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Brit-Am Now no. 1684.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
17 April 2011, 13 Nissan 5771.

1. Question on  "the Lost Tribes work with the Israel Government".
2. What Brit-Am Research Remains to be Done?
3. Steve
Mathe: Pesach 2011/5771 message.
4. Pesach Wishes:
(1) Steven Collins:
(2) Sharon:
(3) Henrik
5. Damon
Casale: Carbon Dating Has not Been Discredited!
6. Damon Casale: No Change Took Place in Length of Year!
7. Peter Sutton: Eye-Witness Reaction to the Earthquakes in New Zealand.


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1. Question on  "the Lost Tribes work with the Israel Government".
David Steele wrote:

How does the Lost Tribes work with the Israel Government to return? How 
do they prove their ancestry..
David Steele

Brit-Am Reply:
We do not work with the Israeli Government or with anybody else. We struggle to get by.
Our aim is to promote awareness of Israelite Ancestry, to research it and to spread knowledge of research results.
Nobody is about to return as far as we know in the near future. Neither is that the point of what we are doing.
What is Brit-Am?

Principles of Brit-Am: Hebraic Consciousness

How Does Brit-Am Differ from Other groups with a Similar Israelite Identity Message?

We ourselves are convinced of the Truth of what we believe in.
We endeavor to spread knowledge of this belief and to convince others.
This truth however is not immediately as self-evident as we would like it to be in the eyes of others.
Together with continuing our efforts to spread this knowledge we need to increase and improve on it.
This requires our own efforts, the co-operation of others, and support from those who are aware of the potential importance of these teachings.

2. What Brit-Am Research Remains to be Done?
Bible: This is the most important point. It is also our strongest one. Brit-Am Findings along with those that were already known before our time are very convincing.
More however needs to be done and can be.
We have been working on this and will continue to do so.

DNA: Conventional DNA findings as commonly understood are against us. We lack the background, training, energy and time to tackle this subject directly. Nevertheless by following research results etc we have been able to see faults in DNA conceptions that could otherwise be used against us. At the moment we neither accept nor reject DNA results but rather attempt to understand what is being said and its relevance (if any) to us.

History: Brit-Am Historical proofs are quite good but need some updating and expanding.
One Strong Historical Example Needed: We need to find at least one case that is very strong.

Dolmens: This perhaps should receive much more emphasis and investment of time and energy than it has so far been given.

Scandinavia- Archaeology.
Very strong evidence exists linking Scandinavia in the Bronze Age to the Middle East.
This is accepted by Scandinavian academia.
This deserves to be worked on.

3. Steve Mathe: Pesach 2011/5771 message

Dear Friends of Brit Am,

We are in facing momentous events as we prepare for Passover 2011 / 5771. The US economy along with that of the world is teetering on the verge of financial and moral bankruptcies. The Middle East is being politically reconfigured to play out the end-time prophecies of Psalm 83 while the naive progenies of peacenik hippies and the minions pony-tailed socialist academics try their hands at world salvation.  As the world's nations are jockeying for positions for world resources, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is waking and calling forth His people from the deep spiritual sleep of forgetfulness in the Valley of Dry Bones.

We are most blessed for having been awakened [resurrected] from that "death" by the mercies of the Living God.  As such, we are called to "remember the Torah of Moses, with the statues and the judgments," (Mal. 4:22), gain knowledge of the true God, (Hos. 6:6), confess our corporate and individual sins, (Lev. 26:40-42), and return to the Covenant we cast away, (Hos. 6:7, 8:1, 14:1).  In short we are to return to our God, and He will return to us, (Mal. 3:7).

This year on our way homeward, let us remember some essentials as we learn to keep the spiritual feast of Passover during the Days of Unleavened Bread. During Passover night, we are to commemorate and retell in the first person singular, the deliverance of Israel by the Almighty.  We are to remember how we, the Eternal's firstborn, (Ex. 4:22), were "passed over" by the Death Angel,  while Egypt's firstborn were slain, (Ex. 12:23-27).  During the next night, "the night to be much observed," (Ex. 12:42), we are to celebrate having left Egypt, again by the agency of the Redeemer and Deliverer, the Holy One of Israel, who enabled us to pass through the Red Sea dry shod.

We have heard here that this season of Pesach and Matzos / Unleavened Bread is considered a time of new beginnings when mistakes of the past may more easily be corrected and positive breakthroughs achieved.  As we clean out our leavening, let us remember that this is an object lesson for us to find and remove the personal sins that corrupt us.  As we eat the bread of humbleness, let us resolve to ask for Divine help in removing these sins.  This "Help" is most important, for these sins are often rooted in our psyches, and it takes the Divine Doctor to loosen our bonds to them, (Hos 4:17, Psalm 13:3, 19:12-13). 

As we hide the Afikoman, let us remember, that a most probable meaning of it is that this "Greek named" piece of matzah, is picturing the Ten Tribes, hidden under a gentile identity in the Occidental world of the West, veiled by values of Greek and Roman origins. The broken-off piece is to be a very large one, and is to be found by a child. This seems to picture the identity of the Ten Tribes of Israel to be reinherited by millions of "the children's children" "in the sight of the heathen," (See. Ez. 22:15-16, Artscroll Chumash).  At last we are to "remember" with jubilation what our God has caused to be written, the Great Exodus from the world's nations to come soon, (Jer. 16:14-15).

Above all, let us give thanks with tears of joy and thankfulness and cry out with our whole heart for mercy for our brothers and sisters as fires are about to break out in the House of Joseph, (Amos 5: 6, 15).  It is our lot to do that, as "the remnant" of Israel, for our peoples are being prepared to meet God, (Amos 4;12).

May you all have a most inspired and meaningful Pesach and Days of Matzot ever!

Steve Mathe

"Only Torah, prayer and repentance will unify the Tribes of Israel."

4. Pesach Wishes:

(1) Steven Collins:
From: "Steve Collins" <>

Shalom Yair,

I wish you a very blessed Passover season! I'll be observing my 42nd Passover this year.


(2) Sharon:
Hello Yair, sending you prayers and wishes for a blessed Passover in Israel... My, what incredible times we are in!

(3) Henrik
 Chag Sameach Pessach
to you, Dear Yair and your close ones
Dan Henrik
The Israelite outpost in Germany

5. Damon Casale: Carbon Dating Has not Been Discredited!
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1682

Carbon dating has NOT been "discredited".  Carbon 14 dating has its limitations, which scientists are well aware of.  But for the lay person, they look at those limitations (for instance, contamination from a foreign source material in the material being carbon dated, or the leaching away of minerals due to moisture from the material being dated) and see only the impossibility that carbon dating ever being reliable, but such is not the case.

As I mentioned before, I'm currently writing a book which discusses modern issues like terrorism, peace in the Middle East, etc., from the perspective of the origins of civilization.  In order to do this book justice, I actually went and researched various different dating methods, including carbon 14 dating.  I got a book titled "Chronometric Dating in Archaeology" from interlibrary loan (see link below; it's a very expensive book) and read exactly how it works, and exactly how scientists use other methods of dating to verify its accuracy.  I can even send you the scanned-in pages from the book if you like, so you can see for yourself. e/dp/0306457156/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1302644829&sr=8-1

In order to say whether the carbon dating of the remains found at Stonehenge are invalid, one would need to demonstrate that somehow the existing carbon 14 was mostly leached away.  It's possible, but scientists are smart enough to check for things like that and make adjustments in their calculations, so without adequate proof I would take that dating estimate at face value -- at least to within an order of magnitude (and 700 BC is quite a ways off from that).

I cannot speak authoritatively about Hebrew calendar issues related to Hezekiah's "long day".  But I *am* familiar enough with the Egyptian calendar to know that there were epagomenal days -- and hence a 365-day year -- long before 700 BC.


Brit-Am Reply:
Regarding Carbon Dating we disagree.
Perhaps this discussion will be continued after Pesach?
Anyway anyone who wishes to write in on the subject is invited to do so.

6. Damon Casale: No Change Took Place in Length of Year!
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1682

First of all, I'm not familiar with the ancient calendars of any other culture except for Egypt.  But for Egypt, I'm absolutely certain that the years had 365 days -- including the five epagomenal days -- for far longer than since 700 BC.

As far as the Ebers Papyrus goes, apparently it was an attempt to introduce a "royal year" in place of the existing civil year, an attempt which apparently failed.  However, the five epagomenal days go back to long before the Ebers papyrus.

Here's a link to an article in JSTOR mentioning the history of the epagomenal days.  Without an account, you can only see the first page of the article, but it's enough to see that there are references to the epagomenal days dating back to the 5th dynasty.

References to the epagomenals, of course, can be found in such texts as the Niuserre Temple Calendar of Dynasty V or the private feast lists of Khnumhotep 2 at Beni Hasan and those recorded on the Coffin of Ma, the latter two dated to the Middle Kingdom, as well as one of the Harhotpe documents previously noted."

Velikovsky is infamous in the scholarly community for looking for supposed evidence for catastrophism where counter-evidence exists.  This is just one example.


7. Peter Sutton: Eye-Witness Reaction to the Earthquakes in New Zealand.

hi Yair, love your emails they are awesome i'm definitely coming around to your point of view on a lot of things now, some of your ideas are so blindingly obvious its hard to understand why we as christians have missed them, for example  i was always told that china was the land of sinim,the weight of evidence weighs in your favour and that only abraham/Israel was promised a future land etc, why couldnt we understand simple plain english when it said that the blessings given to ephraim and mannasah were to clearly exceed that of there progenitors, abraham etc, i thought you might be interested to know i live in christchurch new zealand and as you all know we have just recently experienced catastrophic destruction of our business district and about one1 half of our city of 400,000 has been badly damaged, it was equivalent to the entire city being dropped about a metre or so from above ground, even our largest building with the strongest foundation has to be pulled down and is currently  leaning quite badly, the first quake happened at  night and i thought it was judgement day this one happened in the morning and i was in the cbd, it was very scary indeed, to give everyone an appreciation there is a NZ army civil engineer with experience in Bhaghdad and other war zones and natural disasters around the world who was more sickened by the devastation he has seen and torn body parts etc than any other situation he has experienced, the quake was especially bad because of  its close location to the surface which gave it a force more like a  9 on the richter scale, they believe that we are in line for another big one because the 2 fault lines we now have are apparently joining up directly under the city for the mother of all christchurch earthquakes which is why we have had more after shocks in all of recorded history about 3000 thus far, i am of the opinion that GOD may want to utterly destroy the city but i could be wrong, as a Kiwi it seemed we were impervious  to disasters and that they only happened in undeveloped countries but it seems as  if Yair is correct and i think he is, that catastrophe is coming to all Israelite countries, due to our reasonably strict building codes we were saved what would have been Haiti styled body counts plus a lot more, but due to the number of quakes we have had everything is so fragile, tens of thousands of people have left the city permanently, all of our lives are changed now forever,i only pray Yair that you are correct and that GOD has a special plan and purpose for our country and that the spirit of Elijah becomes evident or he returns himself prior to the coming of the Messiah for this great regathering
 Kind regards Peter Sutton

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