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Brit-Am Now no. 1730.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
8 August 2011, 8 Av 5771.

1. Alistair Williams:  Encouragement for Brit-Am.
2. Answer to Question About Number of Israelites who Went Out of Egypt.
3. The German Prevention of Rescue Attempts in the Holocaust.


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1. Alistair Williams:  Encouragement for Brit-Am
re #5. The Return of the Ten Tribes. Selected Sources. Bible References

Dear Yair.
Enjoyed reading through the references provided.
You will from time to time receive criticism from doubters, that is par for the course.
The Almighty gave all the children of Israel a way of living, they agreed with Him that His law was good and that they would live by it.
Then they rebelled, the descendants of those rebels will have inherited a rebellious nature and the Almighty has stated that He will deal with them, in the meantime there are those who are His living among the nations, they as yet do not know it.
Your work contributes to the stirring of the conscience of those whom the Almighty has decided from the beginning are to be His people.
Whilst some of the work you publish might not stir me, there are those who it will have an effect on, so may the Almighty continue to inspire you in your work that all who are His will be made aware and draw near to Him through His Word.
G-d Bless.

2. Answer to Question About Number of Israelites who Went Out.
Alexander Zephyr wrote:

Hello Yair,
  Have you heard the story that at the time of Exodus from Egypt the
Almighty slaughtered 80% of Israelites for refusing to leave Egypt? If
you do know about this, please let me know the source of it.

sp; Thanks, Alexander Zephyr.

Brit-Am Reply:
When the Israelites came out of Egypt, it says:

Exodus 13:
18 So God led the people around by way of the wilderness of the Red Sea. And the children of Israel went up in orderly ranks out of the land of Egypt.

The words translated as  "in orderly ranks" in Hebrew are "Chamushim" which literally is usually understand to mean "armed with weapons" or "equipped".
There were those who in Derash understood it to be derived from the word "chamish" meaning five and "chamushim" to mean one out of five.
For sources see Midrashim to this verse, or Targum Yehonatan ben Uzziel or see Ginzberg.

Midrashim of these nature are not always meant to be necessarily taken as historical truths.
In some cases they are intended to make a point about human nature.

3. The German Prevention of Rescue Attempts in the Holocaust.
H-H FOX: The missing German dimension from the discussion on "Rescue"
From: "John P Fox"

Most posts to this discussion thread appear to have been conceived in a
vacuum since hardly anyone so far as I can recall has ever placed the
subject of the so-called "rescue" of European Jews by "outside" powers
during the Second World War firmly in its historical setting of a Europe
under Nazi domination during the Second World War. Especially following its
stupendous military successes in western Europe in 1940, and until the
Allied nets began closing in on the Reich from all points of the compass
from 1943 on, the Nazi Third Reich was master of continental Europe, and was
thus enabled to dictate the fortunes of everyone under its control. For
example, and beyond the case of the Jews, on 10 June 1942 the Germans razed
to the ground the Czech village of Lidice and shot all its male inhabitants,
and deported and killed the women and children, in retaliation for the death
in Prague on 4 June of the "Ice Man" of the Reich, Reinhard Heydrich. It is
greatly to the credit of the Czech authorities that today the whole site of
the land of the former village represents a quiet and respectful garden of

Importantly, key German authorities mooted their own schemes for permitting
some Jews to leave Europe during the war, in projected "exchange" schemes
for foreign exchange and particularly for German nationals held in Allied
countries. Stalag 311, originally a camp for Russian POWs, was in April
1943 established by the SS authorities as a civilian-internment camp for
Jews and others intended to be exchanged for German nationals in Allied
countries whom the Germans wished to repatriate. That Austauschlager was of
course Bergen-Belsen.

However, vicious in-fighting between the two most important authorities
involved in any such schemes, the Auswärtiges Amt [AA] and all elements of
Reichsfueher -SS Heinrich Himmler's SS empire, ensured that no such "rescue"
schemes ever left the confines of their respective offices. They were,
nevertheless, at least united in one respect: the policy of exterminating
the Jews in the east took priority over everything else.

So that, for example, on 4 April 1943 the German Minister at Bukarest,
Manfred von Killinger, reported to the AA in Berlin on a Romanian request
for permission to allow 74 Jewish children to travel via Bulgaria and Turkey
to Palestine, and how it had been emphasised to the Romanians that "in
consideration of the solution to the Jewish question in Europe which the
Reich aspired to, it was not in accordance with the political interests of
the Reich that an emigration [of Jews], not only from Romania but from
throughout Europe, take place". Further, in a submission for Reich Foreign
Minister von Ribbentrop on 7 May 1943, Horst Wagner, Head of the important
Inland II section in the AA, emphasised that the fundamental principles of
Reich policy were that no more Jews should leave Germany, German-controlled
territories, and those of friendly nations for entry into territories
controlled by Germany's enemies. A fortnight later on 21 May 1943, Wagner
again emphasised to von Ribbentrop his agreement with Himmler's emphatic
standpoint that on no account should Jewish children be allowed to leave
Europe, besides which Germany's Arab policies dictated that no permission
could be granted for them to travel to Palestine.


John P Fox. London

The Return of the Ten Tribes.  Selected Sources.  Bible References

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