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Brit-Am Now no. 1650.
20 February 2011, 16 Adar-Aleph 5772.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. Dafydd Cotter: Denmark as a Danite Example for all Israelites!
2. Books Received.
"Who Were the Phoenicians
?" by Nissim R. Gannor, Israel, 2009.
3. Message from Finland: Indications of  Origin from Ephraim?
4. Appreciates
YouTube Clip.
5. Question from South Africa re Biblical Agricultural Laws.
6. Question About Possible Moloch Practices in Polynesia and Paraguay.
7. New Article:
Did the Jews Know
Where the Ten Tribes Are?


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1. Dafydd Cotter: Denmark as a Danite Example for all Israelites!
Subject: Dan and Judgement

Dear Yair,
You wrote ' The case of Dan has implication for the Ten Tribes as a whole"; as a footnote to your "Dan and Judgement" item in Brit-Am Now no. 1649. I believe that you are correct, and these implications quite possibly tie in with the concept that Dan shall judge the Tribes.
If all the Tribes are to be judged, using Dan's performance as a standard, then the remainder of the House of Israel has good reason to fear the coming judgement. I would like to share with your readers a few reasons why I think this is so.
1.       Your Christian readers might not know that Denmark sends out more Christian missionaries, on a per-capita basis, to the world than any other nation. New Zealand interestingly comes in second.
2.       The Danes have a stubborn belief that theirs is a free society with a free press etc. and they aren't afraid to exercise this sense of freedom, come hell or high-water. As an example, they caused a furore some years ago when one of their daily newspapers published the Mohammed cartoons. The Danish attitude seems to be, if we can use religious figures such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha etc. in cartoons, then why not Mohammed. This action caused riots throughout the mid-east and further afield in Dar al-Islam. Danish international trade was hurt, the cartoonists are now living with police protection in hiding, and their children and grandchildren have come under attack. Just to prove a point that a free press has the right to publish whatever it wants, they republished those cartoons a year later. What did the rest of the western world with their much vaunted free press do? They did nothing, most of the west has slipped into a state of dhimmification, or 'Quislamification' as I heard one commentator describe it.
3.       The treatment that the Danish Jews received from their fellow countrymen during  the Nazi occupation of Denmark is exemplary. While European Jews had difficulty finding a safe place to escape to, with most nations refusing to accept them (particularly in the New World of Joseph), only around five hundred Danish Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps, and the other seven thousand Danish Jews were smuggled to neutral Sweden by their Danish neighbours. The Danes learnt that a German transport ship which came into Copenhagen, and a fleet of buses which came in from Germany, were there to round up the Jews for extermination, but the Danes quickly took all their Jews into hiding, and Danish fishermen smuggled them, at great personal risk, to Sweden. Of the five hundred who didn't escape, most of them survived; the few who didn't return died of illness or old age in their work camps. The Danish Government, and the Danish Red Cross, kept a close watch on these captured Jews to the point that the Nazis kept them in the work camps and no Danish Jew was sent to the extermination camps. At the end of WWII when the surviving European Jews returned to their homes to find them either destroyed or occupied by others, and all their personal belongings long gone, the Danish Jews in contrast returned to their homes to find them safe and secure, and their Danish neighbours had tended their gardens and even looked after their family pets in their absence.
If all the tribes are to be judged according to these standards, I'm afraid to say that we all shall be found wanting.
My best wishes,
Dafydd in Sinim

2. Books Received.
"Who Were the Phoenicians?" by Nissim R. Gannor, Israel, 2009.

3. Message from Finland: Indications of  Origin from Ephraim?
From: David Kupar

Subject: Finland the lost tribes

Shalom Yair.
Quite many Fins would have hard time to say Shalom, so they would say Salom or S-halom. When I was in school in Finland, I remember the teacher trying to teach us how to say "sh" sound. Many never learned. Israeli access program called "Shibolet" (or Shibboleth) was changed to "Haka" program in Finland. I think the reason is: we would pronounce it wrongly "Sipolet" . That makes me think, that there are many Efraimites amongst Finnish people. Russians have 7 different "Sh" sounds and can hear the difference too. After living beside and amongst Russians, Finnish-Ugric people didn't catch the "Sh" sound very well.  We have also about 600 words(and counting), that are very similar with similar meaning as Hebrew words. Example: Chaverim(heb.)= Kaveri (Fin.) = Friend (Engl.) and Tipah(Heb.)= Tippa(Fin.)= a drop(Engl.) <Plural form is the same in Hebrew and Finnish.  Although our history was suppressed or changed (helping us to forget our identity) by Swedes and Russians, some knowledge has popped up lately about our roots. Some village history book (1840 Ad) explains, that Fins were a seed of those 10 Israelite tribes, that came from Assyria. Our folk lore Kalevala also tells also a story of us coming from beginnings of Asia. As we got to the peninsula of Finland we then did animal sacrifices to "Ukko ylijumala"(Old man highest God).  There is actually so many evidence of our Israeli roots, that it removed a doubt from my mind. I believe, we are some of the Israelites coming from the end of the world (utmost north) at God's appointed time, not before. Jer. 31:8--         David Kupar

4. Appreciates YouTube Clip.

TheLaBelleLa has made a comment on Promised Blessings to Abraham.avi:

5. Question from South Africa re Biblical Agricultural Laws.
A. wrote:

Shalom Sir,
I am a Boer and we farm on a small peace of land just outside of Volksrust in South Africa.  I have read so many of your articles on Brit-Am and are still reading. 
Do you have Rabbinical sources of guides to planting crop and also Rabbinical guides to planting according to the calender in Lev. 23?

Brit-Am Reply:
Leviticus 23 deals with agricultural offerings.
These only applied according to the Torah in the land of Israel and only when there was a Temple and in some cases (e.g. Sabbatical years) only when all the Tribes were in the Land.
The Rabbis re-instituted most of these laws but still only in the Land of Israel apart from a few issues that were also to apply in surrounding regions.
They would therefore not apply in South Africa, at least not in the legal sense.
God bless you

6. Question About Possible Moloch Practices in Polynesia and Paraguay.
Robert Jones  wrote:

Dear Yair,

I had a question I wanted to ask you personally.  Several years ago, I attended a motivational seminar by a man named Anthony Robbins.  His main theme was Unlimited Power.  He tapped into a lot of things used in the world of Psychology, but he would show you how to accelerate the process within days versus weeks or months.  At any rate, one of his main things to show the audience how to break their fears, was to have everyone walk over a bed of hot coals around 2000 degrees.  He learned of this practice (so he says) from Polynesians who used to do this as a rite of passage to manhood.  I also remember living in Paraguay and this same practice was done on a Catholic/Pagan celebration done every year.  Not realizing it, but I think this practice had it's origin in Canaanite religion of Moloch...passing through the fire, however I could be wrong?  From the sound of the way you explained it, the animal or human would end up dying during these 'religious practices'. 

Rob Jones

Brit-Am Reply:
From the descriptions the practice of Moloch took several forms.
The Beltain in Western Europe was a direct copy of Moloch worship.
I would not be surprised to find that the very name used for these practices in some part or other of the West was "Moloch" or its equivalent.
What you describe in Polynesia and Paraguay may be a derivative of Moloch practice but not necessarily so.
God bless you

7. New Article:
Did the Jews Know Where the Ten Tribes Are?
Jewish Traditions and Locating the Ten Tribes of Israel in the West.
The Israelites Forget Their Ancestry.
Two Main Focii of Ten Tribes Location.
What About the Jews?
Greek and Roman Conceptions.
Sons of Moses and Rechabites.
Aed and Aaad.
Different Sources Concerning "Aed" and "Aad".
YouTube Clip. In Preparation.

The Jews of Judah considered the Ten Tribes to be in the British Isles and neighboring areas. This is confirmed by legends concerning the Ten Tribes, the Rechabites, and the Sons of Moses. The Romans also knew of this.
Arab legends derived from Jewish sources also located the Ten Tribes in the West and in the British Isles.

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