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Brit-Am Now no. 1724.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
26 July 2011, 24 Tammuz 5771.

1. Books Received:
(a) From Steve and Charlene Mathe.
(b) From Israel.
2. Question on Proposed Polygamy in the State of Israel.
3. Sylvia Joins the Brit-Am List.
4. Adventures in Wonder Land: The Trials and Tribulations of the Brit-Am Computer
5. Brit-Am Statistics and Diagram.


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1. Books Received:

(a) From Steve and Charlene Mathe.
"The Origins of Britain" by Lloyd and Jennifer Laing, 1980
"Born Fighting. How the Scots-Irish Shaped America" by James Webb, 2004.

(b) From Israel.
Books on Biblical Matters and on the Seasonal Festivals with both works possibly imparting insights of significance to Brit-Am Research.
"Mesilat HaNeviim" (Pathways of the Prophets, on Judges, 2 volumes) by Binyamin Eizenberger.
Galut veGeulah" (Exile and Redemption) by David Rossof.

2. Question on Proposed Polygamy in the State of Israel.

From: joe
Subject: polygamy
 I read an article in the Jerusalem Post about polygamy in Israel.  A rabbi wants to legalize polygamy in Israel.  He said that there are more jewish women in Israel than jewish men and many jewish women remain unmarried or marry arabs.  Is this true?

Brit-Am Reply:
I  GUESS it is true statistically. There are more females than males. Polygamy might help:  I am not sure.
There are individual cases were it could be a solution but also other scenarios were it might cause problems.  This is not our field of interest.

The problem of more women than men concerns parents of daughters for whom there may not be enough suitable male suitors.
 Young women prefer younger men but often in many (but not all) cases will settle for someone a little older.
The question is,  how older?
Single men (even quite old ones) usually prefer younger women but, how young?
There is also the social aspect.
Some women are prepared to meet and talk quite freely.
Others are confined to their own social circles and extended families.
Some women seem open to various possibilities whereas others retain high expectations in the physical and material sense.
There are other consideration even with the statistics. More religious observance could help.
In every non-religious society (all over the world) STATES OF DE FACTO Polygamy exist.
In fact in the State of Israel (and in many western countries) nowadays if you marry two women you may go to jail.
If however you simply live occasionally with another woman (other than your wife) you may have children by her and (with or without children) she has certain rights and claims on your support and property that are enforceable by law.  Maybe it would be better to legalize it???
In Jewish tradition monogamy is now considered normal.
For most communities polygamy could only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.
Here and there however one might find rabbis who take a maverick position.
I would not know being not involved in questions of that nature and little publicity being given them.
Most men have enough trouble keeping one wife.
The Bible allows polygamy though the original couple consisted of one man and one woman.
Anyway for myself the question is theoretical.
I myself was married for a while but have divorced and been living alone for decades.
There are others in the same situation.
If we really wanted to we could change it and perhaps I will soon.

The Bible commands men and women to marry and have children if they can.
The Sages forbade a man (or woman) to dwell alone but these not everyone these days is able or sufficiently willing to fulfill such an exhoration under any circumstances.

These matters require a combination of personal effort and willingness along with the strong intervention of Divine Providence.

3. Sylvia Joins the Brit-Am List.
Shalom Yair,
 May I please be on your email list? I enjoy your YouTube interviews and am just learning my way around your website. The other day I introduced it to a friend and we both learned something new to pass on. I also ordered The Tribes with the help of Charlene .. who saw a comment I made .... This is all very exciting.
Thanks and blessings,

4. Adventures in Wonder Land: The Trials and Tribulations of the Brit-Am Computer

Recently our computer folded up.
We called in a technician who did some work on the programs, then we sent it to the computer shop where they replaced much of the
hardware and installed more programs. 
All this lasted several days during which Brit-Am was out of on-line action but we did other things that needed doing.
Then the technician came again and helped us re-arrange programs and install new ones.
Then we tried to apply the finishing touches and get back in operation.
After that we had trouble getting our bulk e-mail function to work. 
Bulk e-mail is one of the foundational points of the Brit-Am enterprise without Bulk e-mail we would be in trouble.
We managed to send out a notice to about half of our subscribers after which we were unable to continue.
We had asked for more funds since in addition to the already straitened circumstances more expenses and expenditures had been incurred.
Following this, we did receive some offerings and these have helped.
It was not enough for all that we needed and still need BUT it certainly helped and brightened our perspective.
When we got stuck with the bulk e-mail we tried all kinds of things without success. Then my son in the USA rang  and I told him the situation.
He took remote control over our computer and together we worked on it for a good number of hours.
[Or rather he worked and I tried to follow what was going on!]
Eventually the problem was solved.
Our new anti-virus system was blocking the bulk mail feature!
This sounds like a simple matter but in fact might otherwise have been thought a highly unlikely occurrence.

Up until now,
Considering the number of hours we spend on our computer and what we do with it we have had a good run over all.
Also Divine Providence has helped us and is still with us.
Brit-Am should not be taken for granted and neither should we.
This is an important work and should be done while the doing is possible, as much as possible.

The Brit-Am Enterprise is actually quite complicated:
We do research (which may be quite involved and demanding), write articles and books and then publish and market the books.
We send out bulk e-mail, receive letters and articles, edit and post them, and answer questions and queries.
We also give radio interviews on occasion and produce YouTube clips.
We also try to keep up with Current Affairs, Biblical and related studies, Historical Science and DNA Research developments as well as other matters
most of which we endeavor to write fairly regular reports about.

That is only a portion of it all. There are also other matters and considerations that only through the help of Heaven have we been enabled to function as we have.
Brit-Am has a duty.  The fact that we have been enabled to do what has been done is not a small matter.

We are neither complaining nor boasting, just putting matters in perspective.
Apart from all that, we believe in what we do and enjoy doing it.
It is good that we enjoy it.

Psalms 4:
7 You have put gladness in my heart, More than in the season that their grain and wine increased.
also understandable as saying:

# You put happiness in my heart, [happiness] that is greater than what others receive from plentiful corn and wine. #

There are other people in the field who send out bulk e-mail etc.
I would like to exchange notes with one or two of them.

5. Brit-Am Statistics and Diagram
The diagram below shows that over the past 9 months the Brit-Am web site has received more than 5 million hits
and ca. 420,000 visits.
he figure for July at the end of July should be a bit higher than that given.
Some seasonal variation exists.
The Brit-Am web site receives more than 1,600 visits per day.

WHEN ACCOUNT IS TAKEN FOR PREVIOUS SEASONAL CHANGES there is actually a slight but significant annual increase.
Another point is that though the figures look relatively stable there is a significant turn-over meaning that many more actually visit
the site than the figure might indicate.

Anyway, the Brit-Am message goes out and maintain interest.

Brit-Am Stats

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