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Brit-Am Now no. 1717.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
7 July 2011, 5 Tammuz 5771.

1. Addendum to
Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"? Replies to Critics
of Brit-Am and of Proposed "
Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.
Message from Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes. A Question of Priorities?
2. New Article.
Israel-Syria-Ireland in Megalithic
3. David
Tempelhoff: Brit-Am is "Never Dull"!


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1. Addendum to

Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"?
Replies to Critics of Brit-Am and of Proposed "
Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.

Message from Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.
A Question of Priorities?

Let us stop letting others overduly determine our policies and order of learning and teaching.

The business of Brit-Am is primarily to learn the Bible and to prove where the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel now are.
Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, nearly all of us are in favor of the State of Israel, sympathetic to the Jewish People, and patriotically loyal to our own nations. We also believe in the Bible and are interested in the Biblical Message.

Very few of the non-Jews here really want to change the Jewish People.
If anything they mostly think the Jews should be more fervent adherents to Judaism.
Those who are Christians might sometimes think that it would be nice if the Jews knew more about them but nearly all are agreed that this is not a priority.
Yair Davidiy (representing Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes) does not want to convert his Christian subscribers and sympathizers to Judaism. Even if he did, he could not since the Jewish Establishment is not interested. Right or wrong, this is one reality that we live with.

Others might imagine all kinds of other things but this is not what we are about.
We are about knowledge, spreading knowledge, fraternal friendship, recognition and linkage.
We want to know where the Lost Tribes are. We want to prove it and confirm it.
We think others should also know it. We will do what we can to let them know.
Very many would really like to know.
Once they do know it, let them deal with it.
We would also liken to deepen our appreciation of the Bible in general.
This is what, God willing, we will do.

All of the above may not be everything we should do but it is part of it.
You go to your dentist for one thing and to your doctor for another.
Such is life.

2.New Article.
Israel-Syria-Ireland in Megalithic Parallelism
William Copeland Borlase.
Quote 1 (Extracts): The Irish Connection Highlighted.
Quote 2 Extracts from the Simple Text.

William Borlase wrote a comprehensive work on the dolmens of Ireland....The work of Borlase may well still be pertinent.
...Borlase concluded that dolmens in Ireland had been all constructed by one single ethnic group whose activities had continued from the Stone Age right up to and then into the Christian Era.
Contrary to Borlase,
New findings now indicate that in Europe the so-called Neolithic (New Stone Ages) did not exist as a separate era but was co-eval with the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Our understanding of Biblical Passages along with archaeological findings shows that certain megalithic dolmen-type monuments had been set up by the Ancient Israelites in the Land of Israel. Ten out of the original Twelve Israelite Tribes were exiled and lost their identity. They became known as the Lost Ten Tribes. They migrated in stages to Western Europe amongst whose peoples and their overseas offshoots are to be found their descendants today.

In their places of eventual settlement and along their migratory routes are to be found megalithic monuments of the same type as those that may be attributed to the Israelites. These prove their Places of origin in the Ancient Israelite Area.
The Prophet Jeremiah (31:21) predicted that this is what they would do and that they would set up such signs of their origin. He indicated that in the End Times they would be enabled to use these monuments as proof of their ancestry.
This would enable them to return.

# Most singular and interesting is it to find that not only are these structural resemblances to the rude stone monuments of Western Europe so close, but that the superstitions which prevail in the dolmen-bearing districts of Syria and Moab are identical with those of the dolmen-bearing districts of the West. ...

....All this is identical with Irish custom and tradition...
...Stones in similar position and of singular form, intended apparently to represent horned heads, formed a characteristic feature in the little Irish structures....

....They are called by the Arabs
Kubur Beni Israel, that is, " Graves of the Children of Israel." ..This remark would hold good, I think, in the case of most of the dolmens of Western Europe, and of those of Ireland in particular. ... #

3. David Tempelhoff: Brit-Am is "Never Dull"!
 Re: Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"?
Replies to Critics of Brit-Am and of Proposed "
Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.

Never dull, full of controversy, evoking strong opinions and lively debate. All good signs of growth and healthy momentum. The jab from the damsel regarding your dress code is bizzare. Along time ago i heard a Preacher say he deliberately dressed down because he heard a handful of women leaving a Big Christian event saying " Wow wasn't that preachers white suit impressive, wasn't he dressed nice." He said they should have left saying " The Almighty is Great, Gracious, Awesome, we should walk holier lives and humble ourselves to Him".
 The Preacher said when the people leave the event he should not even be mentioned or thought of.
My Dad told me years ago after religous meetings the Preacher or Rabbi is verbally eaten for dinner not the food. Good food for thought!
Like you said Brit-Am is earnestly looking for Truth thru historical and Biblical research not trying to make fashion statements. 

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