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Brit-Am Now no. 1729.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
7 August 2011, 7 Av 5771.

1. US Soldier came across Brit-Am Web Site in Afghanistan!
2. More on Lack of Intervention in the Holocaust.
(b) Stephen Tyas: A Warning Was Attempted!
(a) Proposed Bombing of Auschwitz
3. Comments on Brit-Am YouTube Clips.
(a) Positive
(b)  Negative and a Little Confused.
4. Mark A. Robinson: Experiences in Jordan and Poem
5. The Return of the Ten Tribes.  Selected Sources.  Bible References


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1. US Soldier came across Brit-Am Web Site in Afghanistan!
From: "DG" A SSG RET"
Subject: Interested in your work

I first came across your website when I was in Afghanistan. I had been thinking on what happened to the northern Tribes of Israel (House of Ephraim). Did a little research and found you.
I am not sure how to use the information but it appears to fit what I know of history and the Tanakh. Not sure how this will be received by many, especially many of those I know who are Jewish. But if HaMoshiach is to come, we must have all of Israel united.

2. More on Lack of Intervention in the Holocaust.

(a) Gary B.  Ostrower:  Proposed Bombing of Auschwitz

The bombing of Auschwitz--or at least the bombing of railroad lines
leading to the camp--has long had an understandable appeal. Richard Levy,
among the leading scholars who have addressed this subject, concludes his
excellent "The Bombing of Auschwitz Revisited: A Critical Analysis"
(2000) [in the journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies], that it was
impractical for many reasons, including the inaccuracy of aerial bombing,
German ability to quickly repair the railroads, opposition (including
Jewish opposition) to the collateral death of inmates, etc. Because this
subject is quite technical, and perhaps because we often believe what we
want to believe, Levy's work will not be viewed as definitive. Still, we
should at least acknowledge that those in Washington and London who
opposed a bombing campaign are not moral accomplices of the Nazis. I
should add that the Wikipedia article on this subject is quite good. It
offers a reasonable account of both sides of this argument.

Gary B. Ostrower
Alfred University

(b) Stephen Tyas: A Warning Was Attempted!
I am surprised that no one has noticed that Churchill did mention the
killings by German forces of Soviet citizens and Jews in 1941. This was
his radio broadcast of 24 August 1941 in which he mentioned "We are in the
presence of a crime without a name".

Churchill?s radio talk can only have come from knowledge of these events
reported in German Police Decrypts that he saw  - the Enigma messages of
the German police "broken" at Bletchley Park.

Incidentally, these decrypts mention extensive massacres carried out by
German Police Battalions and Regiments only,  not the Einsatzgruppen.
British Intelligence seems to have been ignorant of the role of the
Einsatzgruppen in Russia until a deserter came into their hands in October
1943. (I exclude here, the slightly earlier desertion of SS-Captain Walter
Zech-Nenntwich whose interrogation reports are not informative on this

As a result of Churchill's speech the head of the uniformed German police
service, Kurt Daluege, circulated the three serving Higher SS and Police
Leaders in Russia (North, Centre, South) on 13 September 1941 stating they
should no longer report executions per se together with victim numbers by
radio. Thereafter such actions were simply described as in accordance with
the usage of war (Aktionen nach Kriegsbrauch).

Churchill's speech and Daluege's radio message were the cause of the
former's chastisement for publicly using this ?Most Secret Source? and
possibility of a German change to Enigma messages that may have brought
about an early end to decyphering such messages at Bletchley Park.
However, the Germans carried on executing Jews and others with falter,
whilst their radio messages reported such events with more caution.

There was a public attempt to "nip in the bud" the German executions of
Jews and others in the East, but the German forces carried on such work

Stephen Tyas
Independent Scholar

3. Comments on Brit-Am YouTube Clips.

(a) Positive
3Sonsinone has posted a comment on your profile:
 May [the ALMIGHTY] bless you. I believe the almighty sees your work , and your reward will be very good .thank you for  this platform that the whole world may see this .     

(b)  Negative and a Little Confused.
MyIpsofacto has made a comment on Joseph in the End Times:   
          3 easy , ironclad ,irrefutable ways to determined who the biblical hebrew israelite reallyare...
#1] determine what primary continent they inhabited..
#2] determine the time line [year] of their origin..
#3} determine the latitude and longitude of their origin....
everything else is secodary and suject to conjecture , rhetoric, misinformation , oppertunities to distort * take a look at this guy and his rhetoric .there are no lost tribes except in a spiritual sense . ask him to answer those 3   

4. Mark A. Robinson: Experiences in Jordan and Poem
Re NJN-30.
#3. The Term "West Bank" May be Correct! by Yair Davidiy

RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1728

Yair, I enjoyed your article on Glenn Beck and the history of the "banks". I
have to say that my wife and I are avid Glenn Beck fans. We probably have
30-40 of his programs on our DVR. I really admire his bringing real history
into our political debates to shine in the face of the myth and demagoguery
that is so rampant in political discourse in the USA. Maybe, he could do
some of the same for the discourse in and over Israel if given a chance. You
know, I spent several weeks in Jordan in 1993 investigating radioactive and
chemical waste issues at the request of the Jordanian government. I traveled
the length and breadth of the country, staying in "government houses"
(cinder block building equipped with cots, horsehair blankets, and turkish
toilets in the center of the showers -I took to showering with my shoes
on!). I had some heated discussions with my Jordanian government hosts
related to Israel. On one occasion, they vehemently insisted that Israel was
producing chewing gum laced with chemicals that made pregnant Palestinian
women miscarry. I insisted that was superstitious and bigoted nonsense. In
the end, we agreed to disagree. I wrote a poem about my experiences a few
years later, which I thought you might find of some interest.....

The Darkness is Deepest in the Light of Day*
By Mark Aaron Robinson

I tipped a glass with a Saudi billionaire in a bar in Amman.
He flew into Jordan for a drink and foreign conversations,
Hoping to revisit youth & its pursuits in the new Babylon,
when he was oblivious & far, far west of Wahabi expectations.
And I smoked a hookah with a dozen Hasmonean officials,
on a beach in Aqaba, after midnight, in the moonlight,
where no one would espy their teenage coevals,
manifesting again through synapses awash in nicotine,
and prancing, for the moment, like the Pan's truant shadow.
But in the light of day, under the scrutiny of their peers
and servants of Wazirs, none of them knew me,
except as an infidel.they were nervous in my presence,
counting worry beads as if there were not enough prayers
to cover our association and their intemperance.
But the conversations always seemed to grieve us,
ending on the edge of rage that rises when certainties waver,
when epiphany is juxtaposed with inalienable belief.
Today, rage has grown as thick as smoke in their coffee houses.
it's there when good Muslims recite the Hadith,
and explodes like fricatives through clenched teeth.
yes, rage is the essence of all Dar al Salaam espouses
at the end of the age, and in the light of day.

*The Best Poems & Poets of 2005, International Library of Poetry, Owen
Mills, MD, 2006

Shabbat Shalom, Mark

5. The Return of the Ten Tribes.  Selected Sources.  Bible References

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