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Brit-Am Now no. 1701.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
29 May 2011, 25 Iyar 5771.

1. New DNA Article:
DNA Types Changed According to Surroundings!
2. Brit-Am Appeal for Needed Funds.
3. Steven Collins a Victim of Flooding?


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1. New DNA Article:

DNA Types Changed According to Surroundings!
YHaplogroups A and B.
First Article in an ongoing Series.

(1. Introduction.
(2. YDNA HaploGroups A and B.

For A and B it may be said that there exists a close correspondence to climate, environment, placement (latitude), and even life style.
We also found an overlap with physical types.

A glance at the map will show that wherever either A or B are to be found they will be beside each other. It is as if one type merges into the other (or derives from the other) according to environmental circumstances.
As we continue this study with other Y haplogroups we will not always find such parallelisms though over-all tendencies will be apparent.

2. Brit-Am Appeal for Needed Funds.

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Brit-Am Appeal for Needed Funds.

Brit-Am Reports:
We do research concerning the whereabouts of the Ten Tribes today.
We have come up with very significant new information and insights in the past.
Every now and again we still do.
We provide proof of Israelite Ancestry and research numerous possibilities in order to do so.
We propagate this information quite freely.
We do have some influence far beyond the range of our immediate subscribers and supporters.
Our findings are noted to some degree and notable.
The information  remains extant.
We also work towards the future reconciliation of Judah and Joseph.
Here too we have had some influence.
We have ongoing projects of importance.
Our daily activities and postings are of value.
Many of our subscribers feel a rapport with us and we with them.
All of the above may be considered accomplishments.
These and our other works are important achievements that when needed may be very difficult to otherwise come by.
On the past we put out appeals for financial support.
Sometimes we were answered quite well and at other times hardly at well.
Our recent efforts have been in the latter category.
For quite some time funds coming in have been low or almost non-existent though everything is appreciated and put to use.
We believe that anyone who helps Brit-Am will be blessed from Above.
Whether or not one shares this belief Brit-Am still needs support.
Brit-Am is in need of offerings in order to function.

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3. Steven Collins a Victim of Flooding?

Received an e-mail no details.

The house of Steven Collins has been hit by a flood and he has been washed out?

Steven Collins lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.

Steven Collins has his own approach and his own organization but he has proven himself a true friend and ally of Brit-Am.

To Make an Offering to Brit-Am!

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