of the House of Israel going into exile, the Scythians were mentioned for the first time in any historical document. These documents, which date from the reign of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (681-669 B.C.), were recovered from the archives of Nineveh and are now in the British Museum. They reveal that the Scythians were then located among the Medes where the Bible tells us that some of the Israelites had been placed in captivity (2 Kings 18: 11). The same documents also prove that another new people called Gimiri were also located in the same area at that time. Unless we are to suppose that three distinctly different peoples arrived in that area within the space of fifty years, we may conclude that all three were actually the same people under different names.

Now the name for Scythian in the Assyrian language was Iskuza, but there has been no explanation for the initial 'I' unless it be that the name was derived from 'Isaaca'. The Israelites may well have called themselves Isaaca, or house of Isaac, Amos did so a few years earlier (Amos 7:16). It should be realized that in Hebrew the accent falls on the last syllable, so that Isaac would not be pronounced as it is in English. Consequently, the 'I' could easily get lost altogether to form the Greek name Skuthae.

Herodotus (VI 1, 64) informs us that the Persians called all Scythians Sacae, and in every trilingual Persian inscription that mentions the Sacae (Saka), namely, that on the Behistun Rock, another on a gold plate, and a third in the tomb of Darius, the name is always translated Gimri in the Babylonian version. Since it is well known that the Assyrians used to call Israel Khumri, this could well be the origin of the later form Gimiri. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to believe that the Iskuzi and the Gimiri were both, in fact, Israelite exiles.

Coloured illustrations of these and many other beautiful objects have been published in Treasures from Scythian Tombs by M.I. Artamov, former Director of the Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, who wrote: 'In the animal style so typical of Scythian art, the figures of animals in the oldest examples are of Near Eastern derivation. The compositions with the tree of life, seen in the gold settings of the swords from both Kelermes and the Melgunov treasure, not only reproduce an ancient Mesopotamian subject, but in no way differ stylistically from similar Assyrian and Urartian designs' (p.27). All this goes to show that the Scythians of south Russia must have come from south of the Caucasus, and not across the Volga from central Asia, as historians used to think.

Some customs of the Scythians may well be survivals from their Israelite ancestors. We know, for example that according to the Mosaic Law the pig was unclean, and Herodotus tells us that the Scythians 'never use pigs for sacrifice, and will not even breed them anywhere in the country' (IV, 63). Hosea condemned the Israelites for using sticks for the purpose of divination (4:12), and Herodotus says:'There are many soothsayers in Scythia, and their method is to work with willow rods. They bring great bundles of them which they put down on the ground; then they untie them, lay out each rod separately, and pronounce their prophecy' (IV, 67). In the Oxtis treasure there are a number of gold plaques depicting soothsayers, with their bundles of rods, and it is thought that the Scythians used to sew these on their garments as lucky charms.

In his description of central Europe, from the Danube to the Baltic, Pliny states that,'The name of the Scythians is everywhere changed to that of Sarmatae and Germans. This old designation has not been continued for any except the most outlying sections of this nation who live almost unknown to the rest of mankind' (Natural History, IV, xii). By outlying sections of the nation, he doubtless meant those on the north coast of Europe just mentioned. Unfortunately, the true meaning of this important statement has been completely obscured in the Loeb edition of Pliny by a mistranslation that reads: 'The name of Scythian has spread in every direction as far as the Sarmatae and Germans.'

Prior to 100 B.C., the land bordering on the southern Baltic Sea - now Poland and the former East Germany - had been rather sparsely populated, but from that date onwards cemeteries increased in number with the introduction of new burial rites.

A significant fact, noted by Polish, Scandinavian and even German scholars, is that the chieftains' graves in south Poland are at least a century older than the earliest ones on the Baltic coast, implying a migration from south to north. A further important fact is that these graves all lie on or to the west of the Vistula, the area east of that river being cut off from an immigration from south Russia by the Pripet marshes. Finally, in the early centuries of the Christian era, these burial rites spread north into the Danish islands and Jutland peninsula.

Now Tacitus and Ptolemy name the region of the River Elbe and the base of the Jutland Peninsula as the places inhabited by the Angles and Saxons before they came to Britain. According to Roman terminology, this was 'Germany' but it is interesting to note that the British historian, Nennius, in his account of the arrival of Hengist and Horsa in Thanet, says that 'messengers were sent to Scythia' for reinforcements. The context shows that these came in fact, from north Germany, so evidently the ancient name of the 'genuine' Scythians persisted long in northern Europe.

4. Israelites Came from the East to the West in Masses as Captives.
Will Historians Eventually Recognize this Fact?

Forced migration

The idea of migration in prehistory and the Dark Ages, so long out of favour, is now back on the agenda...... Does this mean a return to an old-fashioned view of the past? Should we picture waves of invasion by conquering armies? Undoubtedly there were invasions. Many have been recorded since man learned to write. Yet we are also familiar with the massive migrations to the New World and Australasia in the 19th century, long after those territories had been claimed by European nations. Such migrants did not see themselves as invaders. Many were fleeing from invasions or oppression in their homelands.

Nor is movement always voluntary. Millions of people were taken as slaves from Africa to the Americas. Some 50,000 British criminals were transported to America prior to the Declaration of Independence, then about 160,000 to Australia. Orphaned and destitute British and Irish children were as little able to resist their fate when taken to the colonies in the 17th century as indentured servants, or sent to Canada and Australia under the Empire Settlement Act of 1922 and 1937, or Children?s Act 1948.

5. Dafydd: London Riots, a Payment for Support of Palestinians, and Norway.
Subject: A couple of things...

Yair, Shalom,
I've got a couple of things on my mind which I'd like to share with you, the London riots and the Norwegian Judenphobia.
The London riots were a puzzling matter. Unlike previous riots in London (Brixton etc.), the current troubles are not race related. The London riots also don't fall into the same pattern of the Paris Intifada of a few years ago, when militant Islam was flexing its muscle against secular France. The London riots involve people of all racial and religious backgrounds, it's just plain greed and contempt for the law. What is the cause?
I believe that God's hand is at work here as it has been revealed that the British Government is funding the families of the Palestinian suicide bombers to the tune of 5 million pounds, God will not be mocked!

Regarding the Norwegian Judenphobia (
Naphtaliphobia... is just as reprehensible as Judenphobia. Even though Norway gave the world the term Quisling (and its recent spin-off 'Quislamists'), Norway also provided the courageous Heroes of Telemark, a brave band of Norwegian commandos who thwarted Hitler's attempt to acquire the atom bomb.
Best wishes from Sinim,

6. Duane Hiebert:  Contemplations.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1730
#3. The German Prevention of Rescue Attempts in the Holocaust.
H-H FOX: The missing German dimension from the discussion on "Rescue"

Shalom Yair
Had a thought reading your email this morning, something I came across the other day doing research and what John P Fox says concerning the slaughter of the Jews/Judah.
...the thought occurred to me,
A) Why did Judah name their country Israel? Unless they were expecting all 12 tribes to return?
B) The satan, knew Judah's exile was about to come to an end, thus he tried to exterminate before 1948?
C) Are there two regatherings? one of Judah, then Ephriam?

7. Ibos of Nigeria (Biafra) Claim to be Israelites?
The Ibos of Nigeria: Members of the Tribe?
Part of a Trend in Sub-Saharan Africa To Claim Jewish Ancestry
By Marc Perelman
Lagos, Nigeria, Efraim Uba was born and raised Catholic in southeastern Nigeria, the homeland of the Ibo ethnic group. He spent 17 years as a Pentecostal preacher before joining a messianic congregation where members wore yarmulkes and tallits ... In 1999, one congregant traveled to Israel and came back claiming that the Ibos were Jews. He convinced the whole congregation to embrace Judaism.

'We believe we are from Israel, and we only recently discovered that so many old Ibo traditions were in fact Jewish ones,' said Uba, 60, who was wearing a large silver Jewish star around his neck. In 1999, he founded the Association of Jewish Faith in Nigeria, an organization with some 20 congregations, most of them in his native region.

He is one of an estimated 30,000 Nigerians, a fraction of the nation's 135 million people, who claim to be Jewish. In recent years, they have abandoned the Christian faith of most southern Nigerians and are longing for official recognition by rabbis and by Israel. Just this summer, four members of the community were the first to formally convert to Judaism.

Following the examples of Ethiopia's Falashas, the Lembas of South Africa and Uganda's Abuyudaya, the Nigerian Jews are part of a growing number of sub-Saharan Africans who have embraced Judaism. Nigeria's Jews, like the Falashas, claim to be descendants of some of Israel's lost tribes who settled in what is now southeast Nigeria. By comparison, the Abuyudayas do not claim to have blood ties to the ancient Israelites and converted by following a local leader.

'There is a real phenomenon of construction of a Jewish identity in sub-Saharan Africa over the last few decades,' said Edith Bruder, a French researcher who recently published 'The Black Jews of Africa: History, Religion, Identity' (Oxford University Press). 'You have a belief among some local communities that they are descendants of Jewish communities who settled there since ancient times. This phenomenon has accelerated recently with the Falasha precedent and the globalization of information.'br>
The Nigerian Jewish claim was bolstered several years ago with the discovery in the area of an onyx stone reportedly bearing the name 'Gad' in ancient Hebrew.

In addition, the Ibo Benei-Yisrael, as they sometimes call themselves, have traditions bearing some resemblance to Judaism. Among them are the circumcisions of newborn males on the eighth day, the separation of women during the menstrual cycles, the mourning period resembling a shiva and the prohibition of eating the meat of an animal that was not blessed. There is also the blowing of a ram's horn, akin to blowing of the shofar.

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