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Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
7 March 2011, 1 Adar-Sheni 5772.

1. E-Book from Steven Collins now Available.
2. Answer to Question on Daniel 11 and Prototypical Prophecies.
3. Additions to Article: Traditions of Israelite Descent in England 
Notable adherents
Notable Adherents Added by Brit-Am.
by Alexander Zephyr. Part Seven of THE WARS of
5. Some Points of Interest.
Wikipedia Article on British Israelism
(a) History of the Belief in pre-Modern Era.
(b) Modern Era.
(c) Genetics.


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1. E-Book from Steven Collins now Available.
From: Steve Collins <>
The first Lost Ten Tribes book back in print!

Shalom Yair,
This email is to let you know that my first book, The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!, is back in print as a downloadable E-book after many years of being out of print. As you know, I've had a newer, 4-book series out for sale, but at a cost of $80 for a set, that is a price that many cannot afford in these challenging economic times.
To create low-cost alternate way for people to learn about the history, migrations and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel as well as see God's faithfulness in dealing with them, I decided to "resurrect" my first book, so to speak. It was not available in any electronic form, so each page had to be scanned into a WORD document, then all the scanner errors had to be cleaned up before the book could be reformatted for a computer screen instead of  a printed page. This was a major project which took months.
However, if you go to, you will see that this book is now again available as a downloadable E-book which can be purchased easily on-line via PayPal. I am pleased to announce that the cost of the new E-book is half the cost of the original book, as it sells for only $12.99 (the original printed book was sold and shipped for $25).
The new E-book is exactly the same book as the original version, but it has larger print, wider margins, etc. which make it more readable. The E-book has grown to 628 pages with the electronic re-formatting changes so readers will receive a truly massive amount of information on the ten tribes of Israel for just $12.99.
I think it has never been more important for our Israelite Covenant nations to wake up to their true biblical origins and heritage! This new E-book will help accomplish that purpose!
Steve Collins

2. Answer to Question on Daniel 11 and Prototypical Prophecies.
Susanna Garlitz  wrote:
Re Brit-Am Commentary to Daniel

Shalom Yair,
I have been reading your commentary on the book of Daniel.  I have recently finished reading the commentary on chapter 11.
 I wonder, is it possible that the second fullfilment of those prophecies has been underway?  I think the time period involved for the second fulfilment would be between the exile by the Romans up through the present into the future.  The role of the Romans in the first fulfilment would be filled by Christian Europe, the king if the South would be the branch of Islam dominant in Egypt (Sunni?) And the king of the North would be the branch of Islam dominant in Iran, modern day Persia, (Shiite?).  In the first fulfilment the Egyptians and Persians were trying to impose upon the Chosen People a culture belonging to neither one of them, the Greek culture, for the purpose of achieving control of course.  The second fulfilment seems to be using Secularism in the same way and for the same purpose as Helenism (the Greek culture) was used the first time. 

For much of the period involved Islam and Christianity have been attempting to gain control of the Holy Land.  Might this fit the pattern of domination of the Promised Land described in much of Daniel 11?  Is there a parallel between the Maccabees gaining control of the Promised Land and the Zionist movement that created the modern State of Israel?  The Maccabees faced continual challenges, so does Israel today.  Then there is mention of Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia in Daniel 11: 43.  Egypt then Libya have had revolts against their tyrranies.  If Ethopia follows in revolting against their government then perhaps a second look at this chapter may be worthwhile.  Also note that at the end of the chapter (Daniel 11: 45) there is a statement declaring that none will stand with the Kings of the South and the North, if these really do represent Islam it would seem to fit the End that Islam has coming to it once people see it for what it is.  A simple comparison of the traits of the G_d of Israel described by Judaism and Christianity on one side versus the traits of Allah described by Islam on the other side would adequetly reveal the stark difference.  Once the peoples of the world see the vengeful Allah they will not stand with Islam.  Will they also be at peace with the merciful G_d of Israel? 

I hope these thought are not too generalized or too unconnected for you to comment given your detailed method of studying and commenting on the scriptures. 

Susanna Garlitz

Brit-Am Reply:

We would not necessarily agree with your interpretation concerning the End Times.
There is however a prototypical aspect to prophecy.
In a sense history repeats itself.
It is like a stage-play.
There are pre-set roles.
The actors change from time to time but only certain  types of actor fit specific roles.
The play is rehearsed over and over with the actors changing.
The closer we get to the end times the more realistic does the playing become.
In the end we have the real thing.
#2.  What Are Prototypical Prophesies?

3. Additions to Article:
Traditions of Israelite Descent in England

Notable adherents

Notable Adherents Added by Brit-Am.


Lord John Fisher (1841-1920)
British admiral, First Sea Lord before and into World War-1, closely associated with Winston Churchill.
# The argumentative, energetic, reform-minded Fisher is often considered the second most important figure in British naval history, after Lord Nelson.#
His belief that the British were from the Lost Ten Tribes and brothers to the Jews was well-known and is mentioned on the first page of "The Six-Day War" by Winston Churchill, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill.

Colonel Richard Henry Meinertzhagen
CBE DSO (1878 - 1967) was a British soldier, intelligence officer and ornithologist. Great courage and innovative unconventional military skills of historical significance. A fervant supporter of the Jewish people and of Zionism.

Lt. Colonel John Henry Patterson, DSO (1867 - 1947).
...a major figure in Zionism as the commander of both the Zion Mule Corps and the 38th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers (aka Jewish Legion[3] of the British Army) in World War One, which would eventually serve as the foundation of the Israeli Defence Force....

Major-General Orde Charles Wingate, DSO and two bars (1903 -1944)
... A highly religious Christian, Wingate became a supporter of Zionism, seeing it as his religious duty to help the Jewish community...

William Morris "Billy" Hughes,
CH, KC (25 September 1862 - 28 October 1952), Australian politician, was the seventh Prime Minister of Australia....

Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936) was an English poet, short-story writer, and novelist.

Israel Zangwill (1864 - 1926) was a British Jewish humourist and writer important in Jewish circles.

ED KOCH, former Jewish Mayor of New York City......

Professor Roger Rusk (1906-1994), brother of former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk.....

Ronald Wilson Reagan
(1911- 2004) was the 40th President of the United States (1981-1989)....

4. New Article.
by Alexander Zephyr.
Part Seven of

Speaking of the stages of Redemption, this process will not be over in a moment. Rather it will take time and be realized in stages. The very first stage, the beginning of the Redemption has already occurred. This was  the immigration of the Jewish People to the Promise Land and establishment there of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948 right after WW2 and the Holocaust.

...another stage of Redemption ....when Judah and Joseph will have reconciled their differences and be reunited in the realization that they are all sons of their forefather Jacob...

Regardless, as to whether Ezekiel 38 and 39 describe one or two wars; the final result will be the same: Total destruction of the hordes of Gog and Complete Redemption of the whole House of Israel.

5. Some Points of Interest.
Wikipedia Article on British Israelism

The present Wikipedia article on British Israelism is full of prejudice and false impressions.
It contains numerous half-truths and inaccuracies.
We may try and re-write it though even if we do so whatever we write might not stay up for long.
Also we do not really want to be associated with them.
Brit-Am considers itself something new and different even though on many points our positions overlap and we use British Israelism findings where we find them pertinent and applicable.

The article in question despite its drawbacks does have some items of information of value and interest.
Here are a few of them.


(a) History of the Belief in pre-Modern Era.
Examples being the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath (1320) which connects the Scots to Scythia and Israel[5]

[Brit-Am Comment: The  Declaration of Arbroath  could be understood as implying belief in Israelite origin but it does not expressly say so.]

and even earlier King Alfred's Doom Book (c. 893 AD) which describes a legend that the Anglo-Saxons were once 'strangers in Egypt' hinting a possible belief in Hebrew ancestry. [6]
^ a b

M. le Loyer, a French magistrate of Huguenot ancestry, who in 1590 wrote in his book The Ten Lost Tribes Found that The Israelites came to and founded the English Isles.[7]

Vincenzo Galilei's Dialogue of Ancient and Modern Music (1581) which notes Galilei's belief that the Irish descend from King David.[8]
Clark, Nora Joan, The story of the Irish harp: its history and influence, North Creek Press, 2003, p. 25

Modern British Israelites also point out that James I of England (1567 ? 1625) believed he was a king of Israel[6] and that in Sir Francis Drake's famous letter to John Foxe, he equated Britain with Israel.[9]
Harleian manuscripts (MS 167f. 104)

Adriaan van der Schrieck (1560-1621) a Flemish language researcher in 1614 wrote:
...the Netherlanders with the Gauls and Germans together in the earliest times were called: Celts, who are come out of the Hebrews.[10]

E.C. van Petegem-Feij: Aan de Lezers van Troost Troost Mijn Volk, p. 7

English antiquarian Henry Spelman by 1620 had claimed that the Danes were the Israelite Tribe of Dan.

Other books from this period detailing the British Israel theory were Jakob Abbadie's Triomphe de la Providence et de la Religion (1723) which notes Unless the Ten Tribes have flown into the air, or have been plunged to the centres of the earth, they must be sought for in the north and west...and in the British Isles.[17] Abbadie believed the lost 10 tribes were Goths who moved into Britain and other parts of Northern Europe, including France (see French Israelism). Another key text of this period was Ezra Stiles' The United States elevated to Glory and Honor (1783), and Richard Brothers' A Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies and Times (1794). Also cited as an original work is Rev. John Wilson's Our Israelitish Origins (1840s).

[Brit-Am Note Abbadie was a Protestant theologian and propagandist of some importance in his time. He lived in Ireland and England but was born a French Protestant in France. The name is Jewish.]

(b) Modern Era
In The Independent, 6 April, 1996 there appeared a facsimile of a letter written by George VI in 1922, when he was Albert, the Duke of York. In the letter, George VI wrote:
# I am sure the British Israelite business is true. I have read a lot about it lately and everything no matter how large or small points to our being 'the chosen race'. #

It is also claimed by modern British Israelites that Queen Victoria believed herself she descended from King David, they quote a letter she wrote supposedly supporting this view that she occupied the throne of David.[34]

The late Professor Roger Rusk (1906-1994), brother of former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, was a prominent teacher of British Israelism. He worked for 13 years as a public school teacher. After completing his doctorate in physics, he worked for 28 years as a professor at the University of Tennessee, where he became Emeritus Professor of Physics. He was also a member of the American Physical Society and the Tennessee Academy of Science. In 1976, the British Israelite and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society William Howard Bennett published Symbols of our Celto-Saxon heritage with the aim of establishing an Israelite origin of British heraldry.

The late 19th-century Celtic language scholar John Rhys for example stated that
...the (Celtic) Kymry were for some time indifferently called Cambria or Cumbria, the Welsh word on which they are based being, as now written, Cymru ... and is there pronounced nearly as an Englishman would treat it if spelled Kumry or KUMRI.[110]

Rhys argued that both Celts and the Scythians came from an area south-east of the Black Sea, and migrated westward to the coast of Europe. He compared the Welsh autonym, Cymru, with the name of the Cimmerians, Kumri. He believed that the names Iberia for Spain, and Hibernia for Ireland were connected to a variation of "Hebrew" and that this was evidenced in philology.[111]

Getic (Getae) links to the Picts or Scythian-Gothic-Pictish links are further cited by British Israelites.[114] Examples include the Pictish Chronicle which mentions Scithe et Gothi, 'the scythians and Goths', as being the ancestors of the Picts.[115] The Anglo Saxon Chronicle also opens by stating the Picts came from Scythia. Another link is the Agathyrsi a Thraco-Scythian people who Servius in his Commentary on Aeneid 4.v.146 wrote traveled to Scotland, Raphael Holinshed eleborated on this connection. British Israelites also quote the Historia Brittonum which connects the Scots to Scythia[116] and the Declaration of Arbroath (1320) which links not only the Scots to the Scythians, but also to the Israelites.[117]

Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1570) is also quoted by British Israelites as it connects the Scythian to the Thracians (Getae)[109]

[ Brit-Am Note: Ortellius identified the Goths as the Lost Tribes (as shown in The Tribes by Yair Davidiy) and contains other information of value. ]

(c) Genetics
Human genetics does not support British Israelism's notion of a close lineal link between Jews and Western Europeans. Genetic research on the Y-chromosomes of Jews has found that Jews are closely related to other populations originating in the Middle East, such as Kurds, Turks, Armenians and Arabs, and concluded that:

Middle Eastern populations...are closely related and...their Y chromosome pool is distinct from that of Europeans. (Nebel, 2001.)[178]
Y-DNA Haplogroups J2 and, to a lesser extent, J1 are most commonly identified in Jewish people, which is in contrast to Western Europeans. The more distant Haplogroup R1b is the most commonly identified in Europeans.[179][180][181][182]

[edit] Contemporary movement

By the end of the 19th century there were over 2 million British Israelites in England and the United States.[22] This figure however greatly declined and by 1950 there were less than 400,000 British Israelites world-wide.[43] Hebert Armstong is credited as having somewhat stabilised this figure, as his church during its heights (1950's-70's) had much influence and many members. It is unknown exactly how many British Israelites exist today, but well under 400,000.

The British-Israel-World Federation organisation continues to exist, with its main headquarters located in Bishop Auckland in County Durham. It maintains local chapters throughout the British Isles. The most recently established chapter is in BIWF-USA, based in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

In London the Orange Street Congregational Church[44] teaches a form of British Israelism, and the Ensign Trust publishes The Ensign Message in its furtherance. In Australia the Christian Revival Crusade, founded by Leo Harris, once taught this theology but abandoned it. The Revival Centres International, a prominent group that separated from the Crusade, and other splinter groups, continue to teach the doctrine. The "Churches of God" in Ireland are also known for their teaching on this subject.

British Israelite literature continues to be produced. Historical Research Projects is a modern British Israelite based publisher and research group who have published In Search of... The Origin of Nations (2003) which mainly attempts to establish Northern Europeans descended from Shem.[45]

Another modern British Israelite author is Steven M. Collins, who has published at least 3 books tracing the Israelite origins of certain European nations.[46]

[edit] Offshoots

Brit-Am is an organization (founded ca.1993) based in Israel, which also identifies the Lost Ten Tribes with the British and related peoples. Brit-Am uses biblical and rabbinical exegesis to justify its beliefs, supplemented by secular studies.

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