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Brit-Am Now no. 1688.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
4 May 2011, 30 Nissan 5771.

1. New YouTube Video Clip. The British as Ephraim -5: Nobility.
2. Important Additions to Article. UK-USA, Ephraim-Mannaseh.
The British-American Symbiosis in the Light of Scripture and History
(a) Prophecy of Isaiah 49 Applicable to USA!
(b) Wikipedia Quote on Special Relationship.
3. New Article. Why Britain is Ephraim: Nobility


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1. New YouTube Video Clip.
The British as Ephraim -5: Nobility
Length 19.12 minutes.

The British and British offshoots pertain to the Tribe of Ephraim. This a continuation of Brit-Am proofs identifying the British with Ephraim. One of these proofs is the Principle of Aristocracy or Nobility. The British still retain a class of nobles and a House of Lords. All aspects of British existence reflect this principle. It is evidence of their coming from Ephraim.
Why the British are Ephraim!
#5. Ephraim Represents the Aristocratic Principle. Nobility. Ephrati.

Why Britain is Ephraim: Nobility

2. Important Additions to Article.
UK-USA, Ephraim-
The British-American Symbiosis in the Light of Scripture and History.

(a) Prophecy of Isaiah 49 Applicable to USA!
UK-USA, Ephraim
The British-American Symbiosis in the Light of Scripture and History.
# Freeing the Prisoners and Settling the Uninhabited Wastes.

The war against the Americans had never been popular in Britain and recruits were hard to obtain. The British government hired Mercenaries from the Duke of Hesse in Germany. [ After the war some of the Hessians remained as colonists.] These Mercenaries were not necessarily voluntarily ones. They have been compared to virtual slaves of their monarch who sold them at will.
Not only that but quite a few of the early English, Scottish, and Irish settlers were either convicts or indentured servants whose status was also not always much better than that of slaves.

Convicts made up about one-quarter of the total British settlement.

The creation of the USA (like other British colonies) embodies principles reflected in Biblical Prophecy,
Isaiah 49 (Translation contains Brit-Am modifications in light of the Hebrew original text):
8 Thus says the LORD:
' In an acceptable time I have heard You,
And in a day of salvation I have helped You;
 I will form you and give you
to become a covenant of the people [Hebrew: "Brit-Am"],
To establish a land,
To bring about the inheritance of desolate heritages;
9 To say to the prisoners, 'Go forth,'
To those who are in darkness, 'Show yourselves.'
'They shall graze along the pathways,
And their pasturing shall be on all bountiful heights.

Most of this chapter (Isaiah 49) refers primarily to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

Note the following features recalled above by Isaiah (49:8-9) and fulfilled in the creation of the USA:
National Salvation.
Establishment of a land or new country.
Inheritance of relatively under-populated uncultivated "desolate heritages".
Freeing of the Prisoner-Convicts.
Grazing and pasturing in fertile regions.

Most prophecy was intended for the End Times. Nevertheless points made often reflect aspects of reality that will be foreshadowed several times over in history and may return upon themselves.

It should be mentioned that, even though North America had previously been settled by Amerindians by European standards, it was underpopulated and desolate. One of the causes of conflict between the colonists and the British authorities had been the tendency of the Americans to settle on what was considered Amerindian territory.

(b) Wikipedia Quote on Special Relationship.
Wikipedia. Special Relationship.
In the opinion of one international relations specialist: 'the United Kingdom's success in obtaining US commitment to cooperation in the postwar world was a major triumph, given the isolation of the interwar period.[15] A senior British diplomat in Moscow, Thomas Brimelow, admitted: 'The one quality which most disquiets the Soviet government is the ability which they attribute to us to get others to do our fighting for us ... they respect not us, but our ability to collect friends.'[16] Conversely, 'the success or failure of United States foreign economic peace aims depended almost entirely on its ability to win or extract the co-operation of Great Britain'.[17] Reflecting on the symbiosis, a later champion, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, declared: 'The Anglo-American relationship has done more for the defence and future of freedom than any other alliance in the world.'[18][19]

3. New Article:
Why Britain is Ephraim: Nobility
Saxon and Norman by Joseph Rudyard Kipling
Waldo Emerson
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The aristocracy in the British Isles was generally earned. ... Being a noble usually required military service, leading others, acting with bravery and chivalry. He had to look after those underneath him and treat with reasonable consideration. If a noble did not fulfill all of these requirements somehow or other his line was liable to be terminated and he would be replaced by someone else.... The principles of nobility permeated society.
The Middle Classes consciously or subconsciously assimilated and imitated nobility values and attitudes. They still do.
The ranks of the nobility were in effect open to however could climb into them and stay there.
The common people despite their equalitarian tendencies held themselves to have noble qualities and to deserve to be treated accordingly.

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