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Brit-Am Now no. 1651.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
22 February 2011, 16 Adar-Aleph 5772.

1. John Salverda :  Recommends Gannor's book "Who Were the Phoenicians?"
2. New Brit-Am YouTube Clip. Jewish Knowledge of the Ten Tribes.avi
3. New Jewish Futuristic Source. Interesting Possibilities.


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1. John Salverda :  Recommends Gannor's book "Who Were the Phoenicians?"
re Brit-Am Now no. 1650
#2. Books Received.
"Who Were the Phoenicians?" by Nissim R. Gannor, Israel, 2009.
Dear Yair,

I am pleased to see that you have received Gannor's book "Who Were the Phoenicians?" I read that book and am anxious to hear your comments on it. As you know, I too have postulated on the possibility that the Phoenicians were the Israelites. Gannor's book is especially good on his theory as to the origins of the Alphabet, read his chapter called, "The Alphabet? its Invention and Letter Names" first, and you will be hooked. (Compare this with my articles on Europa and Cadmus, and Hermes as Moses, and you will see why I am so enthused about Gannor) Another excellent chapter, for tracing the lost tribes is, "Colonies and place names. " Dr Nissim Raphael Ganor Passed away on Friday March 5th 2010, he was 86 years old at his death. I hope you will enjoy reading his work even if you will not agree completely with some of it, (I am afraid what he has to say is not very complimentary as to the Israelites and their "polytheism," between the days of Moses and Ezra.)
John R. Salverda

Brit-Am Reply:
This work may be viewed as a collection of disparate essays in Biblical History.
Identifies Phoenicians with Israelites but most of the book is really concerned with other matters.
The book is interesting. It contains valuable information and informational opinions.
We may write a Book Revue of it in the future.
On the negative side:
He is too liberal with his interpretations of Scripture.
The author quotes too many academic opinions that he does not agree with.
This is superfluous and tiring.
His summaries of research findings for all his attempt at thoroughness are lacking and misleading.
Explanations of Hebrew names are inaccurate and often incorrect.
Claims that the Ten Tribes were not exiled but rather simply became the Phoenicians.
Has no proof of this however other than his identification of the Phoenicians with Israelites in general.
Some major points and claims made in the book include the following: (Brit-Am opinion, where given, is placed in square backets [] ).

# The Land of Goshen where the Israelites dwelt when in Egypt is usually identified with the eastern section of the Nile Delta but Gannor says it was where Cairo now is.

# Tribe of Asher conquered Lebanon. Tyre, the city of the Phoenicia, was populated by Israelites from Asher.

[Not entirely correct.]

# Exodus ca. 1450 BCE.

# The Isle of Caphtor should not be identified with Crete (or Cyprus) but rather the Nile delta. 


# Philistines came from Egypt. [Doubtful but Bible says that Philistines were racially offshoots from Egyptians, Genesis 10:13-14].

# Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus identified the Israelites with Phoenicians.

# Claims Moses was an Egyptian; Israelite religion adapted from Egypt.

 [Not so and no real evidence is given.]

# Claims Ezra invented Judaism and Monotheism.

 [Not so but Ezra did strengthen belief and correct religious practice. Before Ezra there was a tendency to confuse Israelite belief with that of other peoples. After Ezra this was far less likely to occur.]

# Quotes seven different explanations for the name Phoenicia. One of these (Berard, vol 2, 1927) says that Phoenicia has the same meaning as Edom.
[ We agree with Berard.]

# The Greeks received their alphabet from the Phoenicians. Says that Greek and Phoenician names for letters need to be understand as deriving from an Israelite Hebrew memory exercise.

# Israelites influenced architecture, art, etc amongst the Philistines and in Cyprus and Crete, not the opposite way round. The influence emanated from Israel.

 [Probably correct, at least in part.]

# Ras Shumra (Uagarit) in Northern Syria was Israelite.

 [Also proposed by Velikovsky, worth checking.]

# Phoenicians spoke Hebrew and had Temple Services etc like the Hebrew ones.

# Phoenicians founded numerous colonies around the Mediterranean, including places in Spain, Italy, Sicily, Monaco, etc.
[Some of these colonies were Israelite and Judaean whereas others were Canaanite-Phoenician. We do not consider the Phoenicians as identical with Israelites though in the eyes of foreigners some confusion could occur and Israelite Tribes participated in Phoenician enterprises. ]

# Spartans were Israelites.

[We disagree but others, such as Steven Collins, do not].

# Tarshish is Tarshish in southeast Turkey not Tartessos in Spain.

[Not Correct. The name Tarshish could be applied to both places. The Bible often uses the same name for different places.]

2. New Brit-Am YouTube Clip. Jewish Knowledge of the Ten Tribes.avi

Jewish Knowledge of the Ten Tribes.avi

Duration: 27.06 minutes

The Ten Tribes of Israel went to the West and East. Those in the east also later moved westward. They converged on Western Europe and the British Isles. The Jews in the Land of Israel as well as the Greeks and Romans knew that the Ten Tribes were in the West and in the Isles of Britain. This may be seen in Jewish legends and traditions from Second Temple times and also by Arab legends derived from Jewish sources.

For accompanying article see:
Did the Jews Know Where the Ten Tribes Are?.
Did the Jews Know Where the Ten Tribes Are?
Jewish Traditions Locating the Ten Tribes of Israel in the West.

3. New Jewish Futuristic Source. Interesting Possibilities.
Received Hebrew-language booklet by Sagi Zarchi ("Katsi Erez HaGoolah" i.e. "The End of the Eve of Redemption").
This work is a collection (with a modicum of commentary) of different predictions concerning the end times.
The sources would normally be accredited varying degrees of reliability.
The Sages in general were against this kind of preoccupation and we agree with them.
Nevertheless some of the possibilities raised are of interested in light of Brit-Am studies.
Here are a few of them (We need to emphasize that not all the sources quoted would necessarily be considered as sacrosanct.):

#  Messiah son of Joseph comes from Ephraim, defeats Edom, causes Judah to be respected by other nations, defeats Rome, brings Israelites to Israel, is killed by Persians. Troubles happen  then comes Messiah son of David. Gog and Magog attack.

# Three main enemies of Israel: Edom, Ishmael, Erev Rav (mixed multitude of secular and/or libertine elements).
Messiah son of Joseph fights against Edom.
Messiah son of David fights against Ishmael.

# In End Times, Edom unites all peoples of the world.

# Messiah son of Joseph defeats Amalekites (of Edom).
# Messiah son of David defeats the rest of the heathen nations.

# Messiah son of Joseph ingathers the Exiles, builds up Jerusalem, expands the Land of Israel, restores Divine Presence to the Land.

# Great War predicted between Islam and Christianity.

# Europeans headed by, or at least including Rome, will attempt to conquer the Land of Israel.
So will Ishmaelites.

# Gog and Magog includes Germany. May be headed by Germany.

# In order to be saved from End Time troubles,  Israelites need to learn Torah and do good deeds especially acts of kindness and consideration for others. Sexual Immorality is liable to cause defeat of Israelites.

# Despite everything the Europeans did to the Jews the Ishmaelites (Islam) are liable to be much worse!

# Present events including present desecration of Temple Mount by Palestinians etc were predicted in surprisingly exact detail!

# Jews who change their religion or just adopt gentile customs and values are helping the enemies of Israel.

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