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Brit-Am Now no. 1714.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
1 July 2011, 29 Sivan 5771.

1. 20 Copies of "The Tribes" Have Become Available!
2. Assyrians in Europe or Africa?
Lasse from Norway. Assyrians Now in Germany.
(b) Robert Jones. Assyrians  in Germany.
Wikipedia and Dierk Lange. Assyrians in Africa
(d) Brit-Am Commentary: Extent of Assyrian Rule.
3. Brit-Am Free Distribution of our work "
Achim Acharim".


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1. 20 Copies of "The Tribes" Have Become Available!
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2. Assyrians in Europe or Africa?

(a) Lasse from Norway. Assyrians Now in Germany.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1713
#4. Cristian Sildan: Did Assyrians Go to Africa?

Answer to B.A. 1713 letter, number 4.
NO, The Assyrians aftercommers are today the germans. Germany.
Lasse Martinsen, Norway

(b) Robert Jones. Assyrians  in Germany.
  Did Assyrians Go to Africa?...  I wanted to follow up on the Assyrians, since there was incredible amount of discoveries concerning the Assyrians, but very little information of where they migrated to, what happened to the Assyrians?  There are hundreds of villages in the Kurdistan area of Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, which claim to be Assyrians.  Azerbaijan, call themselves Azeri which have a similar sound to Assyrians. 

I know COG claimed that the Germans, were Assyrians, and their warlike characteristics, do show attributes of them, however I tend to be inclined to believe along with you, that the Germans or at least their ruling class are Edomites. 

Since so much of the Northern Kingdoms fate was and is tied to prophecy concerning the Assyrians, it seems to me they have played a role even after their empire was destroyed.  Locating the Assyrians seems to be as important as locating those of the Ten tribes.  In Numbers 24: 22-24, Balaam, prophecies about Assur in the end times, or at least a future time. 

The Assyrians did not use their name in places where they located like the tribe of Dan, or Canaanites.  They tended to build City-States, and weren't as tribal as the Israelite's.  I tend to believe they did leave a presence in the middle east, but migrated into Europe along with other tribes and formed a nation, however who they are today I can't really speculate.

Rob Jones

(c) Wikipedia and Dierk Lange. Assyrians in Africa
Kanem Empire

State founding by immigrants from the collapsed Assyrian Empire: c. 600 BCE

The Kanem Empire (ca. 600 BCE - 1380 CE) was located in the present countries of Chad, Nigeria and Libya....

The information contained in the prologue and the first section of the
Girgam [The history of the Empire from the Royal Chronicle discovered in 1851] provides evidence for the founding of Kanem by refugees from the collapsing Assyrian Empire: the names of biblical patriarchs point to Israelites, the the names of ancient Mesopotamian kings indicate Babylonian contributions and the names of the last Assyrian kings bear witness of immigration in consequence of the fall of Assyria.[4] The royal titles offered by the Girgam and the origin-chronicles support the idea of mass immigration of various people formerly dominated by the Assyrians in consequence of the destruction of the Assyrian Empire by the invading Babylonian and Median armies in 612 BCE. The theory is further strengthened by linguistic and archeaological evidence. [5] Writing in the ninth century, the celebrated Arab historian al-Ya'qubi seems to refer to this migration on the basis of Central Sudanic oral traditions when he describes the dispersion of people from Babylon which led to the foundation of Kanem and other states in West Africa.[6] Another theory proposes that the lost state of Agisymba (mentioned by Ptolemy in the middle of the 2nd century CE) was the antecedent of the Kanem Empire.[7]

See Also:
The Founding of Kanem by Assyrian Refugees ca. 600 BCE: Documentary,
Linguistic, and Archaeological Evidence
Dierk Lange

Africa and the Ancient World
Dierk Lange

(d) Brit-Am Commentary: Extent of Assyrian Rule.
WE do not really know what the documents in question say nor how reliable they really are.
We may assume (as some of the summaries say) however that they do reflect the re-settlement in Africa of former subjects of the Assyrians and not necessarily the Assyrians themselves.
Josephus quotes Megasthenes as to Nebuchadnessar having ruled over North Africa and Spain.
Nebuchadnessar was a Babylonian Emperor who had taken over from the Assyrians. German and Austrian legends trace
Assyrian colonization to Central Europe. Archaeological findings indicate Assyrian influence extending through the Balkans,
Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and into the British Isles.
Findings associated with the Hittites, Egyptians, Aramaeans, and Israelites, of the Assyrian Era are also known from Scandinavia.
These finds may be attributed to Assyrian directed re-settlement and/or the activity of proxies in Assyrian service.
The same may also apply to Phoenician, Minoan, and Mycenean  (i.e. Philistine and Israelite) finds in the west.
Irish tradition also records the Assyrian directed use of Phoenicians to settle Hibernians (Hebrews) in Spain.
This is an involved and complicated subject.
Assyrian rule also extended into southern Russia and eastwards into India.

3. Brit-Am Free Distribution of our work "Achim Acharim".
Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes is doing what it can according to the means it has.
It may be of interest to note that we have published a work in Hebrew, "Achim Acharim" ("The Other Brothers").
This is a work of quality that summarizes well Brit-Am research findings from Scripture and History, etc, concerning the Ten Tribes.
We printed ca. 1000 copies of this 180 page work.
We are still in the process of sending out copies free of charge to Rabbis, Scholars, Journalists, Public Figures, and whoever may be interested.
About 500 copies remain to be distributed.
The work has had an effect.
We have received favorable responses as well as those who were reserved about the whole idea.

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