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Brit-Am Now no. 1691.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
10 May 2011, 6 Iyar 5771.

1. Is Brit-Am Racist?
2. Isaiah chapter 11 on the Future Messiah.
Abarbanel, Isaiah 11, and Messiah.


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1. Is Brit-Am Racist?
Recently a certain eccentric publicly accused Brit-Am of being racialist.
The fact that we did not answer on this point was deliberately misinterpreted as an acknowledgment of this slur.
Brit-Am identifies peoples in the West as descended from the Lost Ten Tribes.
We do not deny the possibility that Israelites may be found amongst other peoples.
We merely EMPHASIZE that the Ten Tribes as recognizable entities of Biblical and historical  significance  are to be found amongst Western Peoples.
This excludes others. Many (but not all) of the others are colored.
Does this mean that Brit-Am is color-prejudiced?
We have articles displayed prominently on our site showing that racialism is against the Bible.
Experience indicates that these articles are not liable to make much of an impression on these who are color-sensitive. They may however
rankle those who have some color prejudice.
Whatever the case, we have also gone out of our way to emphasize that each one of us needs to be proud of what they are, to accept it, and work forward from it.
Neither Yair Davidiy nor most Brit-Am adherents (some of whom would themselves be considered "colored") are prejudiced.
"Color" is an outcome of environment. The Zohar says so, and so does empirical evidence.
Everyone however is born with, or in early childhood subconsciously acquires, some kind of heightened awareness of the other when they are not of the same group. Even animals of the same species react differently from one sub-type to another.
More than 90% of Black Americans voted for Obama. They voted along racial lines. This does not mean that every Afro-American supporter of Obama Hussein is a racist but it does raise questions.
There is also a socio-economic reality that has nothing to do with us.
On the one hand we have good friends who are colored people and we owe much to them.
Brit-Am in general was assisted greatly in the past by someone from Jamaica of mixed African and possible Jewish ancestry.
We had other members of similar background who also helped us when times were not that easy.
On the other hand I would understand if Afro-Americans were to prefer their own kind in certain matters to people like myself.
We all have tribal instincts.
If I lived in the USA I would probably try to live in an area populated as much as possible by people such as myself.
This preference however is not necessarily due to any inherent color bar.
Personally, I keep away from Arabs even though I am aware that some of them as individuals may be better in many ways than I am.
It does not matter what color the Arabs may be and there are all types amongst them.
[ I do not however throw stones at them nor do I harrass those who enter my neighborhood, nor would I participate in a lynch against any of them as many (possibly most) of them would do to me.]
I only want to send them away, even to compensate them and help them re-settle elsewhere.
They want to kill me, wherever I may be.
Who is the real racialist here?

A story is told (Talmud, Adiyot 5;7) of a great Rabbi (Akaviya ben Mehahel) who was dying.

His son requested that he command the other leading Rabbis to give him respect.
He refused.
His son asked, "Father, have you found something wrong with me?"
"No", answered his father and continued:
"Your deeds will bring you close, and your deeds will drive you away".

In other words if someone is suffering from prejudice they need only to act correctly and eventually it will be overcome.
Any wrong done them will be made up for. And the opposite.
[Hosea 10:12] Sow for yourselves righteousness;
Reap in mercy;
Break up your fallow ground,
For it is time to seek the LORD,
Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.

When bad times come upon us we should become better people. We should endeavor to do well. If we try, God will show us the way and have mercy on us. By just making a beginning to go along the right path salvation will come.

2. Isaiah chapter 11 on the Future Messiah.
Brit-Am Summary to Isaiah Chapter 11:
The future Messiah will be descended from Jesse the father of David (11:1).
He shall be Divinely Inspired and have outstanding personal qualities including especially the fear of the Almighty (11:2-3).
His ability to judge matters will verge on the supernatural (11:4).
In the Messianic Era there will be peace and the strong shall not victimize the weak (11:6-8).
The entire world will have an awareness of God (11:9).
All peoples of the earth will wish to be ruled by the Messiah son of David (11:10).
 The exiles of Israel will be brought back from Assyria, Mitsraim (Egypt or Russia?), Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and the Isles (misleadingly translated  in the KJ as "coastlands") of the Sea (11:11).
The "Outcast" Ten Tribes and the Dispersed of Judah will be gathered from all over the earth (11:12). The extremism of Ephraim will depart and the jealousy of Ephraim by himself (against Judah) and by others (against him) will end:
The expression translated as "THE JEALOUSY OF EPHRAIM" (11:13) in Hebrew is "Kinath Ephraim" which means both his own extremism and the jealousy against him of others.
The Persecutors and harassers of Judah will be cut off.
Ephraim will no longer be jealous of Judah and Judah will cease to perturb and compete with (Hebrew: "Tsor" translated as "vex") Ephraim. This indicates that right up to the very end some fiction will remain between Judah and Ephraim (11:13).
Ephraim and Judah together will transfer the Palestinians by airflight to some place in the west.  They shall plunder people of the east; put their hand on Edom and Moab (in the west?)  and bring Ammon into subjection (11:14).
The Sea of Mitsraim (Egypt? Bosphorus?) will split into seven dry channels allowing the Israelites from the Ten Tribes who remain after the Exile of Assyria to pass through (11:15-16).
The Bosporus Straits are a passage-way in the Sea dividing Asiatic Turkey (Anatolia) from southeast Europe.
The Jewish Sages had a tradition that the Lost Ten Tribes crossed the Bosporus into Europe and that they would return by the same path.
Apart from Egypt there was an area to the north of Israel that in Mesopotamian (Assyrian and Babylonian) terms was referred to the same term as the Hebrew "Mitsrayim".
Zechariah 10:11

There will also be a special pathway from Assyria for the remnant of Israel to return (Isaiah 11:16).
Here too, the term "Assyria" either means the Land of Assyria (present-day Kurdistan and Armenia) or an area in Europe.

For more details See:

3. Abarbanel, Isaiah 11, and Messiah.
In his commentary to Isaiah ch.11 Abarbanel enumerates different characteristics that the Messiah will require:
1. Descent from David (Isaiah 11:1).
2. The Gift of Prophecy (Isaiah 11:2-3).
3. Great Wisdom and Knowledge (Isaiah 11:2).
4. Perfect Self-Control.
5. An Enforcer of Justice and Righteousness.
6. A Performer of Miracles.
7. Establish an Era of Peace in the World.
8. An advisor to other peoples and a unifier of humanity.
9. Ingather  the Exiles of Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes.

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