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Brit-Am Now no. 1682.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
13 April 2011, 9 Nissan 5771.

1. New Brit-Am YouTube Clip.
Britain as Ephraim -4: A Company of Nations.
2. New Article. The British Island Nations.
England, Eire (Ireland), Ulster (North Ireland), Scotland.
3. Letter from Damon Casale about Velikovsky, Megalithics, and Brit-Am Reply.


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1. New Brit-Am YouTube Clip.
Britain as Ephraim -4: A Company of Nations.
Length 34.12 minutes.

When Jacob (i.e. the Patriarch Israel) blessed Joseph and his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:3) he recalled the Blessing he had previously received at Luz (Beth-el). This involved becoming a "Nation and a Company of Nations" (Genesis 35:11). This blessing was to be fulfilled primarily through Ephraim. The Tribe of Ephraim found his expression mainly through the British and offshoots of Britain.
We discuss briefly the British Family of Nations.
 In the British Isles: Ireland (Eire), Ulster (North Ireland), Scotland, Wales, England.
The British Overseas are also spoken of:
Ephraimites in the USA,  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
This is another proof identifying the British with Ephraim.

Ephraim-Britain, "A COMPANY OF NATIONS"

2. New Article.
The British Island Nations
England, Eire (Ireland), Ulster (North Ireland), Scotland.

Part Two of:
# Ephraim-Britain, "A COMPANY OF NATIONS" #

3. Letter from Damon Casale about Velikovsky and Brit-Am Reply.
RE: 2 Kings 20: The Sundial of King Hezekiah

Regarding Velikovsky's theories, it's instructive to look at the Wikipedia article on him:

Basically, he arrived at his conclusions by looking for correlations between historical events and biblical events, often arguing for "catastrophic" causes.  That's a completely wrongheaded way to study history.  Rather, one must engage in a *systematic* attempt to sort out chronological difficulties....

What about the megaliths at Nabta Playa, which are conventionally dated to roughly 4500 BC?  The Sahara Desert was a savannah prior to about 3500 BC, meaning that life where these megaliths were found was viable before then but not nearly as much afterwards. There's no reasonable way one can date these to after 700 BC.  Also, Stonehenge has been dated to roughly 2200 BC from carbon dating of remains found at the site, again well before 700 BC.

Brit-Am Reply:
Concerning the theories of Velikovsky we would make a distinction between the historical phenomena he described and his explanations for what caused them.
Concerning King Hezekiah (715-686  BCE??) Velikovsky produced evidence that the length of the year had changed during his reign from 360 days to 365 as it is now.
Velikovsky and the Change in Our Calendar

Velikovsky says:

# All over the world we find that there was at some time the same calendar of 360 days, and that at some later date, about the seventh century before the present era, five days were added at the end of the year, as "days over the year," or "days of nothing."
    Scholars who investigated the calendars of the Incas of Peru and the Mayas of Yucatan wondered at the calendar of 360 days; so did the scholars who studied the calendars of the Egyptians, Persians, Hindus,
Chaldeans, Assyrians, Hebrews, Chinese, Greeks, or Romans. Most of them, while debating the problem in their own field, did not suspect that the same problem turned up in the calendar of every nation of antiquity. #

He brings sources. Someone who disagrees with Velikovsky on this point should say why the references he refers to are not reliable.
If others disagree with Velikovsky on other points that is not our concern here.

If Velikjovsky is right concerning the Calendar it means that the dates for the yearly solstices and equinoxes etc changed.

So called "megalithic" monuments that are so aligned as to allow light inside of them etc exactly on the day of the summer solstice etc according to our calendar and on no other day must therefore have been built AFTER the length of year changed.
They would therefore date AFTER the time of Hezekiah. King Hezekiah reigned from shortly before the Final Deportation of the Ten Tribes until a relatively few years after it.
It would follow from this that ALL "megalithic" monuments that are aligned according  to our solar year date from AFTER the Ten Tribes were exiled.
Our understanding that SOME of these monuments should be ascribed to the Ten Tribes therefore would be more feasible than otherwise.
Stone Henge in England and New Grange in Ireland and a great number of other megalithic monuments in the British isles and North Europe are arranged according to our present solar calendar.

What concerns us at present is whether or not Velikovsky was correct on this point!
If he was correct on this basic issue it matters much less to us as to what the cause was.

You quoted carbon dating for Stone Henge but carbon dating has been discredited over and over again.
Your reference to monuments in the Sahara is not precise enough. Almost any stone monument may be described as a "megalithic".
We are interested in specific types that we do find on the whole only along lines of migration leading to Western Europe and stretching back to the area of Ancient Israel.

If we disregard the "findings" of carbon dating etc the observation of William Copeland Borlase (1897) still holds:

# putting the whole of the evidence together, and remembering especially the vast number of dolmens which occur in the several groups, it is most probable that the practice of dolmen-building continued uninterruptedly from the latter portion of the Neolithic Age down to the early centuries of the Christian era among a race of dolichocephalic inhabitants, either originally driven southward from south-western Europe, and whose descendants may possibly be looked for in some of the existing peoples still on the spot, or who made a long sojourn here on their journey from the east and south.

William Copeland Borlase (1897):
The Dolmens of Ireland, their Distribution, Structural Characteristics, and Affinities in Other Countries; together with the folk-lore attaching to them and traditions of the Irish people. 3 vols.

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