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Brit-Am Now no. 1705.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
5 June 2011, 3 Sivan 5771.

1. Robert Youngblood: Question about Germany and the Ten Tribes.
2. Answer to Query about Borders of the Promised Land.
3. New DNA Article.
haplogroup E Changed According to Surroundings!


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1. Robert Youngblood: Question about Germany and the Ten Tribes.
germans are they part of the lost ten tribes?

Brit-Am Reply:
No, not according to our researches.
The Germans, on the whole, do not pertain tot he Lost Ten tribes of Israel.
Nevertheless many descendants from the Lost Tribes were in Germany until recently.

We have answered this question or similar ones several times in the past.
There were Israelites amongst the inhabitants of Germany in ancient times but most of them moved westward.
Later those Israelites who still remained migrated largely to the USA.
Germany. Brit-Am Queries and Answers.
#1. Question: Brit-Am does not include Germany amongst the "Israelite" nations. What is your explanation for the fact that a great many citizens of the USA descend from German immigrants?

2. Answer to Query about Borders of the Promised Land.
"mishle" wrote:

I read the web page at
and the following caught my attention as my wife and I were discussing Israel's biblical borders.

"By comparison, the Biblical Land of Israel is not 'tiny' at all. Its borders will include the Eastern part of Egypt, Sinai, Jordan, the Arabian Peninsula, parts of Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. It is estimated that the Promised Land is eight times the size of Texas."

Could you please share with us any references so that we may verify this. We would really appreciate it.

Thanks and blessings,


Brit-Am Reply:
The quotation you used is from the article by Alex Zephyr.

All the Israelites Will Come Back!
Completeness of Resettlement in the End Times?
by Alexander Zephyr

In this case it does reflect our opinions BUT in principle articles by others on our site may not necessarily accord with our own views.
For a partial answer to your question and some sources

The Land of Israel

There are other opinions different from our own on this matter.
We may consider a future series of articles examining the subject in more detail.

3. New DNA Article.
Y DNA haplogroup E Changed According to Surroundings!

In short we see from the above that E is divided into 2 main types: An African specific type and a North African-South European type.
The African E3a overlaps geographical areas and climates.
In Africa different types of E3a correspond to changes in climate and environment and pertain to physical types suited to their environment.
They are contiguous with each other and in most areas where found are the dominant element.
It should also be noted that the strong presence of E3a in South Africa may be relatively recent (i.e. within the last few centuries) due to the migration of Bantu-speaking peoples southward.

The correspondence of E3a with specific regions and environment etc and even the differentiations reflecting changes in the surroundings will be admitted by most since this is quite obvious.

It is the "white" type (E3b1) and its presence in both hot and cold environments that has been used to counter our claims that YDNA haplogroups reflect environmental influence.

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