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Brit-Am Now no. 1665.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
11 March 2011, 5 Adar-Sheni 5772.

1. Damon Casale: Sequence of Restoration.
2. Nine Attributes of the Coming Messiah by Don Isaac Abarbanel.
3. Question on North Amerindians and


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1. Damon Casale: Sequence of Restoration.
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1664
#1. New
YouTube Clip and Articles: The Return in Ezekiel.

Regarding the sequence of events from Ezekiel 35-39:

Probably the best source for structural analysis of the bible (that I know of) is the Companion Bible.  It has this structure for the text:

35:1-15  Judgments on enemies
36:1-37:28  Restoration of Israel
36:1-3  What the enemy said
36:4-12  What God purposed
36:13  What the enemy said
36:14-15  What God purposed
36:16- ...
38:1:39-29  Judgments on nations
40:1-48:35  Restoration of Israel (regarding the Temple)

This structure tells us quite a bit.  First of all, I'd like to point out that "Seir" and "Idumea" are meant as the prototypical enemies of Jacob. This actually comes out of a study of Isaiah (Isa. 34) in analyzing *its* structure -- although the best analysis of the structure of Isaiah comes from a book called "The Literary Message of Isaiah" by Avraham Gileadi.  So whoever Israel is fighting, it's "the final enemy" as it were.

Beginning with Seir, it looks like there is a battle first between Seir and Judah.  Afterwards, we see a partial reunification of Judah and Joseph, where some of Joseph re-enters the land.  After that, we see a threat by Gog and his allies to attack "the land of unwalled villages" (Eze. 38:11) -- meaning the settlements that Joseph just built in the land.

Finally, the description of Jerusalem and the Temple in Ezekiel 40-48 indicates an absolutely huge area, which leads me to believe that this is *after* Joseph returns to the land.  Otherwise, there would be no need for such a large city and Temple.

These chapters leave out things like the return of a Davidic king to Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple *prior* to the return of Joseph, though.
That's another story for another time.


2. Nine Attributes of the Coming Messiah by Don Isaac Abarbanel.
Don Isaac Abarbanel was a great Biblical Scholar as well as being a Chief Minister and advisor to the governments of Spain, Portugal, and Venice.
In his commentary to Isaiah ch.11 Abarbanel enumerates different characteristics that the Messiah will require:
1. Descent from David (Isaiah 11:1).
2. The Gift of Prophecy (Isaiah 11:2-3).
3. Great Wisdom and Knowledge (Isaiah 11:2).
4. Perfect Self-Control.
5. An Enforcer of Justice and Righteousness.
6. A Performer of Miracles.
7. Establish an Era of Peace in the World.
8. An advisor to other peoples and a unifier of humanity.
9. An Ingather of the Exiles of Judah and of the Lost Ten Tribes.

Aryeh Kaplan ("A Handbook of Jewish Thought" vol.2, s.25.8) adds a few additional qualifications including the ability to determine what Tribe a person belongs to.

Concerning point no.9 Later Jewish tradition attributes the task of ingathering the Ten Tribes to Messiah son of Joseph.
We may write a more complete article discussing the opinions of Abarbanel on Isaiah ch.11.

3. Question on North Amerindians and Kedar.
Steve Truels  wrote:

Thank you soooo much for all you do!  I have been doing so much studying of the lost tribes lately and it has been so insightful.
I have a question about Kedar.  In one of your books, you mention that some of that tribe came to North America and became some of the Native Indians of North America.  Has anyone ever studied this further and what tribes they may have formed.
There are some interesting things that I am reading in scripture and also local history that it would be AWESOME to know where I could go to research this more.
Take care for now!!
Stay blessed and thank you again for your AWESOME work!
Steve Truels

Brit-Am Reply:
You are referring to our work "Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel" (1995, 2nd ed. 2001).

In  this work we suggested that descendants of Kedar son of Ishmael had migrated to North America and inter-mixed with the Amerindians.
We quoted linguistic and other studies.
We have not followed up on this issue but understand that much more information may now be available.
Much of this can probably be found on the web.
It could make an interesting and valuable study for somebody who was suited for it.

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