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Brit-Am Now no. 1696.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
20 May 2011, 16 Iyar 5771.

1. Special Offer: Only $5 for Bronze Age Atlantis.
2. Zionism and the Holocaust.
3. Brit-Am Needs from You.


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1. Special Offer: Only $5 for Bronze Age Atlantis.
(a) Special Offer
(b) Message from Walt:

(a) Special Offer
For a change Brit-Am is offering you something instead of making yet another request.
We are able to do this since we are making the offer to you on behalf of someone else.
Nevertheless we urge all of you to take advantage of the offer in question.
Please read the message below:

Our friend and Brit-Am supporter Walt Baucum is now seriously ill.
This is no secret.
He may (with the help of the Almighty) recover and live for a very long time.
By way of statistical probability however chances are he may not.
That is why Walt wants to make the offer below.
[If Walt does benefit from a miraculous recovery he will consider it to perhaps be in part by merit of the offer now being made:]

The offer:

Walt wrote and published a very important book.

Bronze Age Atlantis.
The International Nautical Empire of the Sea Peoples
by Walt Baucum

This work is chock full of valuable and interesting information.
The book discusses the Israelite origins of Northern peoples.
It proves ancient contacts and the movement of peoples between the area of Ancient Israel and northern Europe.
Walt also shows discusses between civilizations of the Ancient Americas and the Middle East.

Walt now has a large number of copies of this work available.

He would like to give them away to whoever may be interested.

He asks only that whoever wishes to receive a copy send him $5 for the postage.
[This is quite a large book with a very impressive cover.]

For more details go to:

To order:

Walt Baucum
1110 Washington St.,
Gooding, ID 83330; USA

To contact Walt Baucum:

(b) Message from Walt:
Yair, Shalom my friend. Thanks for some very positive about the book. I failed to mention that I have had problems with PayPal in the past and am not using them anymore.
I will send them all directly from my home address (Walt Baucum, 1110 Washington St., Gooding, ID 83330, U.S.A..
If you could correct this (my fault in not giving all the info to you) with your readers, it would expedite matters immensely. All I would need is the postage money and an address to send them to. Also, you might mention that the $15 COST for foreign is airmail only. It might be cheaper by ship but they might arrive in bad condition.
Thanks Yair.  Walt B.

2. Zionism and the Holocaust.
"Larry" corresponded with us. He sent us an article claiming that the early Zionist Leaders did not sufficiently help the Jews during the Holocaust. We answered him briefly. He then wrote:

Larry  wrote:

Shalom Yair,
 If, as X says, that the Founders of modern day Israel planned to drive the Christian & Muslim Arabs out of Palestine, then this was a type of genocide. As every Jew is aware the Covanent that God made with Israel is conditional.

The blessings were conditioned on the obedience of Israel. Israel violated that covenant and therefore the blessings did not flow to modern day Israel.

Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:

And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel. And Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before their faces all these words which the LORD commanded him. And all the people answered together, and said, All that the LORD hath spoken we will do. And Moses returned the words of the people unto the LORD. (Exodus 19:5-8 AV)

The Book of Nehemiah is a book that ALL Jews, Orthodox, Conservative & liberal  should read, for it sets out the conditions that were needed for Jerusalem to be rebuilt. The Hebrew  for Nehemiah is Nehemyah, "Comfort of Yahweh". From what X says, we can take it that the Founding Fathers of New Israel were mostly atheists, so New Israel does not come under the requirements of the Covenant. What do yo think of that statement?

Brit-Am Reply:
You are guilty of de facto Holocaust denial.

Holocaust Denial is either:
Claiming the Holocaust did not take place.
Admitting that something happened but claiming it was much less than it actually was or that extenuating circumstances existed.
Equating it with other crimes that are much less serious or associating it with those who were not guilty or played only a minor role in order to turn guilt away from the guilty.

(1) Zionist Leaders and the Holocaust.

You previously sent me an extract saying that the leaders of Zionism in Israel discriminated against Religious Jews and Jews who were elderly or other wise less suitable for settling the Land. It was claimed that the Zionist Leaders in what was then "Palestine" did not do enough. A few of them also made statements that in light of what we know now presents them in a very negative light.
This is all true in its relevant context.
That is the whole point.
Taken on the whole: They did not do enough but they did more than anyone else.
They were there to help when others were not.
This should not be forgotten.
The truth does not need to be concealed. Everything deserves to studied and every crime and failing recorded.
Nevertheless it all needs to be seen as part of an overall picture.
The Zionist leaders helped save Jews including Religious Jews, elderly Jews and all other kinds of Jews.
Here and there they may have said or did things that were negative but the main point must not be ignored.
To put it very simply:
If in one instance they saved a 100 from extermination they deserve credit.
The fact that with a little more effort, a more positive approach, less prejudice, etc, they may have been able (who knows?) to save 101, or 110 (instead of just a 100) is important.
Nevertheless, the fact that they did save the 100 when no-one else would have done so needs to be kept in mind.

(2) Cheapening of Genocide Intentions.

You equate the alleged planned expulsion of Arabs as the equivalent of Genocide.
This is a cheapening of those acts of Genocide that really did take place and that were intended against the Jewish People.
The Germans and their allies did wish to wipe out the Jewish People and were partially successful.
The Arabs wanted and still want to exterminate the Jews.
Historically a few Zionist leaders may have considered at times expelling the Arabs.
They should have done so.
It is what the Bible commands us to do.
Expulsion is not extermination.
In some circumstances expulsion may be the only alternative to bloodshed.
See our articles on this matter:

"They Must Go!"
Proposed Movement of Arab Populations.

(3) Atheism and Zionism.
Contrary to what is frequently claimed,
The Return to the Land of Israel was initiated and sustained by Religious God-fearing Jews. It still is.
It was supported by Religious God-fearing Gentiles descended from the Ten Tribes. It still is.
"The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" by Franz Kobler

There were and are also atheistic and secular forces present.
These are sometimes positive and at other times detrimental.
Even these secular and apparently negative elements are often driven by subconscious positive forces.
If you need a doctor, lawyer, or plumber you will not employ someone who is liable to exploit your trust and susceptibility to hurt you.
A minimum level of moral dependability is to be expected.
Beyond that you will want someone who knows what to do and who will do it.
An exact correspondence between oneself and the other in religious matters, political opinions, etc will not usually be required.
If we do what we have to do we may merit that the powers of good prevail everywhere in everybody.

3. Brit-Am Needs from You.

Brit-Am Needs Money.
We need and always will need funds to sustain ourselves and keep up our efforts.
The only source for funds that we have at present is from selling publications and offerings.
In the future if our support base expands we may be able to lessen the frequency, urgency, and effrontery  of the appeals made.
At present we have not yet reached that stage.
Please give to Brit-Am however possible.

Brit-Am Needs Your Feedback.
We need your responses and reactions to whatever we send out. This is almost the only means we have of gauging the value of what we are doing.
From experience we know that some of our articles and features are highly effective and much appreciated while others are not.
Help us more in this. Even if we seem at times to ignore you or even get irritated with your responses we need them.

Brit-Am Needs to Set Priorities.
Brit-Am Needs to Continue to Function i.e. to survive and keep going and if possible spread outwards.
That is (after our duty to God and Israel) our first consideration.
Secondarily Brit-Am engages in Biblical and Historical researches.
Thirdly Brit-Am provides other services that supplement and interlock with our main aims: Bible Studies, Historical Updates, DNA matters,
News Features, etc.
Everything is important. We are prepared to give more emphasis to one or other of the above if the public so requests BUT overall the priorities should remain as listed.

To Make an Offering to Brit-Am!

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