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Brit-Am Now no. 1648.
16 February 2011, 12 Adar-Aleph 5772.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. Query About Middle East Origins of Scandinavian Mythology.
2. Queries About
Edomites, the Catholic Church, and Japan.
3. Query Concerning the Israelite Origins of Ancient Settlers of the British Isles.


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1. Query About Middle East Origins of Scandinavian Mythology.
Eirik Stokke wrote:

In the book "The Khazars. Tribe 13"

you write:

#There was also the god Thor who is a copy of the Hittite thunder god "Toru" who in Israel was also known as Ramon and in Syria as Rimon. Thor himself in Old German was also reffered to as "Ramon" the same as in Israel. #
This is interesting. Do you have more information about this? And what is your references to this? Can't find anything on the web.
Thank you!
Eirk, Norway.

Brit-Am Reply:
I have not got my notes immediately available at present.
We will write an article on the subject.
In general a good part of Scandinavian Mythology had its origins in the Middle East.
for example,
Balder derives from Baal who is killed and comes to life.
Nanna, the wife of Balder, is linked with the Sumerian goddess Inanna daughter of Nanna, the Moon God and Ningal, the Moon Goddess (of Ur).
The very names are identical.
All these gods had differing traditions attached to them both in the Middle East and in Scandinavia. The fact that the stories about them that we have received are different from each other does not mean that similar legends did not exist.
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2. Queries About Edomites, the Catholic Church, and Japan.
Susanna  wrote:

Shalom Yair,

I noticed on the BritAm website that you are currently working on an in depth research project about Edomites and I thought of two questions relating to the topic.

(1.  The first question concerns the leadership of the Catholic Church whose headquarters is in the middle of Italy.  The BritAm website identifies Italy as being dominated by Edomites.  I know that there are many Italian Cardinals in the Vatican in Rome.  Would this Italian influence in the Catholic leadership be primarily of Edomite or of non-Edomite origin?  I ask because history has shown many centuries of anti-semitism by the Catholic Church.  What is the risk of anti-semitism returning to the Catholic Church?  (I ask this question because I believe it is possible to provide an answer while also avoiding the religious differences.) 

(2.  My second question concerns Japan which has been identified as Edomite by BritAm with the possibility a very minor Israelite component.  Currently Japan is depopulating due to a very low birth rate.  Is there any way to evaluate the portion of Japan's population that is reproducing according to BritAm's Ephramite criteria?  If so, is it also possible to separately evaluate those who chose to raise only one child and those who chose to raise more than one child?  Would this provide cause to re-evaluate Japan as a whole according to the Ephramite criteria at some time in the future after the depopulation has run its course?   I do remember reading that the experts are unsure what to expect when a population has a birthrate as low as Japan's current birthrate so there is already uncertainty present in the situation. 


Brit-Am Reply:
Our identifications of Edom etc are not in the same category as those of our beliefs concerning the Israelite origins of Western Peoples.
Equations of certain  gentiles nations with Biblical figures in some cases have an aspect of speculation.
They may be wrong or their applicability may be much more limited.
Edom according to Rabbinical tradition did contribute towards the founding of Rome. Some of the Roman leadership was descended from Edom.
Even well after that a tradition existed that in the environs of Rome were still to be found descendants of Edom.
Most Italians however are not in this category.
The same applies to Germany and the Germans though here the Edomite element may have been stronger.
In this connection the phenomenon of Mussolini and the alliance of Fascist Italy with the Nazis is of interest.
As for the Catholic Church, it contained both positive and negative elements.
It is not so much the religion but the people who adhere to it.
Mainstream Protestantism is not necessarily any better.
In my opinion  they who are aware of their Israelite ancestry should try to study the Bible as much as possible.

Concerning Japan we are not certain but we did find indications of some (possibly very small) Edomite input in ancient times.

It could be of interest to compare regional and socio-economic differences of birthrate in Japan with estimates of different ethnic types within the country.

In the west unfortunately it appears to be the Israelite-descended elements who have decided to have less babies.

3. Query Concerning the Israelite Origins of Ancient Settlers of the British Isles.
Amnon Goldberg wrote:

Can you clarify which of the tribes of the British Isles listed here

together with the Celts, Britons, Druids, Romans, Norse, Vikings, 
Angles, Saxons, Danes, Normans etc, that you believe are of Israelite origin.

And which of Edomitic origin?

And which of post-Flood (which took place in 2104 BCE according to Jewish chronology) Japhetic origin?

Brit-Am Reply:
This subject is dealt with in detail in our work "The Tribes"
In the near future we may well renew our studies in this area and enlarge upon them.

We concentrate on Israelite origins.
Edomite ancestors and those of other Biblical figures etc are recalled in incidental sidenotes.
The Romans in our opinion were not Israelites.
The Druids were pagan priests whose cult contained Middle Eastern and Hebraic elements.
Norse and Vikings are one and the same.
The Celts consisted of a large number of different groups some of which were Israelite and some were not.

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