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Brit-Am Now no. 1645.
10 February 2011, 6 Adar-Aleph 5772.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. New YouTube Clip:
Britain, France and the Ten Tribes (Obadiah 1:20).
2. Germany, Anti-Semites, and Israelite Origins.
3. A Negative Reaction to "Prove  Loyalty to Your Israelite Ancestors"
and Brit-Am Reply.


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1. New YouTube Clip:
[]Britain, France and the Ten Tribes (Obadiah 1:20).

The Biblical Book Obadiah 1:20 speaks of the first Exile of Zarephath.
Rabbinical Commentators say the intention is to the Ten Lost Tribes in France, Britain, and Western Europe.

Obadiah 1:20

Length 10.58 minutes.
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Sometimes the YouTube clips do not come up as steadily as they should and the transmission is intermittent. If this happens it could be because you have too many windows open. Otherwise do not worry about it. It is probably a temporary YouTube problem.
Usually if you come back later you will find that the problem is gone. 

2. Germany, Anti-Semites, and Israelite Origins.

You were misquoted as saying that the German Persecution of the Jews in the Holocaust was a case of sibling conflict. You have denied this statement. Please clarify.
Also can Anti-Semites (or their children) be Israelites?

Brit-Am Reply:

(a) Germany.
The Germans are descended from Edom, Canaan, Gomer, and others. There were once many Israelites amongst them.
Most Israelites however moved out. The last great mass emigration of Israelites from Germany was quite late in the 1700s and 1800s and it was mainly to North America. There may still be Israelites amongst them but relatively few.
The German attempted extermination of Judah was probably lead by Edomite and Canaanite elements.
If one remembers that Esau (Edom) was the twin-brother of Jacob (Israel) then indeed the event may be considered the outcome of fraternal conflict.
This however does not involve the Ten Tribes apart from the fact that it helps explain similarities between Joseph and German-Edom.
The Book of Obadiah and other sources tell us that in the End Times a final conflict will take place between Joseph and Edom.

(b) Anti-Semites.
The term Anti-Semitism was invented by German Judeophobes i.e. Haters of the Jewish people.
People are human. This includes Israelites. Like everyone else they who are of Israelite descent will be influenced by their society, family, environment, and upbringing.
One will find people of Israelite descent who hate Jews.
There are also Jews who hate other Jews.
Jewish descent in some cases may actually trigger anti-Semitism.
There was a case (reported some years back in an article in "HaModia") in Poland of twin brothers who thought themselves Gentiles.
These twins were in the habit of bullying Jewish students at their school. The headmaster complained to their parents who then decided to reveal to their children that they too were Jewish!

Reaction to a Jewish element in the Germanic psyche has also been blamed for the Holocaust!
[I personally doubt this but I have heard the opinion.]

Nevertheless, over time one can expect that the level of Jew-hatred amongst people of Israelite origin will be lessened.
Eventually a feeling of empathy with the Jewish People will prevail.

Ephraimite Criteria

3. A Negative Reaction to "Prove  Loyalty to Your Israelite Ancestors"
and Brit-Am Reply.
O said:
"Prove  Loyalty to Your Israelite Ancestors - Help Brit-Am"

A Quote from your  Brit-Am email  message below:

# The world is becoming the enemy, the very footstool for HE who will stand on the Mount of Olives, enter the Golden gate (eastern gate) and distribute justice according to the Torah and rule with a rod of iron against the enemies of the G-d of Yisrael.  We can expect chaos in the world while it loses its moorings which used to be based upon these laws of Noah. #

Another quote from your email below:
# The mission that Brit-Am has focused on has kept alive a Biblical teaching that others have tried to bury ..that there are in fact lost tribes dispersed around the world. Brit-Am has correctly assessed this fact using the Bible and that they are concentrated primarily within the Christian nations which used to stand for the principles established by the Noachide laws (justice, sexual purity, etc) because the laws of those nations used to go directly to the Bible for their foundation. #

Could you please show me where these "Laws of Noah", "Noahide Laws" , and a "Golden gate",  are in the Bible, preferably the KJV?

I would not be sending this email, except for your obvious slyness of trying to slip the Masonic "Noahide Laws" in to your teachings, in order to deceive unsuspecting "Christians" who only know nothing.

Brit-Am Reply:
The message was written by Avigdor.
They reflect his views and we considered them important.
His reference to the Noachide Laws in the context may be understood to mean universal principles derived from the Bible.
This is the truth. The Bible presents as self-evident certain basic obligations incumbent upon all mankind.
These may be termed "Noachide Laws". If you do  not like the term use another one but the principle remains.
As for the Noachide Movement,
Brit-Am on several occasions has stated that we are sympathetic towards it but not part of it.
[Some of them feel the same way towards us.]
We are reserved as to whether the Noachide Movement  provides a sufficient answer for Gentiles of Israelite descent.
It also involves religious issues we try to avoid.
Your linking the Noachide movement however with the Masons is symptomatic of Conspiracy paranoia.
Conspiracy Theories in effect serve to emasculate right-thinking citizens everywhere. 
Conspiracy Freaks thereby become tools of Islamic maniacs and anti-Jewish racialist perverts.
There is no Masonic connection.
There is also no Brit-Am connection.

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