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Brit-Am Now no. 1707.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
10 June 2011, 8 Sivan 5771.

1. "Origin" Recommended for Beginners.
2. James Asks: What is Brit-Am trying to accomplish?
3. Are the Palestinians Hebrews?
What do you think of the idea that the Palestinians belong to the Ten Tribes?
4. What Are Brit-Am Activities at Present?
Brit-Am and the Talmud.


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1. "Origin" Recommended for Beginners.
Rachael wrote:

Someone called the show today and asked about your book ....I told him that the tribe was sold out....which one would you suggest?  Origin?

Let me know!!

Thank you!!!

Brit-Am Answer:

Origin gives a good overall summary both from the Bible and from history.

2. James Asks: What is Brit-Am is trying to accomplish?

Do you have a link with a statement of what your ministry is trying to accomplish?

Brit-Am Answer:

On the whole it may be said that we study the Ten Tribes being in the west and research related matters and we share our findings with others.
We do this because we feel it is good for both the Jewish and Israelite Peoples of the west.
This information is needed and we occupy ourselves with it and with enabling others to share it.
Napoleon is quoted as saying:

"One never climbs so high as when he knows not where he is going."

We are not exactly fans of Napoleon but he has a point.

We are doing something worth while and that in itself makes it so.

An outline of Brit-Am aims may be found at:
What is Brit-Am?

Principles of Brit-Am: Hebraic Consciousness

Some articles about the purpose of Brit-Am

3. Are the Palestinians Hebrews?
What do you think of the idea that the Palestinians belong to the Ten Tribes?

Brit-Am Answer:

Books in English and Hebrew have been published on this subject.
Someone called Zvi Masini is propagating the idea.
We went to the trouble of obtaining his Hebrew-language booklets.
One consists of anecdotes of a few Arab families that may well have some Jewish antecedents.
The other is an historical work with numerous statistics that seem to have no source for them???
Neither is it explained how the figures were arrived at.
In other words they are useless and prove nothing.

His book gives an historical outline without sources.
He counts the Ammonites, Moabites, and Edomites the same as Israelites.
In his historical outline he says that the Land of Israel (at least west of the Jordan) was several times almost entirely denuded of inhabitants. Muslim Newcomers came in from neighboring lands including from Persia.
All of these he considers to have been the Lost Tribes returning but he does not give any proof of it.
To our mind this in effect disproves his thesis on two counts:

a. They cannot be descended from Israelites who stayed in the Land since he himself admits that most of them came from outside.
[We agree with this while recognizing that some of them may be derived from the ancient Canaanites, Philistines, and others as well perhaps as a few Jews and Israelites. While I was in Australia I knew of a Palestinian activist who was relatively moderate in his views. He said he had a Jewish grandmother. The Muslims habitually kidnap women and children and in other ways force people to convert to Islam. On this point alone there must be some descendants of Jews and Israelites amongst them. ]

b. If they are of Israelite Origins then much more proof is needed than he provided.

Messina himself is apparently a rich man or at least one with extensive business experience.
It will be noticed that the Palestinians themselves are not making any claims but rather someone else with a possible political and social agenda.

The same could be said about Brit-Am.
Brit-Am also has a political and social notions derived from the Bible that we would like to promote.
These however are more of a secondary outgrowth than our main aim.
Brit-Am bases its beliefs on the Bible, Biblically-related sources, history and contemporary behavior.

Ephraimite Criteria

4. What Are Brit-Am Activities at Present?

(a) Finances.
Our primary concern as of today is getting through the present financial crisis.
Our supporters do give on a  regular or semi-regular basis and this is usually moderately not bad on a relative scale.
It is however marginal and Brit-Am has obligations that are not being met.
At present we have fallen behind in the payment of rent and utility bills etc.

(b) Maintaining regular Brit-Am features and articles on our web-site etc.

(c) A new book, "Hosea; The Ten Tribes Identified".
Our impression is that this work is important and will be of value.

(d) A fourth edition of "The Tribes".
[We are not sure if or when it will be possible to publish either "Hosea" or "The Tribes" but one never knows and we are going ahead with their preparation.]

(e) Renewing the sending out of our Hebrew-language work "Achim Acharim" to Rabbinical personalities and educational institutes.
The books already exist and postage within Israel is not expensive so this activity is both productive and not resource-consuming.
"Achim Acharim" was our first attempt in Hebrew. We may have made mistakes but the work is not bad. It has received favorable reactions even from people whom one would not expect to be particularly interested in the subject.

If anything we in Brit-Am tend to under-rate and under-estimate the importance of the task that Providence has given us.

5. Brit-Am and the Talmud.

There are those who have a negative idea about the Talmud.
It is associated with the Pharisees who have been given a bad press.
Brit-Am is not overduly (if at all) concerned with disillusioning anybody on these matters.
It should be noted however that the Anglo-Saxons in the times of King Arthur and the Scandinavians in the age of Saxo Grammaticus (if not well before) must have been exposed to sources either derived from the Talmud or having shared a common milieu.
We may have a common history and tradition in more ways than one.

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