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Brit-Am Now no. 1662.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
9 March 2011, 3 Adar-Sheni 5772.

1. Damon Casale: Reply to Alexander Zephyr regarding Ezekiel's dry bones.
2. New Brit-Am YouTube Clip. Ephraimite Criteria.avi.
3. Jo Ann: Who Are the Caucasians?


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1. Damon Casale: Reply to Alexander Zephyr regarding Ezekiel's dry bones:

Re Brit-Am Now no. 1661
#1. Alexander Zephyr: (a) Good Broadcast and (b) the Metaphor of Dry Bones.

A proper understanding of the development of the doctrine of the resurrection from the dead has to start with Isaiah 26:19-21 and its surrounding context:

"May Your [God's] dead come to life, may my corpses [those of Isaiah's people, Israel] arise. Awake and shout for joy, you who rest in the dirt, For your dew is like the dew that revives vegetation, And the earth will cast out its dead.

"Go, my people, enter your chambers and close your door behind you; hide for a brief moment until the wrath has passed.  For behold, the Lord is going forth from his place, to bring punishment for the sin of the inhabitant of the earth [that is, the nations in close proximity to Israel] upon him; and the land will reveal its blood, and no longer cover over its slain."

Notice that death is here described as like entering into one's chambers for a brief moment while God's wrath passes by.  Remind you of anything?

Compare this with Exodus 12:12-13.  In the time of Moses, God's wrath was upon the Egyptians as the wicked destroyers of Israel.  In the same way, God's wrath was upon the wicked of Judah via Assyria (Isaiah 10:5-6) in the time of Isaiah, but it also fell upon the righteous, who likewise died at the hands of the Assyrians.  Whereas in the original Passover, they were protected by the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their houses, in this case, they actually died.  But there was a promise of a resurrection to them *for the purpose of fulfilling the covenant of Moses*.  In other words, the covenant of Moses promised prosperity and long life to those who kept that covenant.  Since the Assyrians took away the lives of the righteous along with the wicked, God was obligated to restore the lives of the righteous back to them.

This theme of resurrection from the dead is later developed to mean eternal life (Daniel 12:1-2) but the original purpose of the doctrine of resurrection from the dead was to keep God's covenantal promises with Israel.  The whole point of Ezekiel's dry bones prophecy was that God's covenantal promises to Israel were seen as forever broken, since they were all scattered and lost.  But not only could the scattered Israelites be restored to their own land, they could even be raised from the dead in order to fulfill those covenantal promises.


Brit-Am Reply:
Alexander Zephyr agreed in his article that Scripture speaks of a future Resurrection of the Dead.
# Ezekiel did not mean actual physical resurrection (as, for instance, Isaiah 26:19; 66:14; Daniel 12:2; or Hosea13:14). #
He disagrees however as to whether the vision of Ezekiel 37 with the dry bones coming to life refers to this Resurrection. In his opinion this vision was a simile for the future revival of the Israelite Consciousness of the Ten Lost Tribes.

2. New Brit-Am YouTube Clip. Ephraimite Criteria.avi

Ephraimite Criteria.avi
How does one know whether or not one is of Israelite descent? What about nations? What determines membership of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel or of the Hebrew nation in general?
Yair Davidiy, representing the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes, discusses these matters.
See Also a written article on the subject:
"Ephraimite Criteria"

Length: 28 minutes.

3. Jo Ann: Who Are the Caucasians?

I have a question for you regarding our geneology......Caucasians.   Are we descendants of Shem or of Japheth?   I have heard conflicting opinions
on this.  Thanks, Jo Ann.

Brit-Am Reply:
The term "Caucasian" is an out-moded expression meaning "white people" in general.
It used to be claimed that all white men came from the Caucasus Mountains area.
Therefore they were termed "Caucasian" and/or "Caucasoid".
Descendants of Shem are mainly white though some are darkish.
Descendants of Japhet are often very white and also very yellow and Mongoloid.
Descendants of Ham are black, Negroid, and also white.
Modern day DNA classifications say the same.
Different white people may look similar but they are not necessarily related to each other.
White people may descend from either Shem, Ham, or Japhet.

Forget these classification and concentrate on  your Israelite ancestry!

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