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Brit-Am Now no. 1693.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
15 May 2011, 11 Iyar 5771.

1. Alex Zephyr: Pleased with Message from Bruce McKerras.
2. Reply to Question from Susanna
Garlitz About Evolution.
3. New Article:
Edom Amongst Other peoples?
China, Japan, Italians
, Hispanics?
4. Proposed New Book Cover, Hosea: Ten Tribes Identified.
5. Susanna Garlitz: In Defence of Evolution and the Bible.


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1. Alex Zephyr: Pleased with Message from Bruce McKerras.
Subject: Judah and Israel

Hello Yair,

I was pleasantly surprise to read the article by Bruce McKerras in Brit-Am #1692. The author very well understands the subject of Judah and Israel in prophecy, the way you at Brit-Am teache it. He showed quiet convincingly that God's End Time promises of Reunification and Redemption of all the Twelve Tribes of Israel "are absolute and unconditional." The Prophets "consistently and carefully distinguished between the two 'houses'. Nowhere in the Hebrew Scripture does God say that the house of Judah is the same as the house of Israel (The Ten Tribes in Exile).
Since the division (circa 930b.c.), God always deals with the two of them separately.
         These prophecies, written in the Bible, "can not be ignored or spiritualized " (as Replacement Theories).
            No matter what, the author explains convincingly, "the Ten Tribes, having lost their identity, as God planned it, will rejoin with their brother, Judah"(!)
             In his short but condensed and well written essay Bruce McKerras precisely outline the issue of Judah and Israel according to the word of God. I only wish that this plain truth of the Bible would be accepted by the majority of the people. The sooner it happen, the sooner the World will be Redeemed and blessed Messianic Era come.

2. Reply to Question from Susanna Garlitz About Evolution.
Susanna Garlitz wrote:

Yair Davidy,

In BritAm 1689 item 4 you refered to the theory of evolution as being false.  I assume that you have a biblical basis for this stand and I was wondering how similar or dis-similar are your methods of falsifying the theory of evolution and of researching the Lost Ten Tribes?

Thank You. 

Susanna Garlitz

Brit-Am Reply:
Susanna Shalom,
If you make a web-search on Judaism and Evolution you will find a lot of replies. Some are against Evolution but most more or less accept it. This however is deceptive since in practice most Orthodox Rabbis reject it. There are some who do not.
The sources do include material that could be used to justify evolution but not necessarily so.
Rabbi Avigdor Miller wrote several books against Evolution. He considered it a major threat to  belief in our generation.
Not everyone agrees with him.
Brit-Am in principle tries to avoid all matters of controversy that are not directly pertinent to study of the Ten Tribes.
In reality it does not always work out that way.
Jewish arguments against Evolution I would say are more or less that same as those of Christian Creationists: The interdependence of different species etc with each other, the super-sophistication of living creatures, etc and the lack of real evidence supporting the Evolutionary Theory.

Personally I do not believe in Evolution.

I believe however that living creatures have an inbuilt collective organic consciousness that enables them to adapt to environmental circumstances.

The Book of Genesis says that everything was created "according to its kind".

Noah was commanded,
Genesis 8:
 2 You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal, a male and his female; two each of animals that are unclean, a male and his female; 3 also seven each of birds of the air, male and female, to keep the species alive on the face of all the earth.

Only seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of unclean animals of each type were taken.

This means that different sub-types "evolved" according to circumstance in accordance with a set  genetic blueprint that enabled them to do so.

For example,
The hare and rabbit may have been the one species that separated from each other. Or maybe not.
There are hundreds of types of each kind.

We have the Arctic hare:
# Arctic hares look like rabbits but have longer ears and can stand up taller, they can live/maintain themselves in cold places unlike rabbits. #
Artic hares have white fur to camouflage themselves in the snow and ice.
We also have the Antelope Jackrabbit which is a type of hare found in hotter regions of the southern USA.

# The Antelope Jackrabbit's ears grow to be 2 to 8 inches when fully grown. The ears of the Antelope Jackrabbit are not only used to hear but are also used to reduce and regulate body heat for survival in the hot conditions they live in. #

According to my understanding both the Arctic Hare and the Antelope Jackrabbit would have derived from the one ancestral pair that Noah took with him into the ark.
Their subsequent differentiation is the result of adaptation to the environment according to genetic possibilities that existed from the beginning.

We apply the same principle to DNA findings.
The "experts" however seem to reject this "evolutionary" explanation of ours.
Perhaps they instinctively realize that it does not really support Evolution but rather undermines it?
See Also:
Is Not DNA Determined by the Environment???
God bless you

3. New Article:
Edom Amongst Other peoples?
China, Japan, Italians, Hispanics?

4. Proposed New Book Cover, Hosea: Ten Tribes Identified

Oriel Davidiy (son of Yair Davidiy) has designed several optional covers for our new book.
Preparations for this work are in progress. It may be ready soon or it may yet take a while.
The different designs may be seen on the URL above.
We tend to favor either no. 19 or no. 23

5. Susanna Garlitz: In Defence of Evolution and the Bible.
Re Item no.2 above.
#Reply to Question About Evolution.

Shalom Yair,

Thank you for the thoughtful reply.  First I would like to dispatch with the immediate topic by revealing that I was attempting to determine which error you are prone to committing regarding biblical interpretation.  That would be the same error that Christian creationists commit, being too literal.  I now know what to be observant for.  Also, having read your commentary on Daniel I see that you do accept the concept of symbolic interpretation when it is called for. ..You manage your tendency toward this error well.  (We all have errors that we're prone to otherwise there would be much less disagreement in the world.)  I may now continue to be comfortable with your conclusion about the Ten Tribes. 

Second, I wish to help you avoid the controversy of Evolution in the future.  Many people find evolution and the Bible incompatible.  A scientist, Kenneth R. Miller, happens to believe in both the Bible and evolution and he wrote a book detailing that the two are not mutually exclusive.  The book is "Finding Darwin's God" published be Cliff Street Books which is a division of Harper Collins.  I would simply recommend this book to your readers who believe both evolution and the Bible. 

Third, all of science is really a collection of theories, some stronger and some weaker.  The theories periodically get shaken up.  For example, in physics the two accepted theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics don't get along with each other, therefore something has to change.  With evolution and genetics, an emerging field, epigenetics, may well shed light on things.  DNA has markers that turn genes on and off.  The environment and heredity both affect these markers.  Epigenetics studies these markers.  This is the part that reminds me of your comments on DNA.  Also, if we are to ever be able to identify the ten tribes by DNA it must involve epigenetics.  This would require much study and the ability to sequence the entire genome including all the markers from bones.  Science must have a known sample for comparison which means finding our ancestors graves and using other disciplines to identify their tribes.  Their bones would then have to be respectfully dug up and their genomes sequenced complete with all the markers to be able to identify individuals as their descendants.  Perhaps this would be a shadow of the fulfillment of the dry bones prophecy?   Keep track of epigenetics.  It may help to find the lost ten tribes and may even shake up the theory of evolution since little is known now in this emerging field. 

I hope this wasn't too long. 

Thank You,

Susanna Garlitz

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