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Brit-Am Now no. 1639
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

2 February 2011, 26 Shevet 5771.
1. What Does Brit-Am Want?
Shily: Makes Brit-Am a Priority!
3. New Reply to the Brit-Am Questionnaire.
4. Answer to Query: Why is Brit-Am Not More Successful?
5. Is Hosea chapter nine coming to life NOW in Egypt?


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1. What Does Brit-Am Want?

We want descendants of the Lost Tribes to know who they are.
We want them to be aware of the facts and knowledge indicating their Israelite origins.
They also need to know that this information is not accepted by everyone and at the individual level some doubt exists.
In other words much more work still needs to be done.

Revelation (Recognition of the facts).
We wish to spread Brit-Am Knowledge. To do this we must function. Functioning requires funding.
We may have an option to close everything down and to re-open to subscribers who pay a monthly fee.
Technically this would be difficult. It may also be counter-productive.
It could seriously slow down our attempts to spread the Brit-Am message.
For the next few days at least we will probably continue as we have been and hope matters improve.

We want non-Jews, especially those of Israelite descent, to be favorable towards the Jews and to support the State of Israel.
We also want the Jews to be aware as to who the Lost Ten Tribes most probably REALLY are.

This is ALL we really want at present (actually it is quite a lot) because this is what we understand the situation as it is now requires.
Not only do we want what is written above we also work towards it.
"You shall not muzzle a bull while it treads out the grain" (Deuteronomy 25:4).

We are not offering anyone salvation or a country home in the sun but rather participation in an on-going enterprise.
At the same time this endeavor may indeed result in Divine Favor and material well-being.
It is up to all of us to do better than we have been doing.

2. Shily: Makes Brit-Am a Priority!
 I make your ministry a priority because I feel that the radio stations which feed me have whole fellowships to support them, while you are dependent on isolated individuals.  You are being faithful, however, to one of the MOST URGENTLY IMPORTANT issues of our day, in order that we can see the day of Mashiach's arrival as soon as possible.  Since this part of my journey revved into high gear 3 years ago, I'm realizing that it is also so that our entire Family can experience the depths of Joy, Relationship and Adventure in the Almighty - that had never even entered our minds as being available to us during these prophesied darkest of all times on Earth.  And it CAN NOT HAPPEN without research such as yours! 

I refer Bible believers to your site so that they can undergird their understanding of Scripture with historical fact, and fulfill their own familial callings. We are now fueled with a HOPE great enough to carry us through the necessarily painful current and future events, and into our glorious future in  Almighty, who SHALL accomplish His Word.     

3. New Reply to the Brit-Am Questionairre.
#24. Richard Johnson
#3Q. Secular, archaeological, historical, and linguistic studies.  I love the biblical studies too but I know that if we are to successfully bring this message to the Anglo-Saxon/Christian community, we need to have plenty of secular evidence to back up the biblical evidence.

Brit-Am Comment:
This is indeed what Brit-Am is about.
We appeal to Jews, Bible-Conscious Christians, secular Gentiles who have an open mind, etc.
This is what we are.
We can improve on what we are and are willing to do so.
We do not however want to become something else.

4. Answer to Query: Why is Brit-Am Not More Successful?
H. wrote:
 I believe that you recently said that you have about 1850 people that you send your newsletter out to, if I am remembering that correctly.  I see that Brit-Am Now #1 is dated 4/21/02.  This means that after almost 9 years of laboring to get your message out, you have managed to attract only the barest most minuscule fraction of the hundreds of millions that you want to reach, and are constantly forced to plead for financial assistance which many of those you do reach simply will not give because they yet don't find your message convincing enough, intriguing or interesting though it may be.

Brit-Am Reply:
First of all even if you description was correct it would not necessarily prove anything.
Our achievements are in the field of researched findings, insights, discoveries, and writings.
In the business and publication fields we may not have been as successful as we should have been.
 We now send our posts out to ca. 2000 subscribers. Of this number a few addresses are defunct but we do not know about it; many subscribed in the past but now have lost interest but do not bother to "Unsubscribe"; others look at what we send from time to time when they may have time
but otherwise are not that interested. And there are those who read everything and like most of it.
So we may have about a 1000 "good" recipients and a few more who are lukewarm.
This actually as things go is not bad.
Our web-site received in January 2011, an average of 1839 visits and 22,621 hits per day!
This is quite good.
It does not mean that we are going to get any money (at least, not in the short run) out of it but we are getting the message out.
People come, stay awhile, and often come back for more.
Compared to other similar enterprises we do not do badly.
There are other factors in our favor.
We have also sold many books.
We are quoted on quite a few web-sites.
Even academics have on occasion made benefit of our researches.
Over time all this adds up to something.
It only needs one person in the right place to make a difference.
Who knows if the recently-published proposal by Condoleezza Rice (on behalf of the US Government)  to move Palestinians to Latin America was not inspired by the Brit-Am Commentary to Isaiah 11:14?

So we have difficulty getting by?
We started out from nothing and still have half of it! [as someone else said.]

A few people do give to Brit-Am and help us.
Others do not because they cannot but they would (they often say) if they could.
Still more will not and would not.
Our task is to reach out to whoever wishes to learn.
We do what we can as we can.

If the financial situation of Brit-Am so perturbs you, Henry, why not give us something and alleviate it?
Just say you are sorry about doubting Brit-Am and offer to make a financial compensation.

5. Is Hosea chapter nine coming to life NOW in Egypt?
Daily demonstrations now going on in Egypt have already resulted in more than a hundred dead.
It looks like a regime change is in the offing.
NJN-7. New Jerusalem News.
#3. Is the Muslim Brotherhood About to Take Over Egypt?

No matter what the present result may be it also appears that Muslim Brotherhood is playing some part in what is taking place and is getting stronger.
The Muslim Brotherhood is centered on Egypt and is behind much of the Islamic Radicalization going on all over the world.
The connection between Wahabi (Saudi) Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood is not clear but their aims are the same.
The Muslim Brotherhood accepts its own version of Nazi Ideology.
We are against Conspiracy Theories but undercurrents of common interest, connivance, ideological affinity, and instinctive pack reaction to opportunity exist.

It may well be that yet another Brit-Am understanding of Scripture is to be vindicated by contemporary events?
See our article:
Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites
 # For behold they have gone due to the Robbery of Egypt, Memphis shall gather them up.
Machmad [i.e. Mohamed] shall bury them for the sake of their silver.
Knettles [or Chemosh] will inherit them in their tents.#

We have a clear reference here to Mohammed and Islam and Islam wishing to destroy Israel and Ephraim (Britain and America) for the sake of monetary gain!
We did not analyze the verse sufficiently (though we may succeed in doing so in the future) to give a fully coherent explanation as to what is being said but the gist of the message is clear.
Islam and Egypt are a danger to Ephraim!

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George Washington

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