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Brit-Am Now no. 1689.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
5 May 2011, 1 Iyar 5771.

1. New Article. Joseph in Cush.
The USA and UK in Afghanistan. A Maelstrom of Conflicting Interest.
2. Bruce
McKerras: Hope for the future.
3. Max Rambow: Aristocracy Compared to Fraternal Jealousy.
4. New Article.
Is Not DNA Determined
by the Environment???
5. Letter of Support from Sheri in Texas.


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1. New Article. Joseph in Cush
The USA and UK in Afghanistan. A Maelstrom of Conflicting Interest.
1. Introduction. The Gates of Your Enemies?
2. Demographics.
3. Recent History and Military Involvement.
4. Afghanistan Assets?
5. The Drug Trade.
6. The Overall Picture.
7. Does the USA Not Really Want to Win the War in Afghanistan?

The USA is now in Afghanistan. It is also in Pakistan. In Biblical terms the appellation "Cush" may apply to Africa or parts of Africa, the King James Version translates "Cush" as Ethiopia.
The term Cush according to Josephus and Rabbinical traditions also applies to the region of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Pakistan is an Islamic  rogue dysfunctional nation. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Christians are tortured, raped, and murdered. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan  is a nuclear power with an intelligent surprisingly self-satisfied population. Pakistan has about 170 million people. The elite of Pakistan would not necessarily feel the loss of quite a large number of the lower classes. In the recent past Pakistan was giving away nuclear secrets and seemed about to let unsavory elements access its atomic arsenal. At present US forces in Pakistan more or less guard the nuclear stockpile. The US has imposed itself as a "guest" presence and has "persuaded" Pakistan to go along with it.

# The USA does not want the existence of an Iran-India-Russia axis since both Russia and Iran would be strengthened by it and they are US enemies.

# The US also does not want Pakistan and the moderate Taliban overtaking Afghanistan....

# The US needs to maintain some type of control over Pakistan and its nuclear facilities and atomic arsenal.

# The US has economic and strategic interests in Central Asia (Kazakhstan etc).

# The US would not want to see renewed hostilities between Afghanistan and Russia. ..It might however be in US interests that Russia feel some degree of irritation or the threat of conflict from the region of Afghanistan.

# It is an advantage to the USA to have some forces in Afghanistan even if only because of its neighbors.
Iran, Pakistan, and China are all potential threats to the West while the Central Asian countries have economic and strategic value.

# A solution is that the Taliban forces continue to fight each other and that the US maintain sizeable forces in the field.

The problem for the USA is to keep its own casualties to a minimum and not give rise to a too serious anti-war movement in the USA itself.

2. Bruce McKerras: Hope for the future

Jeremiah 31:17-20 There will be hope for your posterity, your children will return to their own Land. I have heard Israel saying; You disciplined me severely, but I deserved it- in shame and remorse I reproach myself for the sins of my youth.       Is not Ephraim still My dear son, says the Lord, I had to punish him, but I still love him and will surely have mercy on him. [Ephraim; the leader of the 10 Northern tribes of Israel]

Hope- the Hebrew word 'tikvah' meaning the hopeful expectation of things longed for.

Throughout the years of Israel's and Judah's diaspora, God?s people have been disciplined, those years are almost over now, and God is about to restore His people. They will experience His favour, not because they are deserving of it, but because God intends to demonstrate the limitless extent of His grace, mercy and faithfulness to His promises, which are irrevocable.

There are many Bible passages concerning the future of all Israel, that do not fit into the present era, or into the Millennium. They say that there will be a period of time in God's prophetic purpose, that is unaccounted for in the popular end times scenarios. It is a time that is better than at present, but not as good as the ultimate one. It is a time when all of God's righteous people will experience and manifest the glorious blessings that God has reserved for His ancient, covenant people.

Could that time be after the fulfilment of Zechariah 12 and Psalm 83, predicting that the Lord will give Judah [the current inhabitants of Israel] an amazing victory over all those nations gathered to attack them?

Then, at last, these prophecies of Ezekiel will come to pass; Ezekiel 37:11-14 ...these bones are the whole House of Israel. They say; our bones are dry, our hope has gone and we are cut off. Say to them; I will bring you out of your graves [the Dispersion] and restore you to the Land of Israel. Then, I shall put My spirit into you and you will come to life [true spiritual life]. I will settle you on your own soil- you will know that the Lord has acted for you. [before the Messiah]

Eze 37:19 The stick of Joseph, Ephraim and the other tribes of Israel - joined to that of Judah. They will be as one.

The long years of history- the Jews, a despised nation, at last in their homeland. The 10 Northern tribes, lost around the world, but blessed as prophesied by the Patriarchs.      It is all God's training program, preparing them for the time when they will, truly be a    'light to the nations' settled and prosperous in the Promised Land. Isa 11:12, Eze 20:34

3. Max Rambow: Aristocracy Compared to Fraternal Jealousy.
Why Britain is Ephraim: Nobility

Aristocracy seems more like an elder brother trying to control a more talented younger brother to me.
Sincerely Max Rambow.

Brit-Am Comment.

No human system is perfect.
Individuals and peoples are different.
Israel is comprised of Tribes and Tribal clans within the Tribes.
Arrangements that suit one group may not be suitable for the other.
We do not all have to be the same.
Aristocracy is a characteristic of Ephraim rather than of  Manasseh and the other Tribes.

4. New Article.
Is Not DNA Determined by the Environment???
1. Introduction.
2. The Applicability of DNA Findings. Answer to Question from Maria.
3. Conquests of the Long-Legged Hawaiian Cane Toad; A Biological Example.
4. Conclusion. Three Cheers for Brit-Am!


This article was originally taken from a Web Site dedicated to PROVING (or attempting to prove) the false Theory of Evolution. To our mind its proves the opposite.

In other words when the Hawaiian toads invade an area the population gives rise to many more specimens with longer legs.
The longer legged specimens are the offspring of both longer-legged parents and shorter-legged ones.
Longer legs are needed when occupying a new area. This helps them move faster and facilitates their conquest. After they are settled in the toads go back to breeding shorter legs.
They therefore have an inbuilt adaptation apparatus that works throughout their population.
There is a genetic trigger that over the whole community goes on and off according to need.
DNA and genetics are synonymous.
Every physical inherited trait is controlled by DNA.
If inherited physical traits change there must have been a change in the DNA.

5. Letter of Support from Sheri in Texas.

Dear Yair and company,
I have never contributed to you before.
Not because I don't believe what you minister as regards the ten tribes and the reunification of the 12. 
I do!
I've known for several years through many sources that this truth is TRUTH!
And I have searched it out in scripture for myself.
Honestly, I get so much email on this topic that I do not have time to read it all!
I have sent a donation for the first time through PayPal.
I will continue to be sensitive ... in my support of your work and I agree with you when you say support of your work is blessing Israel...
thank you,
Sheri in Texas

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