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Brit-Am Now no. 1643.
8 February 2011, 4 Adar-Aleph 5772.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. Question on Glenn Beck, George Soros, and Conspiracy Ideas.
2. Cristian Sildan: Israelites and Others in  Rumania.
3. Ron Ferguson: The Islamic Problem is NOT Israel!
4. Duane Hiebert:  Bless You  for Your Compasion!
5. Alexander Zephyr: Prophecies of Isaiah 11.
6. Jim Wright: Interesting
Titbits About Family Names and Israelite Origins.
7. Need to Establish Brit-Am Doctrine re Israelite Identity. Judah is Not Asking for Favors!


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1. Question on Glenn Beck, George Soros, and Conspiracy Ideas.
Overcomer Man  wrote:
Re: Modern Conspiracies

What do you think about the conspiracies documented on the FoxNews TV show "Glenn Beck"?  He cites original sources including print and video supporting much of his accusations.  For example he quotes George Soros who has taken down the economies of 4 nations who he says is now working to take down the United States economy by various means including supporting liberal causes and organizations, cooperation in the White House with 60's liberal weather underground terrorist Bill Ayers, and more.

Brit-Am Reply:
I agree that (from what has been published) George Soros  is a bad man with an agenda and that his nefarious designs are shared by others who work with him.
Much more could be published and has been about the conspiratorial associations of these types.

Nevertheless this is not Conspiracy in  the Classical sense.

Conspiracy freaks will use these cases to mislead others and themselves.

Conspiracy in the Classical sense (and which we oppose) is the idea that there exists "masterminds" at the back of everything who for ages have been playing with us all as if we were puppets. The idea is that they have been conspiring with each other, have a secret doctrine, and some type of age-old secret association.

This is not so.
It is historically incorrect.
Not only is it historically incorrect but they propagate such ideas are often unsavory creatures who dislike Jews and Anglos.
It is not a coincidence that the Arab maniacs who want to destroy the Jews and the West all believe in Conspiracy Theories and the Hamas Constitution even declares that a Jewish Conspiracy exists.

2. Cristian Sildan: Israelites and Others in  Rumania.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1642
#4. Question on the Dacians in  Rumania

Peace to everybody,
Concerning Matthew's question, there is a quite interesting element to that, here in Romania there are many Scythian and various megalithical tumuli and other remains.
In our folklore, our peasants refer to them as "the cities of the Jews/Giants, the tombs of the Jews, the remains from the time we were Jews".
I think the idea of the Dacians being a variety of Scythians/hebrews is quite exact.
Now, concerning the present day population, I think most of us descend from the Pelasgians, the sons of Peleg, so we are related since Abraham himself was a descendant of Peleg, it could be a reason why the hebrews came here, to be among relatives with whom they didn't have enmities.
Herodotus draws many links between Dacians, Thracians and Pelasgians, so it's obvious there was quite a bit of mixing going on.
Hope it helps.

3. Ron Ferguson: The Islamic Problem is NOT Israel!
Subject: Have you thought?

Have you thought about what would happen if, (GOD Forbid), would destroy Israel?
They would take over the area that Israel now has and they would not have anything else to fight for or would they?
Even though they would have won the anger which they have would not go away. They would still be angry in a big way.
Really the only thing they have to be angry about is themselves. They are the ones who do not progress in anything except war.
It is their fault that they do not have peace. The only way they will have peace is to worship the ONE and only LIVING GOD.
Blessings, Love, and Shalom,
Ronald Ferguson

4. Duane Hiebert:  Bless You  for Your Compasion!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1642
#1. Brit-Am Interpretation of Isaiah 11:14 Disputed by Meyer Stahl and Brit-Am Reply.

Shalom Yair
What the truth is regarding Isaiah 11 i can not coment on as i never studied it out myself, but.....the compasion of what you say does not escape me...they ( Philistines)want to drive Judah into the sea, and Judah wants to find them a home???
May the Almighty  bless you Yair Davidy for your compasion!

5. Alexander Zephyr: Prophecies of Isaiah 11.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1642
#1. Brit-Am Interpretation of Isaiah 11:14 Disputed by Meyer Stahl and Brit-Am Reply.

 Hello, Yair,
Just read a few notes from your reader Meyer Stahl who said that Isaiah 11:14 should be taken in context as it is without any different translations. What he said makes no sense. It is true that this verse looks like simple and understandable on the first sight, but, in my view, here is quiet condensed information which require some additional explanation. Basically, your commentaries on Verses 12-16 are good and in the proper line with other sources.

You have a huge advantage-knowledge of the Hebrew language. I do not know Hebrew. That is why my comment will not discuss the right translation of the words "fly down", "toward the west", "wing" or "fixed wing" and so on. However, the beauty of the Scripture is that one always can find the meanings of one verse of the prophet in connection with another verses in different places written by different prophets, where the subject of the verse in question can be properly explained, even supplemented with the additional information.

With this perspective in mind, let see what verse 14 is saying in your translation. You have always maintained that the Palestinians should be relocated, resettled in the West (Latin America, Africa) with the financial compensations, and as humanly and respectfully as possible. This is in their interests and of interests of everyone involved.

Very politically-correct answer.

If so, what shall be done with the other nations listed in the same verse? Relocate them with financial compensation too? My understanding of the verse 14 a little different. Restored Biblical Land of Israel would not accommodate those evil, God- hated nations on the Holy Land. Just take a look at the middle of verse 13: " The adversaries of the Judah shall be cut off." See what the Prophet Zechariah said: " And they (governors of Judah) shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand (west, Palestinians) and on the left hand (east, Moab, Edom, Ammon). These verses do not speak of relocation of the ancient sworn enemies (mostly of the Semitic stock) of Israel, they speak of their destruction! And it will be done by the united tribes of the whole house of Israel after their reconciliation and reunification (chapters 12-14). They are the same people mentioned in Psalms 83:6-8. And they are the same nations God ordered to destroy by the hands of the Israelites (Deuteronomy 7:16; 9:5; Numbers 33:55-56). I call the things as they are. The tragic fate of these people, especially the Palestinians, has been sealed by God because these nations instead to repent of all their sins and turn to God of Israel, choose to fight against Almighty and His people Israel. To see that what was just said is the Biblical truth, one can check the following Scriptural passages:  Isaiah 11:13-14; 17:1; 34:5; Obadiah 1:18; Ezekiel 25:12, 13, 15, 17; Jeremiah 48-all; 49:24,26,27; Zephaniah 2:8-11; Zechariah 9:5-6; 12:6.

         No, the Chapter 11 of Isaiah is not that simple and plain as Meyer Stahl thinks. Just take a look at the verses 12 and 13 for example. They are speaking of reconciliation and reunification of Judah and Ephraim. This is the goal of the Brit-Am! That is what you tiredly working for many years, Yair. Nobody knows precisely when and how those event will come to pass until they actually fulfilled. I have some thoughts on this. It seems to me that the answer lies down in the prophecy of the "Dry bones" of Ezekiel 37:1-14. The prophet not speaking here of the physical resurrection of the whole house of Israel after one thousand years of the Messianic Age as many expositors are suggested. Rabbi Yehudah in the Sanhedrin 92b and Rambam [Maimonides] in Moreh Nevuchim 2:46 say that the entire episode of the "dry bones" does not actually intend a physical resurrection of the dead, but rather it is a parable,  a metaphor which is in line with others expression of symbolic prophetic visions of Ezekiel throughout his book. To me, "open the graves" is the Divine Decree of the End of the Exile of the hopeless dry bones of the Ten Tribes of Israel and Judah, the beginning of the Redemption. God will revived the spiritually dead children of Israel by planting "the new heart and a new spirit." Only with the fulfillment of the prophecy of the "dry bones", another part of reconciliation will be possible, which is the famous the "Two sticks" of Ezekiel, when God make them one Kingdom and one nation: nation of the priests, light to the World. And then the blessed Messianic Age will come, when people "shall not hurt or destroy: for the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord."    Exactly as the Prophet Isaiah described in his book.

Thanks, Alexander Zephyr.

6. Jim Wright: Interesting Titbits About Family Names and Israelite Origins.
Re: 2 Kings 16:1-4  The Beltain of Britain, Ireland, and  Scandinavia.
Greetings Yair Davidiy -
I neglected to mention it in the survey but I enjoy these e-mails on the Kings of Israel and Judah very much. Thank you.
I am writing to share a related tidbit I ran across while looking up the origins of someone's name awhile back.
Her last name was "McKinnon" and looking it up the references said it literally meant "Son of Canaan" and that "Canaan" was the name of a Celtic god of fire, it immediately brought "Baal" to my mind.
It is unrelated but in my family names I found some Middle Eastern connections.
In looking up my history I found that the "Wrights" of Scotland were a Sept of the McIntyre Clan.
McIntyre literally says "Son of Tyre" and means "shipbuilder" in Scottish.
And it was a McIntyre who married Princess Scota.
My maternal grandfather was a "Scott".
My grandmother's maiden name was "Burks" which is listed among the oldest Jewish names in the US (but she wasn't Jewish, at least not in her religion). She was of Scotch - Irish descent.
Paternal grandmother was a "Roy" which I believe goes back to the Hebrew for "well watered" - "Roi".
Doing more research on genealogy might help you bring in more people (just dawned on me).
Many Blessings -

7. Need to Establish Brit-Am Doctrine re re Israelite Identity. Judah is Not Asking for Favors!

We received two lengthy well-thought-out letters.
Both were formulated as requests or challenges to Judah.
They said that Judah should recognize the Christian Identity of the Lost Ten Tribes.
We are not posting these letters since they both contained inappropriate material.
They would take us away from our main focus and lead us into areas we deliberately avoid.
The formulation of the messages appears to have been consistent with a certain frame of mind found amongst some few of our audience.

There are certain realities that we think seem to have been forgotten.

(1. Israelite Identity Still Needs to be Established.
One may quote from Brit-Am evidence or that of others.  
Somebody must be quoted from.
Evidence is what is needed and must be related to.
You personally may be certain of your Hebrew origins.
One should not however make the assumption everybody else is going to accept you as of Israelite descent without your providing proof of it!
Brit-Am places on emphasis on learning the truth and revealing it.
 This to our mind should be the first step.
See our article:
"The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites".

(2. Judah is not Yet Conscious of his Need for Joseph!
Judah does need Joseph in the opinion of the Sages and Brit-Am.
Most of Judah however is not aware of this.
According to Prophecy they will not be aware EVEN WHEN JOSEPH RETURNS!
See Isaiah 49:21 and the Brit-Am Biblical Commentary to that verse.

Brit-Am sends out its message on its own responsibility. No-one pays us or directs us.
Our Mandate is derived from de facto reality emanating from the Bible and Jewish sources along with our own research in historical fields.
Brit-Am does not represent Judah.
Neither do we misrepresent anybody.
We would probably be considered Rabbinically "OK".
We are not however considered Jewish emissaries and no-one is responsible for us.
We say it because we believe it and are prepared to back it up.
One cannot however dismiss Brit-Am and expect Judah to accept "Joseph" without reason to do so.
As for Ephraimites:
On the one hand when you learn that Judah does not really want you, you complain about it.
On the other hand, when a Jew finally does look in your direction you often (for want of a better expression) fail to sufficiently encourage him.
As far as Judah is concerned you are not doing them any favors.
In fact it is not always easy to convince them of Brit-Am truth.
You yourselves, by your own admission are not always really convinced.
Why then should the Jews be?
Do they owe you anything?
Perhaps they do, but you also owe them.

Brit-Am works to further Reconciliation between Judah and Joseph
and we do make progress.
The Brit-Am message is now accepted in more areas than it was in the past.

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