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Brit-Am Now no. 1673.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
28 March 2011, 22 Adar-Sheni 5772.

1. Three New Brit-Am YouTube Clips.
(1)  Britain as Ephraim: Introduction Part A.
(2) Britain as Ephraim: Introduction Part B.
(3) Britain as Ephraim -1 Precedence in Time.
2. Henry Rhea: No Such Thing as Race! and Brit-Am Reply.
3. Pedro: In Defence of the Portuguese Empire.
4. More Remarks from Kilgore.
5. Thomas Malloy: My Response to Kilgore.


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1. Three New Brit-Am YouTube Clips.

(1) Britain as Ephraim: Introduction Part A.
Length 5.51 minutes
The Lost Ten Tribes went to the West. The two tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh went to the British Isles.
With the formation of the USA most of Manasseh moved to America. Great Britain and offshoots from Britain represent Ephraim.
Seven major Proofs identifying the British with Ephraim include:
1. The Blessing of Ephraim was to precede that of Manasseh in Time.
2. Relative Importance in Different Spheres. Ephraim Lowered himself. Modest. The Pre-eminence of Manasseh is Material.
3. Ephraim Was to Rule Over Other Nations.
4. "A COMPANY OF NATIONS" to be fulfilled in Ephraim.
5. Ephraim Represents the Aristocratic Principle. Nobility.
6. Ephraim Represents the "BULL". John Bull of England, "Land of the Bull-Calf".
7. Ephraim Takes on the Aspects of Joseph whereas Manasseh is closer to Jacob.
Ephraim defeats Edom-Germany.
Why the British are Ephraim! Introduction

(2) Britain as Ephraim: Introduction Part B.
Britain as Ephraim Introduction 2
Length 7.25 minutes
The British Isles were populated by peoples who to a significant degree were descended from Israelites.
Elements from the Tribes of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) were predominant in the British Isles.
Joseph had been divided into two Tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh.
It is agreed upon that the USA and Britain are separate nations.
It is also accepted that in general the other nations who came out of Britain (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc) are closer to Britain than they are to the USA.
Since Joseph was divided into separate tribes and since Prophecy indicates that they should be distinct from each other it is logical that the division between Ephraim and Manasseh is reflected in the distinction between Britain and here offshoots and the USA on the other.
We consider the USA to be Manasseh and those of British association to be Ephraim.
Why the British are Ephraim! Introduction

(3) Britain as Ephraim -1 Precedence in Time.
Length 12 minutes
1st proof out of seven.
Joseph had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.
The descendants of Joseph went to the British Isles.
Britain and the offshoots of Britain are Ephraim and have the characteristics of Ephraim. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim.
America was founded by the British and in a sense emerged from Britain.
The USA is Manasseh and time-wise it did become great after Britain with the British Empire had enjoyed its power peak for quite some time.
Britain preceded the USA therefore Britain is Ephraim.
Why the British are Ephraim!
#1. The Blessing of Ephraim was to precede that of Manasseh in Time.

2. Henry Rhea: No Such Thing as Race! and Brit-Am Reply.

There is no such thing as race. Race is a false concept, a term by which arrogance and bigotry are legitimized.  There isn't even a human race; only a human species,   and within it families, grown up, exhibiting on a larger scale the family traits and characteristics we in the ignorance of our arrrogance think of as racial traits.  And it is that arrogance and bigotry that is the root cause of most of the problems of the world.  "I can and should rule over you because I am of the Master race."  "You and your race should be exterminated because you are a lesser race that should not exist to dilute the pure lines."  "I can enslave you because of the color of your skin.  The Book of God shows this."  "I and my race are the Chosen People of God.  It doesn't matter that we do not have his witness to prove it.  We have his book saying it's so, and we have no need of proof beyond that.  Or proof even that it is his book."  But that book itself doesn't even refer to races, but to families.
Arrogance, not race, is the root of most if not all evil experienced and done by the human species.  If you have not got the witness of God to back you up, you only exhibit arrogance by claiming to be his Chosen People.  
You have my permission to publish the foregoing only if you publish it in its entirety.
Henry Rhea

Brit-Am Reply:
The Bible does not speak expressly about race. It does speak about blessings and promises that are inherited.
It also indicates strongly that certain traits are to be found in certain peoples and that these are inherent.
The Bible is  "the witness of God" that we have.
The Bible deals with the People of Israel as the chosen people.
The first task in our opinion should be to determine what the Bible does say.
We should beware of those posing as "super-righteous" who attempt to empty Scripture of its content.
Brit-Am is concerned mainly with analyzing the Biblical message while also utilizing subsidiary sources to help us do so.
We have been warned against false prophets and people who claim to be inspired delivering a non-Biblical message.

3. Pedro: In Defence of the Portuguese Empire and the Concept of "Gates".
The Traditions of the 5th Empire of The Holy Spirit of the Third Age - Galaico-Lusitanic countries

Dear Sir,


Above all, I salute all the People of Israel and may GOD Bless Israel. We Portuguese are Brothers and Friends to Israel in large majority - we support Israel.

I will respect your personal convictions and your interpretations on Biblic Texts - the Torah;
as I respect also your own Interpretation of History.

So, If you don?t mind, only a correction in your first video (I think is your first video [YouTube]) about "these were the only empires...".

About the Gates and all straits and routes - the strategic points:

The Idea was Portuguese and Portugal started it (King Emanuel, the 14th King and Afonso de Albuquerque, among others). The Country had only at the time circa 1 Million and 2 hundred People.(1500).

"The Portuguese Empire, also known as the Portuguese Overseas Empire, or the Portuguese Colonial Empire, was the first global empire in history.[1][2][3] In addition, it was the longest-lived of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost six centuries, from the capture of Ceuta in 1415 to the handover of Macau in 1999. The empire spread throughout a vast number of territories that are now part of 49 different Sovereign States."

"Afonso de Albuquerque (or archaically spelt as Aphonso d'Albuquerque and also spelt as Affonso, Alfonso, and Alphonso; ...1453 -- December 16, 1515) was a Portuguese fidalgo, or nobleman, an admiral whose military and administrative activities as second governor of Portuguese India conquered and established the Portuguese colonial empire in the Indian Ocean. He is generally considered a world conquest military genius[1][2], given his successful strategy: he attempted to close all the Indian ocean naval passages to the Atlantic, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and to the Pacific, transforming it into a Portuguese mare clausum established over the Turkish power and their Muslim and Hindu allies.[3] He was responsible for building numerous fortresses to defend key strategic positions and establishing a net of diplomatic relations. Shortly before his death he was awarded viceroy and "Duke of Goa" by king Manuel I of Portugal, becoming the first Portuguese duke not from the royal family, and the first Portuguese title landed overseas. For some time he was known as The Terrible, The Great, The Caesar of the East, Lion of the Seas and as The Portuguese Mars."

"Albuquerque is said to have entertained the idea of diverting the course of the Nile River and so rendering the whole country barren. Perhaps most tellingly, he intended to steal the body of the Prophet Muhammad, and hold it for ransom until all Muslims had left the Holy Land". (from his letters)

Recover Jerusalem was his main idea, as to King Manuel (In their own letters) the second was the
Strateg. key points, the "Gates" as they D. Manuel, D. Francisco de Almeida and D. Afonso de Albuquerque call it ("Portas","Passagens" estrat?icas) of the known and of the unknown world whitch they discovered, to dominate the commerce and to built a global empire in a new age.

The Empire

[There follows a list of historical Portugal possessions see map.]

The Dutch or the French were relativily far from such project (I mean also as "idea", not only as a colonial territories occupied so to speak - France had many but far from that - and much later) the Dutch (17th Century) before the French, were more imitators on this Portuguese strategy, but far from Portuguese achievement. Only Britain much later, in XIX/XX centuries, when was the largest empire in history (Britain and Portugal are the oldest allies in the world), would emulate Portugal.

Best Regards.

Pedro - Luso515PorTuoGraal.

4. More Remarks from Kilgore.
Indeed sir, it goes without saying that I could be wrong. I have no personal objection to your theory itself, I just think you present things as clear-cut when the interpretation could be seen in other ways. ...I just want to be reassured that this is coming from a good source! Your replies have showed to me you are completely Orthodox in your beliefs so my main anxiety is gone. So many try to deceive and pretend in this day and age. And, you must admit you have written your English pages with a Non-Jewish audience in mind which is why it sounds very Un-Jewish.

I think it's interesting you exist.

And I do concede many of your points are right on. Even now there is a blonde and red hair type of the Samaritans, and they have pretty much stayed around Nablus. They could reflect somewhat what Israelites would've looked like. But heres a kicker: Many Palestinians in that area are descended from Samaritans converted to Islam. From what I understand some surnames reflect this.

According to your views wouldn't this make the Germans who are related to the Britons also Israelites? The Nazis??

Brit-Am Reply:
Some of the people of Germany were Israelites but most of them moved to North Amnerica and elsewhere.
It was prophesied that the Lost Tribes be would intermixed with Gomer (see our commentaries to Hoseas chs. 1 and 2) and also be associated with Edom (see our commentaries to Amos ch. 1 and elsewhere.).
Both Gomer and Edom are to be found (as well as others) amongst the Germanic Peoples.
It was the British who fought against the Nazis.
At one stage they were the only ones who did so.
This is a characteristic of Joseph.

5. Thomas Malloy: My Response to Kilgore.

Kilgore [#] said:
# Yes, there is some evidence the
Kuzari mass conversion was preceded by an admixture of Jewish people into the ruling class. #

 TM: Jews tend to do that. See Jewish intermarrying into the British    elite.

# This is considered the case with Bulan who's pagan father had a Biblical name showing some syncretism. He viewed it as a 'return' but not in the way you purporting. His Jewish ancestors came in just a few generations prior.

TM: Religious inclination tends to follow blood lines, why am I not surprised? 

#The fact those sources call them Jews was because by that time almost the entire realm had accepted Judaism! #

TM: There appears to have been two waves of immigration into the area, first the northern tribes, then from the southern kingdom. You're surprised that they reverted to Judaism and were ruled over by a descendant of David?

# In fact, this sort of belief comes from a gentile named Herbert Armstrong. #

TM:  While Armstrong had some bad theology, his advocacy of Sabbath and the Festivals was a much needed breath of fresh air in the Christian Church.

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