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Brit-Am Now no. 1713.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
27 June 2011, 25 Sivan 5771.

1. Are You Missing Brit-Am E-Mail Messages?
2. New Article.
 Why the USA Needs Israel
!! Continued.
Reactions to Interview with Tamar
3. 2 New Messages in Response to
YouTube Clips.
(a) "I know in my heart you are correct"
(b) "Your videos are outstanding"
Cristian Sildan: Did Assyrians Go to Africa?
5. Query about "Bnei Menasseh"?


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1. Are You Missing Brit-Am E-Mail Messages?

Good Day Yair Davidiy,

Missing the "Newsletters" on my e-mail 
Shalom /

Brit-Am Reply:
In this case you may be referring to the recent very short break that was due to our computer troubles.
Nevertheless, it does happen that our posts suddenly stop getting through.
Sometimes the fault may be at our end but usually it means that the policy or practices of your server have changed for the worse.
If at any stage you suspect that Brit-Am messages are not reaching you as they should be go to our web site,
near the top of the page on the left hand side, you will see an entry:
Latest Postings
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(at present in its own little box with red maroon framework on a creamy-yellow background.
This usually should be kept up-to-date and there you will find listed all recent postings.

2. New Article.
 Why the USA Needs Israel!! Continued.
Reactions to Interview with Tamar

(1. Introduction.
(2. YouTube Clips On the Subject.
(3. Background: Tamar Yonah; Yair Davidiy.
(4. Prioritization of Points Raised.
(5. Answers to a Private Letter of Criticism.
(6. Replies to Seven Letters from Arutz-7
(7. A Problem with Yair?
(8. Conclusions.

The USA is a friend to Israel primarily due to the US national Character important aspects of which emanate from the Bible.
US friendship also brings some return benefit to the USA but that is not the motivating factor for the friendship that exists or for the aid that is given.
By helping Israel the USA gives expression to its Israelite Identity especially that of Joseph and within Joseph of the Tribe of Manasseh.
Every organism has an inner urge to express itself for what it is. In helping Israel America expresses its identity as Manasseh.

3. 2 New Messages in Response to YouTube Clips.

(a) "I know in my heart you are correct"
housechurches has sent you a message:
Re: Shalom
Hi Yair

I have been searching through you web site and WOW you guys have worked hard. Its such a shame the christians here in the UK don't embrace this truth you have resesrched. I know in my heart you are correct in all you say and teach and I will promote your site on my out reach tracts I use on the streets. If you ever in the UK drop us a line you are very welcome to stay at our house free of charge. If we ever come to Israel this side of the messiah coming I would love to hear you speak.

Shalom Mark

(b) "Your videos are outstanding"
Shalom - what are some resources that would help a student get a better grasp of the interplay between Judah and Ephriam (Israel)?? This is a subject that I struggle with. There are the few lines in Genesis, but so many times in the Prophets we hear that the LORD gives an utterance of what Judah and Israel will do, say or be in the future. I confess, I get lost in this. Your videos are outstanding - Thank you.

4. Cristian Sildan: Did Assyrians Go to Africa?
Re: 2-Kings 23: The Death of  King Josiah
Hey, that adventure really is interesting.
Maybe this alliance between Egyptians and Assyrians answers where did Assurubbalit vanish, and what are the Assyrians doing in Tchad!
Do you remember this story of Africans claiming Assyrian descent, from the works of the Lange guy?
Well, the Assyrians might have been received as refugees in Egypt, then they might have had their relationship worsening, especially since they were no more than a burden, so they maybe decided to heed for Tchad!
Also, the ejection of the Scythians from the Middle East might be only partial, since Josephus talks about countless mutitudes of 10 tribers in Persia, no? Or maybe these were more like Judeans?

5. Query about "Bnei Menasseh"?
rick secoy  wrote:
Re article claiming Burmese "Bnei Menasseh" Really come from Menasseh.

I would like some insight on this, thought you said America was Manasseh.
Or were  meaning it metaphorically about America.Just wandering.Rick Secoy

Brit-Am Reply:
Our understanding is that the so-called Bnei Menasseh of Burma are not of Israelite descent.
If someone wished to insist that that they were then they could assume that they descend from an offshoot
of Manasseh who wandered eastward.
These people seem genuine enough but they have no evidence whatsoever for the claims made in their name.
According to reports many seem to be righteous converts and who knows if that in the eyes of the Almighty is not a higher level?
The same may perhaps be said concerning Jews from Ethiopia.
Ephraimite Criteria
The USA is Manasseh in the PHYSICAL SENSE!

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