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Brit-Am Now no. 1723.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
20 July 2011, 18 Tammuz 5771.

1. Robert Jones: Drunkards of Ephraim.
2. Confirmation of Israelite Ancestry.
3. Anti-Bible Fanatic Unconvinced by Brit-Am
YouTube Masterpiece??
4. New Brit-Am Article. "Is Australia
Sinim?" by "Dafydd "
5. The Brit-Am Situation.


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1. Robert Jones: Drunkards of Ephraim
Drunkards of Ephraim

Dear Yair,

I was reading Isaiah 28, and I found it interesting the reference of the "Drunkards of Ephraim".  From an early time God recognized a major weakness in Ephraim that they would carry with them.  I looked up the origin of Pubs; ... and I found it interesting that there were over 53,000 Pubs in the UK.  In this Wikipedia article it said that the "Pub" was 'a part of the British, Irish, Australian and New Zealand culture'.  It also concluded that "drinking ale" goes back to the Bronze Age (i.e. Celtic times), and was continued with the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons to Britain. 

I read down in Isaiah 28 verse 8, almost a confirmation of a locality or (pub).  8For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean. In the Strongs for clean place they use the word "Maqom" which they interpreted as a "locality".  Sounds like a Pub to me

There are always articles of bands of hooligans causing a stir all over Europe.  The hooligan being a uniquely British phenomena.  I began to wonder, have they ever found in archeological digs, or any references to the concept of a Pub in Israel.  Since this chapter in Isaiah was most likely written during the Intermediate Bronze Age.


Rob Jones

2. Confirmation of Israelite Ancestry.
It could be Done.
Theoretically if enough people from both Judah and Joseph were convinced that there is something in what Brit-Am teaches they could do something to confirm the evidence we have supplied.
It could be done both at the religious and the academic levels.

3. Anti-Bible Fanatic Unconvinced by Brit-Am YouTube Masterpiece??
Aanthanur [an anti-Creationist anti-Bible activisit] has made a comment on Joseph in the End Times:
a reality? you are reading a fiction book man.

4. New Brit-Am Article.
"Is Australia Sinim?" by "Dafydd "
This a .pdf document.
We found it well worth reading, well written, and containing important worth-while information.
Article discusses:
a. Importance of Jews to Australia.
Captain Philip the first ruler of the Australian colony had a Jewish father.
The first Governor-General (representative of the British Monarch in Australia) was Jewish.
The Australian-Jewish General Monash by his tactical innovations helped defeat Germany in World War-1.

b. Importance of Australians to Jews.
In WW1 Australian ANZAC troops by the last successful cavalry charge in history helped liberate the Holy Land from the Turks.
In WW2 Australian and New Zealand soldiers were important in saving the Jews of Palestine from the Germans under Rommel.
In the Gulf War Australian commandos destroyed missiles that Sadam Hussein intended to fire at Israel.
and more...

5. The Brit-Am Situation

We are now entering a three-week period of mourning for the First and Second Temples.
During this time Religious Jews traditionally try to avoid resolving conflicts (in court cases etc) with Gentiles.
This may be considered superstition or a conservative consideration of reality where some times are seen to be more propitious than others.

Brit-Am strictly speaking is not a Jewish organization and our subscribers and sympathizers consist of Jews and non-Jews who cannot exactly be considered Gentiles. If this sounds confusing it is meant to be. We are sometimes confused and uncertain as to how the people we reach out to actually relate to us.
Brit-Am speaks to its own. In a sense they who hear us are part of us and we work on their behalf.

In the past we were often in border-line financial situations.
Since the ongoing economic turndown in the USA the value of the dollar in Israel is about 50 to 60% of what it formerly was in real terms.
In addition to that, most people give less than they used to and some stopped altogether.
The number of our subscribers however has increased by moderate degrees.
Quite a few people do give in small to moderate amounts that all add up.
In addition here and there we received through Divine Providence input that enabled us to keep going up until now.
We now hope to receive a loan that should help us greatly BUT it may not eventuate.
Book sales are down but keep going.
Some of our titles are out of print while others sell slowly.
In the past we had major distributors who would buy large quantities of our works and re-sell them.
These have nearly all disappeared for one reason or other.

Brit-Am is in need of funding for the following purposes:
To pay ongoing bills and simply to function; to fix our computer; to meet obligations.

We would also wish to publish a new work "Hosea; The Ten Tribes Identified"
and a new edition of  "The Tribes".

In addition to the above:
We are sending (when funds allow) free copies of our Hebrew-language work "Achim Acharim" (a Hebrew-language rendition of "Origin")
to Rabbis and scholars and others in Israel.

We have numbers of the books "Biblical Proof" and "Joseph" still available.
These are good works and enjoyable reading when actually read.
They do sell but at a relatively slow rate compared to our other publications.
If we had funds we could consider sending copies to English-speaking Rabbis etc and to non-Jewish personalities who may be interested.
Experience shows that such promotion when employed judiciously may be the best cost-effective method possible.
"The Tribes" has proven to be our best seller and (when still in print) an effective money-maker.
When we first published "The Tribes" we sold hardly any for about six months despite our efforts.
We then succeeded in kick-starting everything by sending copies for free to selected addresses. And it worked.
Doing something similar with "Biblical Proof" and "Joseph" would not necessarily produce the same results but Nevertheless could be beneficial in spreading the Brit-Am message.

Anyway, in our opinion Brit-Am is a valuable organization and should be assisted.
Whosoever assists Brit-Am according to our understanding will be rewarded from Above.

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