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Brit-Am Now no. 1659.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
4 March 2011, 28 Adar-Aleph 5772.

1. New Article: THE TARGET OF GOG'S ATTACK by Alexander Zephyr.
2. Globetrotter Comments:
(a) Mountains as Nations
(b) Wikipedia Wrong.
(c) Deep roots go way back and that is the point of restating them.
3. Brit-Am Health Advice.


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 by Alexander Zephyr.
Part 6.

The Mountains of Israel throughout the Bible are everywhere identified with the Land of Israel (Ezekiel 36:1, 8-12; 37:22; 38:8; 39:4).  It is also recorded in Scripture and secular history that the Land of Israel and the Mountains of Israel are synonymous and connote no difference in their intention. After the exile of the Jewish People by the Romans in 135 CE, for 2000 years they indeed 'had been desolate and continual waste' (Ezekiel 38:8) .                
It is no accident that the Land of Israel throughout the centuries had not become the home state for any one of the Empires who happened to conquered it. This Land had lain desolate continuously from the time of the Romans through occupation by Byzantine Christians, Arabs, and Turks to 1967, when it was wrestled back from Jordan ('under sword'). Victorious Empires had never found the Holy Land hospitable. The Land has always rejected other peoples.   
It seems that Land has a loyalty to the People of Israel and mourns when they are not on it.
God has kept the Promised Land in this way for His People Israel.

2. Globetrotter Comments:
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1658
Hi again Yair

Re #2. Daniel Duffield : Are Not Mountains Symbolic of Countries?
Re: (2) Daniel Duffield, I would suggest he is correct as to the basis of interpretation.  Mountains/hills in the OT are symbolic of kingdoms/governments, and by extension nations, (see Psa 2:6, Isa 13:4, Ezek 37:22, Oba 1:21).  Indeed the sense of Ezek 37:22 requires a symbolic interpretation, otherwise the restored tribes/nations of Israel would only be located in mountainous regions, and not in the plains, deserts, valleys, or around lakes/rivers/seas.  A literal interpretation here would seem ridiculous.  Besides the Bible is usually pretty clear as to what it means, if we just take the time, or indeed give it time.  The function of a true prophet of God, with a specific message, aside, prophecy is time-based in its revelation.  We don't often understand it until after it happens or begins to happen (e.g. Zeph 2:7 and the result of the Six-Day War, the very much awakened fourth beast of Daniel 7 and the current coalescing of the king of the south - Dan 11).

(b) Wikipedia Wrong.
Re #3. Brit-Am and Wikipedia

Re: (3) Wikipedia.  That's rich, considering the wrong info and caveats their articles contain at times.  I'm kinda busy at the moment, but if I have some time I'll access your info page and perhaps draft something myself.

(c) Deep roots go way back and that is the point of restating them.
Re #5. Brit-Am No Longer Needed?

Re: (5) Well really!  Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, even in God's eyes, though He may not agree with the form/effect of expression, and as the Inventor of speech/writing, He allows/encourages it! Also it is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that if sources you cite were written hundreds or thousands of years ago that you provide no service whatsoever by revisiting or reviving them (whether all recipients agree or not).  That is the whole point of history, culture and religion.  Deep roots go way back and that is the point of restating them.  Kings Hezekiah (2 Chr 29) and Josiah (2 Ki 22) provide excellent examples of the restoration of long-lost information/values having a positive effect on their societies. The more modern Renaissance/Reformation is another example.  In fact we still don't know how the Great Pyramid was built with such precision -- so I guess if you ever stumble across some ancient building plans/drawings you should just keep them to yourself:-)

3. Brit-Am Health Advice.

Exodus 15:
26 and said, 'If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you.'

This week Yair Davidiy was sick and irritable. I have now almost completely gotten over whatever it was I had.
Usually I am healthy and vigorous and have been for most of my life.
The reason for my taking ill this time is at least partly perhaps to be ascribed to a departure from a health regime.
I have now gone back to it.
This is based on reading, experience, and learning from others.
Your health is a derivative of inheritance, life-experience, and environment. There are some things that will never change much.
Nevertheless we can always improve.
Here are some health pointers for your edification:

Exercise: Maimonides said exercise is more important than anything else including diet. Exercise improves posture, gait, appearance, attitude, general well-being, breathing, sleep, concentration, vigor, perseverance, strength, etc. 3 or 4 times a week is good but even only 2 (if kept up) is helpful. Sessions of 40 minutes to about 1 and a half hours are recommended. It should be noted however that often ca. 70% of the benefit derives from the first 15 to 20 minutes. If therefore one is pressured for time then even a regular 10 to 15 minute workout can do a lot of good. Running, swimming, sport, etc are all options. Exercise can also be harmful so be careful. After exercise one should eat and drink something and drink again after.

Keep away from substance abuse. Avoid unnecessary medication and do not hurry to undergo surgical operations.

Go to the doctor when you need to. I had a friend in the army who suffered greatly through delaying the taking of simple medication at the right moment. Learn form the mistakes of others.

Women should be aware that abortions are dangerous and can result in fertility problems later. On the whole it is healthy for a woman to have children.

Drink water all day but especially in the morning when awakening.

Diet. Eat healthy foods. Cut down on sugar. If you exercise you can get away with a higher sugar intake but look for healthy substitutes for at least part of your sugar consumption.

Do not overeat. Do not forget to eat and drink. It happens that if one does not eat or drink for too long the result is likely to be  sudden attacks of fatigue, irritability, mental distraction. Women should watch out that their husbands and children eat something at set times.

Excretion. Go to the toilet whenever you need to. Do not hold yourself back. Keep regular if necessary through consumption of roughage such as natural cereals with milk or fruit juice.

Sleep. Winston Churchill used to sleep for an hour in the afternoon. This enabled him to work well into the night. Sometimes one can go with little sleep but pace yourself. When tired, rest.

Soap. Keep clean. Wash whenever you need to but cut down (if socially possible) on the use of soap, shampoo, deodorants, etc. Sweat is not necessarily harmful and your body has its own way of providing protection against smog and environmental attacks.

Keep away from bad people and depressive circumstances. Avoid anger etc especially in the home.

Avoid extremes of heat and cold unless you are inured to them. Get some fresh air ands sunshine every day. In possible, as part of your exercise program try and be in a place with greenery such as public park etc. This is good for body and mind in ways that we are not consciously aware of.

Pray to the Almighty and learn the Bible. This is statistically proven to have beneficial psychological and physical influence.

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